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Tribute to Fran Dagostino (Ziti)
Fran Dagostino aka "Ziti", a long time friend and member of MacJams has passed away. Here is a photo from a live show in 2008 that Simon and Miguel and a few other New England MacJammers attended. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to check out some of Fran's music on his profile. You can also leave your regards in the forum for friends and family.
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mfwmiles commented "love the song" on the song "A Gift From Mexico with Davisamerica2, Sisters and Richard and Dan Marris" by DWL51 minutes ago
mfwmiles commented "great story" on the song "One Side of the Story" by Philip1853 minutes ago
mfwmiles commented "beautiful" on the song "Years from now" by alley-oop2 hours ago
mfwmiles commented "a HARDCORE rocker" on the song "Everything's Fine" by racerat2 hours ago
mfwmiles commented "great mix" on the song "Saturn winds (nasa)" by egobandit2 hours ago
mfwmiles commented "like an electric shock!!!" on the song "Stranger Danger" by grah3am2 hours ago
mystrag commented "Down there on the bedrock" on the song "Fools and Angels" by PeterB78583 hours ago
mystrag commented "cozy" on the song "snowbound" by ragged_hat3 hours ago
Relic67 commented "wow!" on the song "Sweet Life W/Awigze" by Charday12 hours ago
Relic67 commented "lo fi goodness" on the song "Stop Me Like a Stop Sign" by Chief Thunder Bear12 hours ago
Relic67 commented "ukin' it up" on the song "Loving Me" by Bob Rodgers12 hours ago
Relic67 commented "marvelous" on the song "zombies" by ste12 hours ago
mystrag commented "Dive" on the song "Dive" by XMaramena15 hours ago
XMaramena uploaded a Trance song called "Dive" 17 hours ago
christopherpsly uploaded a Classical song called "The Thicket - Chase The Rainbow" 17 hours ago
ragged_hat uploaded a Acoustic Rock song called "snowbound" 18 hours ago
PeterB7858 commented "zombies" on the song "zombies" by ste20 hours ago
PeterB7858 commented "IN THE GROOVE" on the song "IN THE GROOVE" by KCsGROOVE20 hours ago
KCsGROOVE commented "zombies" on the song "zombies" by ste21 hours ago
KCsGROOVE commented "moontime" on the song "Moontime" by Strawberry_Lane21 hours ago