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Tribute to Fran Dagostino (Ziti)
Fran Dagostino aka "Ziti", a long time friend and member of MacJams has passed away. Here is a photo from a live show in 2008 that Simon and Miguel and a few other New England MacJammers attended. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to check out some of Fran's music on his profile. You can also leave your regards in the forum for friends and family.
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andreasvanharen uploaded a Twentieth Century song called "2. Good Sport" 2 minutes ago
Philip18 commented "Devil Wind" on the song "Devil Wind" by PeterB78585 hours ago
Ex_Silentio commented "Intense" on the song "Heaven's Gate" by Narad6 hours ago
Ex_Silentio commented "A beauty" on the song "She Moved Through the Fair" by Laluna5796 hours ago
bud commented "I love the run at about:50" on the song "One Hundred Thirty-Five" by paul f. page8 hours ago
Schwerindustrie uploaded a Pop (mainstream) song called "Don't You Know" 8 hours ago
IbotenicParadigm commented "I just noticed" on the song "North (with Sonny Jim)" by yrp9 hours ago
PeterB7858 uploaded a Acoustic song called "Devil Wind" 10 hours ago
bud commented "Nice!" on the song "Roadtrip" by awigze10 hours ago
andreasvanharen uploaded a Twentieth Century song called "1. Rushing" 15 hours ago
awigze commented "Timeless" on the song "Do The Right Thing" by Gaylen7516 hours ago
awigze commented "I dig" on the song "Roulette Final Section" by bud16 hours ago
awigze commented "And Then?" on the song "And Then? some crap" by Skean16 hours ago
SmokeyVW commented "nice" on the song "Roulette Final Section" by bud21 hours ago
KCsGROOVE commented "love" on the song "Love" by Ultrabeast22 hours ago
Ultrabeast uploaded a Cinematic Soundtrack song called "Love" 23 hours ago
Ultrabeast commented "Great work as always." on the song "One Hundred Thirty-Five" by paul f. page23 hours ago
bud commented "Great recording and wonderful playing" on the song "Blue Sky Bossa" by Philip181 day ago
bud commented "Beautiful tone " on the song "8:37" by Cori Ander1 day ago
bud commented "Big ass guitar is right" on the song "Gratiot Avenue" by Skunkwrx1 day ago