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KCsGROOVE commented "interdependence" on the song "Interdependence" by bud1 hour ago
tonestones commented "Very cool" on the song "Interdependence" by bud16 hours ago
DWL commented "Excellent sound" on the song "Interdependence" by bud18 hours ago
DWL commented "Wow, metal Warren!" on the song "Nowhere" by Warren Smith18 hours ago
Warren Smith commented "Cold sweat" on the song "Interdependence" by bud19 hours ago
bud commented "Monumental!" on the song "Nowhere" by Warren Smith19 hours ago
bronco commented "Havy Metal Warren" on the song "Nowhere" by Warren Smith20 hours ago
BlueAttitude commented "Good song!" on the song "Good Man Down" by Calchas1 day ago
tmcfate commented "quick" on the song "Nowhere" by Warren Smith1 day ago
Warren Smith uploaded a Gothic Rock song called "Nowhere" 2 days ago
Calchas commented "You are a veritable" on the song "600 MILES" by KCsGROOVE2 days ago
Calchas commented "Love a good shuffle!" on the song "Fool for You /featuring Chris Spruit" by BlueAttitude2 days ago
Calchas commented "Good stuff!" on the song "Welcome (What Will You Become)" by Johnjoesmith732 days ago
Calchas commented "Gig on!" on the song "Interdependence" by bud2 days ago
Calchas commented "Coolness!" on the song "Hope Your Dead" by jie2 days ago
XMaramena commented "Great open sound" on the song "Lazy Peaks" by Hickling_Stan2 days ago
grid stalker commented "Fractured fun.." on the song "Interdependence" by bud2 days ago
VicDiesel commented "Memories" on the song "Photographs" by Vic Holman2 days ago
VicDiesel commented "Fascinating rhythm" on the song "Interdependence" by bud2 days ago
MikeRobinson commented "Every time, I feel like I am an intruder ..." on the song "124" by paul f. page3 days ago