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PeterB7858's Songs (100)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.10.17 Dancing In The Rain (GSB)  (---) 259 (27) Acoustic Rock 04.17.17 Active
04.02.17 Sailing Away (w Sam D)  (---) 423 (33) Acoustic Rock 04.10.17 Active
03.09.17 Dancing In The Rain  (---) 548 (40) Acoustic 04.02.17 Active
02.18.17 Lifeline  (---) 529 (30) Acoustic 03.04.17 Active
01.24.17 Before The Maps Were Made  (---) 611 (33) Acoustic 04.07.17 Active
12.23.16 Gentle Stream (2)  (---) 532 (34) Fingerstyle Guitar 01.26.17 Active
12.05.16 Running With The Wind  (---) 634 (32) Acoustic 03.11.17 Active
11.25.16 The Greenwich Line  (---) 597 (30) Acoustic 12.07.16 Active
10.12.16 MITM 2 (with Steve Booth)  (---) 579 (18) Acoustic 11.25.16 Active
09.11.16 Man In The Mirror  (---) 640 (28) Acoustic 11.12.16 Active
06.08.16 Gentle Stream  (---) 1038 (30) Fingerstyle Guitar 08.27.16 Active
05.17.16 Deliverance Road  (---) 915 (33) Folk (contemporary) 07.27.16 Active
03.22.16 Water Under The Bridge (GSB)  (---) 1431 (60) Acoustic Rock 05.17.16 Active
02.23.16 Red Sky At Night (GSB)  (---) 1279 (32) Acoustic Rock 03.21.16 Active
12.14.15 Across The Water  (---) 1073 (34) Folk (contemporary) 01.23.16 Active
11.22.15 Paradox Blues  (---) 851 (12) Blues (contemporary) 12.05.15 Active
11.13.15 Uncharted Waters (reprise)  (---) 983 (22) Acoustic 11.19.15 Active
11.04.15 Chasing Shadows  (---) 981 (18) Acoustic 11.10.15 Active
10.06.15 Spring Moon  (---) 1170 (34) Fingerstyle Guitar 12.17.15 Active
09.11.15 Variations on a theme by George Winston  (---) 1299 (39) Fingerstyle Guitar 10.05.15 Active
08.25.15 Before The Wind  (---) 1228 (34) Fingerstyle Guitar 09.11.15 Active
06.02.15 Holiday in San Francisco (by Steve Booth)  (---) 1980 (35) Acoustic Rock 08.24.15 Active
05.17.15 On The Up  (---) 1235 (14) Fingerstyle Guitar 06.30.15 Active
04.15.15 Fools&Angels(Philip,Neil)  (---) 1767 (56) Acoustic Rock 05.11.15 Active
03.24.15 Fools and Angels  (---) 1657 (35) Acoustic 04.07.15 Active
01.25.15 Heartbreak Track w Philip18  (---) 2140 (58) Folk-Rock 03.24.15 Active
12.10.14 For A Life  (---) 1701 (38) Fingerstyle Guitar 01.25.15 Active
11.27.14 Etude in D  (---) 1605 (21) Fingerstyle Guitar 02.05.15 Active
11.12.14 A Minor Melancholy  (---) 1715 (38) Fingerstyle Guitar 11.27.14 Active
10.23.14 Devil Wind  (---) 1892 (44) Acoustic 03.10.15 Active
10.03.14 Mallacoota Musing  (---) 2061 (46) Fingerstyle Guitar 10.22.14 Active
09.05.14 Staircase To The Moon  (---) 2048 (48) Fingerstyle Guitar 10.03.14 Active
08.19.14 To Be With You  (---) 1789 (38) Folk (contemporary) 09.05.14 Active
08.11.14 Horizontal Falls  (---) 1737 (28) Fingerstyle Guitar 08.18.14 Active
07.27.14 Voile Sur Le Soleil  (---) 1910 (54) Fingerstyle Guitar 08.10.14 Active
07.04.14 When The Earth Turns Away From The Sun  (---) 1757 (20) Fingerstyle Guitar 07.16.14 Active
06.22.14 Shifting Sands  (---) 1925 (44) Acoustic 07.16.14 Active
05.19.14 Doing Time  (---) 2020 (54) Acoustic 06.27.14 Active
05.06.14 The Black Guitar  (---) 2222 (50) Acoustic 05.19.14 Active
04.25.14 The Island  (---) 2241 (54) Acoustic 05.06.14 Active
03.17.14 Anthem  (---) 2452 (72) Fingerstyle Guitar 04.25.14 Active
03.01.14 Another Day (w Philip18)  (---) 2179 (47) Acoustic 04.27.14 Active
02.22.14 Questions (w Mark Holbrook and Sigmund)  (---) 2525 (61) Rock 08.09.15 Active
01.24.14 Long Way To Go (v2)  (---) 2389 (62) Acoustic 03.01.14 Active
11.29.13 The River  (---) 2166 (30) Acoustic 03.01.14 Active
11.11.13 The Squall  (---) 2332 (66) Fingerstyle Guitar 11.25.13 Active
10.25.13 Evening Watch  (---) 2299 (56) Fingerstyle Guitar 11.11.13 Active
10.10.13 Under Sail  (---) 2319 (42) Fingerstyle Guitar 10.22.13 Active
10.01.13 Beautiful Day  (---) 2134 (33) Acoustic 10.08.13 Active
09.17.13 Hey Johnny (Big Band version)  (---) 1852 (28) Rock 09.24.13 Active
09.12.13 Hey Johnny (One Hour Challenge)  (---) 2265 (43) Acoustic 09.24.13 Active
08.14.13 Long Way To Go  (---) 2369 (71) Acoustic 09.12.13 Active
06.15.13 Sailor's Warning w jiguma, Philip18  (---) 2675 (75) Rock 08.14.13 Active
05.30.13 Hey, Cool Water (MJCC2013)  (---) 2269 (64) Acoustic 06.11.13 Active
05.19.13 Autumn Falling  (---) 2049 (61) Acoustic 05.28.13 Active
04.25.13 The Long Way (w/ Saltaireguru77)  (---) 2881 (67) Rhythm and Blues 05.17.13 Active
04.08.13 Morning Watch  (---) 2418 (70) Fingerstyle Guitar 08.24.14 Active
03.28.13 Adrift On The Tide  (---) 1631 (38) Acoustic 04.14.13 Active
03.12.13 Fifty Fathoms Deep  (---) 1874 (42) Jazz (vocal) 09.18.15 Active
02.12.13 Uncharted Waters  (---) 2154 (55) Acoustic 03.13.13 Active
12.11.12 The Ice Is Blue  (---) 1687 (46) Blues (contemporary) 09.18.15 Active
11.20.12 Cabin Fever  (---) 2117 (62) Acoustic 12.14.12 Active
11.02.12 The Edge  (---) 1944 (62) Acoustic 11.21.12 Active
10.21.12 Smoke And Cracked Mirrors  (---) 2069 (52) Acoustic 09.18.15 Active
09.22.12 A Fool Upon The Stage  (---) 2248 (68) Acoustic 08.10.14 Active
09.14.12 Where I Belong  (---) 1932 (36) Acoustic 11.28.12 Active
09.03.12 Time Passes  (---) 1688 (44) Ambient 09.23.12 Active
05.09.12 Messing With My Heart (w/ Billy Playle)  (---) 2907 (58) Funk 10.09.12 Active
04.20.12 The Warning Bells  (---) 2622 (81) Acoustic 09.22.12 Active
04.01.12 Light and Shade  (---) 2488 (70) Acoustic 04.20.12 Active
03.24.12 Slip of the Tongue (w. hackneybloke, Loob & Philip18)  (---) 2430 (77) Acoustic Rock 04.10.12 Active
03.01.12 By Still Waters  (---) 2227 (62) Acoustic 03.25.12 Active
02.22.12 Guitars Go Ragtime (with Philip18)  (---) 2077 (44) Ragtime 12.23.12 Active
02.06.12 Alright Tonight  (---) 2169 (67) Acoustic 02.24.12 Active
01.21.12 Guitars visit Havana (with Philip18)  (---) 2295 (59) Latin Jazz 02.15.12 Active
12.06.11 ASAT Blues  (---) 1824 (41) Blues (contemporary) 01.20.12 Active
11.18.11 Don't Look So Surprised (w/ jiguma and Philip18)  (---) 2269 (45) Rock 01.17.12 Active
11.02.11 A Lucky Man  (---) 2492 (48) Folk (contemporary) 11.18.11 Active
10.11.11 But I Can't Live Without You... (Funk Challenge)  (---) 10716 (62) Funk 10.24.11 Active
09.20.11 Family and Friends  (---) 2030 (56) Acoustic 08.03.14 Active
09.03.11 Guitars on a Languid Afternoon (with Philip18)  (---) 2489 (43) Smooth Jazz 12.12.11 Active
08.08.11 Acoustic Therapy  (---) 2661 (58) Fingerstyle Guitar 10.16.12 Active
07.02.11 Life Sailors (Philip18, jiguma & PeterB7858 - an all-Aussie collab)  (---) 3187 (89) Ballad 02.02.13 Active
06.11.11 Can You Remember?  (---) 2219 (56) Acoustic 10.11.11 Active
05.25.11 A Bridge Too Far  (---) 2710 (74) Acoustic 06.10.11 Active
05.14.11 Please Come Back To Stay (Revised w/ Loob, LHolden & Jiguma)  (---) 3522 (52) Acoustic Rock 05.25.11 Active
04.21.11 So Much Better Than The Rest  (---) 2787 (77) Acoustic 05.10.11 Active
04.06.11 Messing With My Heart  (---) 4340 (74) Funk 02.02.13 Active
03.21.11 The Top Of My Game (Loob/The Funge/PeterB7858) 9.19 (4) 4286 (77) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 01.29.14 Active
03.14.11 Call Me  (---) 2677 (60) Blues (contemporary) 03.31.11 Active
02.25.11 2trx2011 - Down By The River  (---) 3029 (74) Fingerstyle Guitar 10.16.12 Active
02.14.11 mjStinger'11 - 3ME Melbourne 0.00 (0) 2888 (63) Acoustic 02.25.11 Active
01.21.11 Vortex 0.00 (0) 3067 (91) Acoustic 02.25.11 Active
12.13.10 Please Come Back To Stay 8.63 (2) 3632 (76) Acoustic 04.30.11 Active
11.27.10 Thinking About You 8.75 (1) 2201 (48) Rock 01.29.11 Active
11.25.10 The Magic In Your Eyes 0.00 (0) 1952 (25) Acoustic 09.06.11 Active
11.23.10 When Love Comes Apart (remastered) 0.00 (0) 1699 (17) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 07.15.11 Active
11.22.10 The Barque Illusion 8.50 (1) 2204 (22) Acoustic Rock 04.08.11 Active
11.18.10 Storm Warning 0.00 (0) 2239 (20) Acoustic Rock 01.17.11 Active
11.17.10 When Love Comes Apart 7.25 (1) 2418 (46) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 04.10.11 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Treading Water Calchas 04.14.17 Folk (contemporary)
Too Hip to Trip Daugrin 04.12.17 Trip Hop
This Gravel Road Strawberry_Lane 04.12.17 Country-Western
I KEEP CALLING JESUS Franciscus_Henri 04.11.17 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Tempest Wave egobandit 04.10.17 Alternative Rock
War with Spain DWL 04.10.17 Rockabilly
Rain w Melani Cholie Loob 04.09.17 Rock
Tommy Cat awigze 04.09.17 Jazz (instrumental)
Inside This Skin2 [w/VicDiesel] Calchas 04.08.17 Pop Orchestral
F%@k Fifty! jgurner 04.08.17 Punk-Grunge
Broken Toy stevel 04.05.17 Alternative Rock
Asleep We Fell christopherpsly 04.02.17 Classical
Dirty Street Dancer w Melani Cholie Loob 04.02.17 Funk
Port Arthur Blues Jarvoid 04.01.17 Folk (traditional)
Melancholia KyasheMusic 04.01.17 Electronic
Biloxi bronco 04.01.17 Acoustic Rock
for Geoff, who doesn't like ambient richard13 04.01.17 Electronic
Blue Shoes Vic Holman 03.30.17 Indie Rock
Found Myself Again Moses 03.29.17 Acoustic
Serenade 2017 Narad 03.27.17 Classical
Contagious Benediction Hickling_Stan 03.26.17 Art Rock
Polara bud 03.24.17 Electronic
Guillotine Calchas 03.24.17 Rock
Wood U Like Chips With That jiguma 03.22.17 Alternative Rock
Hot and Cold Moses 03.22.17 Alternative Rock
screwed ste 03.22.17 Punk-Grunge
Red Red Room Moses 03.21.17 Alternative Rock
Jolly England DWL 03.21.17 Political
No expense spared kingbee 03.20.17 Alternative Rock
to be free egobandit 03.17.17 Psychedelic
Clearing in the Forrest of Feeling Daugrin 03.17.17 Piano
afternoon in heaven richard13 03.17.17 Romantic
Reverie Philip18 03.16.17 New Age
Valentine's Dance Daugrin 03.14.17 Experimental
'76 LP Alt stratcat 03.14.17 Rock
What You Want to Do Schwerindustrie 03.14.17 Rock
Planet of the Apes jie 03.14.17 Rock
BACK TO NATURE (#2) KCsGROOVE 03.14.17 Rock
Sunny Day speedonl 03.14.17 Blues (contemporary)
Work it Out Hydrogen3 03.12.17 Dance-Club
Paper Moon with Melanie Cholie Loob 03.12.17 Ballad
'76 LP stratcat 03.11.17 Hard Rock
'4 the Love Of abzwork 03.11.17 Jazz Fusion
Rauhes Lied (Rough Song) musicmarket 03.11.17 Alternative Rock
Cradle, with Sam, David and Tom grah3am 03.11.17 Rock
Cold Eyes On You jiguma 03.11.17 Alternative Rock
Your Way egobandit 03.10.17 Art Rock
Little Things Calchas 03.09.17 Folk-Rock
Talkin Cac jie 03.08.17 Country-Western
a dream in 3 parts richard13 03.07.17 Ambient
Mind's Eye Warren Smith 03.06.17 Alternative Rock
Running with the Wind by Peter B, feat rok41 Sigmund 03.05.17 Folk-Rock
Dragonian - part II Dragonas 03.04.17 Rock
Prayer Blanket Daugrin 03.04.17 Gospel
Smiling Hickling_Stan 03.04.17 Acoustic
In a Hard Place pablatone 03.02.17 Acoustic
Inside This Skin Calchas 03.01.17 Folk-Rock
No Dogs Barking tmcfate 02.28.17 Acoustic Rock
Raggedy Ann's Ragtime (original version) VicDiesel 02.27.17 Ragtime
lotus canon richard13 02.27.17 Ethnic-International
WHY DONT YOU LIKE MY FRIENDS? with SASJA ANTHEUNIS Franciscus_Henri 02.26.17 Dance-Club
Got Me Schwerindustrie 02.26.17 Pop (Alternative)
Whats so funny egobandit 02.26.17 Alternative Rock
Parabola oldlibmike 02.25.17 Piano
Dragonian Dragonas 02.25.17 Rock
The Lonely Man Bob Rodgers 02.25.17 Rock
The man I'm looking for (pray tell me where he is) BenedictJames 02.23.17 Soul
Coming Home - Based on a Theme by David Kneupper Doug Somers 02.23.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Stepping Back From The Edge (2008 protest song) Dadai.2 02.22.17 Acoustic
Emoji gadzooks 02.22.17 Other
Amsterdam Express Narad 02.22.17 Ambient
Same Old Song feat. Mike Perry (lead vocals) bigdaddycee 02.22.17 Soul
Explorers Calchas 02.21.17 Folk (contemporary)
Politik jgurner 02.20.17 Hard Rock
Summer Rain elfdaughter 02.20.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Un jour de décembre blaky smith 02.19.17 Other
Beauty All Around Me richard13 02.18.17 New Age
green guitar blues bingsolex 02.17.17 Other
Replaced w Kathy Shortt, and Ted Poulsen Loob 02.16.17 Ballad
Angels Moviz 02.14.17 Hawaiian
Scar Tissue Calchas 02.12.17 Alternative Rock
Could Have Been Anything Vic Holman 02.12.17 Alternative Rock
Falling Away jgurner 02.12.17 Pop (Alternative)
"Streetwalkers" abzwork 02.11.17 Jazz Fusion
The Dancer DWL 02.11.17 Political
A Swan Song jfisenne 02.11.17 Piano
If Symptoms Persist hackneybloke 02.11.17 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Pickup Valentine Daugrin 02.10.17 Jazz Fusion
Man Made Monster billdancourtney 02.10.17 Electronic
Something odd is going on Dean-Resonator 02.10.17 Country-Western
Village Life Hickling_Stan 02.09.17 Folk (contemporary)
Reality (DEMO) MJReunionNAR 02.08.17 Ballad
a short duet for horn, piano & synth richard13 02.08.17 Other
Morning Breeze [with VicDiesel] Warren Smith 02.07.17 Solo Instrument
Vieux Carré Prelude MidiOrleans 02.06.17 Classical
Blast From Present Past Hydrogen3 02.05.17 Funk
Toe Tapper Philip18 02.03.17 Jazz (instrumental)
Hippie Jim gadzooks 02.02.17 Acoustic Rock
Which path will we take Skean 02.02.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
From the Top of the Hour Chief Thunder Bear 02.01.17 Pop (mainstream)
Fan The Spark Calchas 02.01.17 Rock
Merlin at work X Narad 01.31.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Maps PeterB Sam Mix sammydix 01.30.17 Acoustic Rock
This Is My Club (60s Version) Songwriterz 01.29.17 Pop (mainstream)
The Shallow People lavalamp 01.28.17 Alternative Rock
Walk in the Light Hickling_Stan 01.28.17 Acoustic Rock
Drifting Today Dadai.2 01.27.17 Acoustic
DOWN BY THE STATION with GARY FILES Franciscus_Henri 01.26.17 Other
Dont Look Up Ma Skirt 2017 jie 01.26.17 Acoustic
Gooogles de' Trooph Daugrin 01.25.17 Informational
Far From The Madding Crowd paul f. page 01.24.17 Piano
a Buried Photo SpiresVortex 01.24.17 Inspirational (contemporary)
Something You Don't Show Songwriterz 01.24.17 Pop (mainstream)
A Little Less, A Little More Songwriterz 01.24.17 Pop (mainstream)
industrial elegy (feat. awigze) richard13 01.24.17 Other
Cupid, Slow It Down Songwriterz 01.23.17 Pop (mainstream)
Some Say We Get What We Deserve jiguma 01.23.17 Funk
HYPATIA Calchas 01.22.17 Art Rock
Opposites Attract feat. Northpoint Garni 01.22.17 Rock
Dance With Me gadzooks 01.22.17 Folk (contemporary)
Hangman Schwerindustrie 01.20.17 Rock
There Lies My Grandfather Moses 01.20.17 Acoustic
the long arc carbon 01.19.17 Art Rock
Ride Donald Daugrin 01.18.17 Psychedelic
restart my heart richard13 01.17.17 Jazz (instrumental)
Fuguelogue mystrag 01.17.17 Rock (instrumental)
Afrasian Blues - correct track! Hydrogen3 01.16.17 Alternative Rock
Shuffle Off Calchas 01.16.17 Rock
Flowers for a Pretty Lady 2017 jie 01.15.17 Indie Rock
Pavane pour une Infante Defunte VicDiesel 01.15.17 Classical
Apsaras Inspired gadzooks 01.14.17 New Age
Everyone Has Something To Hide jfisenne 01.14.17 Rock
The Man in the Rain jfisenne 01.14.17 Film Scoring
The Rose of Kelvingrove Philip18 01.12.17 Acoustic
Ticket to Heaven gadzooks 01.07.17 Acoustic Rock
Madness grah3am 01.06.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Call My Name Bob Ancona 01.05.17 Acoustic
Boogie My Blues Calchas 01.05.17 Rock
Tainted Man Inc. sammydix 01.05.17 Art Rock
Ebb and Flow Hickling_Stan 01.05.17 Ballad
Lost and Found davajonah 01.03.17 Ambient
New Years Day Vic Holman 01.02.17 Acoustic Rock
Afrasian Blues Hydrogen3 01.02.17 Alternative Rock
Uncertainty paul f. page 01.02.17 Piano
Shine on My Soul RichardSchletty 01.01.17 Gospel
419 jobu 01.01.17 Pop (Alternative)
whale sounds and angels richard13 01.01.17 New Age
Atomic Train Narad 01.01.17 Electronic
Deep River (key of C - medium voice) RichardSchletty 12.31.16 Gospel
Dirty Water jimmyrus 12.31.16 Acoustic Rock
Dirty Water jimmyrus 12.31.16 Acoustic Rock
Let Music Be Your Guiding Light gadzooks 12.30.16 Blues (traditional)
GhostLights SpiresVortex 12.30.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
Un Petit Café Français H3nry 12.29.16 Pop (mainstream)
Getaway Calchas 12.28.16 Rock
Cantabile VicDiesel 12.27.16 Ambient
The Lesson (for Richard Adams) Philip18 12.27.16 Acoustic
"BabyLuv" abzwork 12.26.16 Funk
Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House cover) jgurner 12.26.16 Acoustic Rock
For Ever Schwerindustrie 12.26.16 Rock
THOSE WERE THE DAYS KCsGROOVE 12.26.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
My Christmas matan 12.25.16 Experimental
Music to Hear: Sonnet 8 (key of E) RichardSchletty 12.25.16 Ballad
Glimpse Awakening Daugrin 12.24.16 Experimental
Glass bud 12.24.16 Alternative Rock
shark feeds egobandit 12.24.16 Rock
One more One Shot Pete_NB 12.23.16 Folk-Rock
Silent Night 2016 tadashi 12.23.16 Holiday
Represent spitlogic 12.23.16 Hip Hop-Rap
Winters Day ThroughRivers 12.22.16 Acoustic
Run, Barney, Run Philip18 12.21.16 Smooth Jazz
She Loves Me (acoustic) Bob Rodgers 12.21.16 Acoustic
Wenceslas-ish richard13 12.19.16 Holiday
The Christmas Song morgan102 12.18.16 Holiday
Invention No. 41 original paul f. page 12.17.16 Classical
A Kiss of Ice gadzooks 12.17.16 Alternative Rock
A Fait Accompli davajonah 12.17.16 Ambient
No Requiem Calchas 12.18.16 Folk-Rock
roller crush egobandit 12.12.16 Rock (instrumental)
Not Just Your Best Friend (unplugged) FEEL 12.12.16 Easy Listening
The Penultimate State of Being richard13 12.11.16 Ambient
Well Played Plans Vic Holman 12.11.16 Alternative Rock
Pale Ale gadzooks 12.11.16 NUjazz
Bird Without Wings jiguma 12.11.16 Acoustic Rock
we may be dreaming Parichayaka 12.10.16 Ambient
EDOBORI neighborhood tadashi 12.09.16 Funk
Temptation Warren Smith 12.07.16 Progressive Rock
Dream Age Teen tempie 12.07.16 Indie Rock
Dead Mans Shoes groovehounds 12.05.16 Blues (contemporary)
The Mystery of You philonnie 12.05.16 Acoustic
The Clown Loob 12.04.16 Ballad
How You Gonna Hate It Now? Daugrin 12.01.16 Rock & Roll
Belissima richard13 12.01.16 Ambient
Here Before Bob Rodgers 12.01.16 Rock
MUSINGology SpiresVortex 12.01.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
I'll See You In My Dreams/America (live) Dadai.2 11.28.16 Acoustic
THE WIND AT OUR BACK Bowman 11.27.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
CAN't YOU JUST TELL ME KCsGROOVE 11.26.16 Acoustic Rock
Fire gadzooks 11.24.16 Art Rock
Gratitune jobu 11.24.16 Pop (mainstream)
house of the rising sun katie's version pablatone 11.23.16 Folk (traditional)
We the living tmcfate 11.22.16 Acoustic
Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen Cover] tonestones 11.21.16 Ballad
InaGaGaDuhVita H3nry 11.18.16 Rock & Roll
Laugh or Cry? Warren Smith 11.17.16 Political
My Last Great Depression Outtaorbit 11.16.16 Ballad
The Penny Tree from Ingleton Falls christopherpsly 11.16.16 Classical
Sweat groovehounds 11.16.16 Reggae
But Now She's Gone (feat. awigze) richard13 11.15.16 Reggae
Suzanne Franciscus_Henri 11.13.16 Twentieth Century
Check Yourself [live]... Dadai.2 11.13.16 Soul
Union Busting tempie 11.09.16 Rock
Fair Jenny's Jig and Matthew Briggs mandolinquent 11.09.16 Celtic
The Cross-Roads Franciscus_Henri 11.07.16 Ballad
One Hundred Eighty paul f. page 11.07.16 Piano
Some Half-Remembered Evening richard13 11.06.16 Ambient
Dad Hickling_Stan 11.05.16 Acoustic
Dad Hickling_Stan 11.05.16 Acoustic
Dark Waters awigze 11.04.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
Youthful Adventure Doug Somers 11.03.16 Twentieth Century
Recess FEEL 11.03.16 Rock
Indie Darlin' tempie 11.02.16 Indie Rock
Haunted House Election Daugrin 10.26.16 Holiday
Snake Oil - PBGB jiguma 10.20.16 Blues (contemporary)
This Old Town jobu 10.19.16 Acoustic Rock
I'm a Sucker for a Sad Girl tempie 10.19.16 Indie Rock
I Wish I Knew jazzman1 10.18.16 Smooth Jazz
Space Station Construction Narad 10.17.16 Ambient
The Fall of the Western World peeg 10.17.16 Pop (Alternative)
You And Me eleveneyes 10.16.16 Pop (Alternative)
Life's A River jgurner 10.16.16 Pop (Alternative)
The Canary King Vic Holman 10.16.16 Alternative Rock
Waltzing In The Kitchen Loob 10.15.16 Jazz (vocal)
(still) DRIFTIN' KCsGROOVE 10.15.16 Rock
uncle fitch richard13 10.15.16 Experimental
A Song For Joyce tltate 10.14.16 Funk
Memories of Africa fabien0784 10.12.16 Ethnic-International
Home demo Hickling_Stan 10.11.16 Acoustic
The Return of Major Tom jfisenne 10.09.16 Acoustic
Ukulele Blues by Barry Carozzi Philip18 10.09.16 Acoustic
"The Bush" abzwork 10.08.16 Other
Storm Warning Dadai.2 10.07.16 Pop (mainstream)
Road to Yourself/with Abandon Style davisamerica2 10.06.16 Rock
Time Will Tell jiguma 10.06.16 Alternative Rock
SHELTER ME (acoustic) KCsGROOVE 10.04.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
Five and Dime tmcfate 10.01.16 Acoustic
Move Along Blues* Dadai.2 09.25.16 Acoustic
Rositta Lollipop Hickling_Stan 09.24.16 Acoustic
"A Many Splendored Thing" abzwork 09.16.16 NUjazz
Those Years In Between Warren Smith 09.15.16 Alternative Rock
Amor Omnia Vincit christopherpsly 09.13.16 Classical
Burning Man Bulerias eanbardsley 09.12.16 Acoustic
Captive Consciousness Lecture Daugrin 09.11.16 Experimental
Själsfränder awigze 09.11.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
You jfisenne 09.11.16 Acoustic Rock
You and Me and Him grah3am 09.11.16 Rock
This Heart Of Mine jazzman1 09.09.16 New Age
'Flipside abzwork 09.09.16 Jazz Fusion
HAWKERS Franciscus_Henri 09.08.16 Art Rock
Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man (live 1970) Dadai.2 09.07.16 Funk
Swimming In Mud jiguma 09.06.16 Acoustic Rock
You Are My Sunshine (Jamming with Jack) Dadai.2 09.01.16 Acoustic
Summers_End Hydrogen3 09.01.16 Acoustic
Aspiring to You Narad 09.01.16 Pop (Alternative)
Land Ho tmcfate 08.31.16 Acoustic
Spooky Creeps grah3am 08.29.16 Rock
system egobandit 08.27.16 Alternative Rock
Smiling Demo Hickling_Stan 08.27.16 Acoustic
Gives You Wings - MJ 10 Year Anniversary Pete_NB 08.25.16 Rock (instrumental)
Remember grah3am 08.21.16 Acoustic Rock
Gone Forever Dean-Resonator 12.16.16 Lo-fi
One Hundred Sixty-Five paul f. page 08.19.16 Piano
The NMO 16 Doug Somers 08.15.16 Bluegrass
Landslide Strawberry_Lane 08.15.16 Pop (mainstream)
Kids grah3am 08.13.16 Fingerstyle Guitar
always another egobandit 08.13.16 Alternative Rock
Brandi Proliferous_Rose 08.12.16 Pop (mainstream)
Summer holidays tadashi 08.12.16 Acoustic
Breathe in... Breathe out... Philip18 08.12.16 Acoustic
"The Flava Sava" abzwork 08.12.16 Jazz Fusion
Thunderland Warren Smith 08.10.16 Rock
Blood machine SpiresVortex 08.09.16 Rock (instrumental)
Brain Freeze gadzooks 08.08.16 NUjazz
Looking Like The Real Thing jiguma 08.07.16 Rhythm and Blues
Catching paul f. page 08.06.16 Piano
LET IT SHINE (#2) KCsGROOVE 08.06.16 Rock
'66 in '16 Daugrin 08.05.16 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Beat Down groovehounds 08.04.16 Rhythm and Blues
"Favours" abzwork 08.02.16 NUjazz
hold still egobandit 08.02.16 Psychedelic
THE WANDER LIGHT Franciscus_Henri 08.01.16 Ballad
Find My way home gadzooks 07.27.16 Other
A Fez Fer Yer Head/ Mr. Fab Sax Daugrin 07.24.16 Disco
"I Feel You" abzwork 07.24.16 Jazz Fusion
Beautiful Lies eleveneyes 07.24.16 Acoustic
The Battle of Hastings( by Moviz 07.23.16 Spoken Word-Poetry
Drowsy Maggie ...English ..Scottish...Irish...for folks sake.... Jarvoid 07.22.16 Folk (traditional)
The View grah3am 07.22.16 Folk (contemporary)
FIRST WORLD BLUES jiguma 07.21.16 Rhythm and Blues
ON THE NIGHT TRAIN with PHILIP18 Franciscus_Henri 07.21.16 Ballad
Love The One You're With (Groovehounds version) groovehounds 07.20.16 Rock
Barricades Mysterieuses VicDiesel 07.18.16 Classical
(no more) MUSIC FOR THE MASSES KCsGROOVE 07.18.16 Rock
Friends with the Devil gadzooks 07.14.16 Funk
Been a Long Time Moviz 07.08.16 Pop (mainstream)
TO HANNAH- Spirit Girl Franciscus_Henri 06.23.16 Ballad
Blinded gadzooks 06.20.16 Other
Lumber tmcfate 06.19.16 Alternative Rock
"Casualties Of War" abzwork 06.16.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
VULCANO (#3) KCsGROOVE 06.15.16 Rock
Thou Art More Lovely (with guitar) - Rich's idea 1 RichardSchletty 06.15.16 Ballad
Fecal Flash Warren Smith 06.11.16 Bluegrass
The Light On The Hill Philip18 06.10.16 Acoustic
Comet egobandit 06.10.16 Alternative Rock
I STAND ACCUSED Franciscus_Henri 06.10.16 Other
Third Date Panties Daugrin 06.09.16 Jazz Fusion
Skyland SpiresVortex 06.09.16 Acoustic
If Your Tribe Believes Damroze 06.09.16 Folk (traditional)
I Got Nothing Pixiemixer 06.09.16 Rock
Ride Moses 06.08.16 Surf Music
The Wild Mouse SpiderNick 06.07.16 Rock
Spider gadzooks 06.07.16 Funk
Gods of War grah3am 06.05.16 Progressive Rock
hey kingkenny 06.05.16 Alternative Rock
This Ain't About Me jobu 06.04.16 Alternative Rock
"Ode 2 Prince" abzwork 06.03.16 Funk
Dance In The Dark Skean 06.02.16 Ambient
Satisfied sammydix 05.31.16 Funk
May 17 - Before My Love Pete_NB 05.31.16 Folk-Rock
WE'VE CHANGED (#2) KCsGROOVE 05.31.16 Rock
Toasted Western gadzooks 05.30.16 Other
Bolero jordifiol 05.30.16 Jazz (instrumental)
The Wonderful Wingiggle of Wishing (Laura Rosenkranz & Alimar) Dadai.2 05.28.16 Children's Music
Ramblin' Man awigze 05.28.16 Country-Western
Just As Long As We Have Love(W/RAVENS) morgan102 05.28.16 Ballad
Night and Day davajonah 05.27.16 Electronic
Okay, but just for now Skean 05.25.16 Experimental
A place to call home Hickling_Stan 05.25.16 Acoustic
Night Vision gadzooks 05.23.16 Alternative Rock
Dogs of War grah3am 05.22.16 Progressive Rock
Everyone Grows Old bronco 05.21.16 Ballad
CALL MY NAME (#2) KCsGROOVE 05.21.16 Rock
Timberlake VicDiesel 05.20.16 Ambient
Holding a Key Moses 05.20.16 Acoustic
I'm Just A Man bronco 05.20.16 Folk-Rock
I DID WHAT I COULDN'T particledots 05.16.16 Experimental
Give It All Away jiguma 05.16.16 Acoustic Rock
The Chillin' Room gadzooks 05.16.16 Rock
No Pain - feat. Strangedream & Rok41 Sigmund 05.15.16 Rock
DANCING ON A CLOUD AT DUSK Bowman 05.15.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
happy beside you somoya 05.14.16 Acoustic
the greats are gone egobandit 05.13.16 Psychedelic
Independence sammydix 05.13.16 Progressive Rock
Late Night Reflections Dadai.2 05.12.16 Folk-Rock
Wait For Me philonnie 05.12.16 Acoustic
New Morning jordifiol 05.12.16 Jazz (instrumental)
Fluke Warren Smith 05.11.16 Romantic
Congratulations On Your Purchase Sudra 05.09.16 Other
Love Is Blurred - (c) Connie Orlando 2016 ConnieO 05.09.16 Other
Gotta Get Outta Here jobu 05.07.16 Funk
slow exit musichead 05.06.16 Acoustic Rock
Woods Pete_NB 05.06.16 Acoustic
"Make It Happen Then.." abzwork 05.05.16 Trip Hop
JUDGEMENT DAY jiguma 05.04.16 Acoustic Rock
SLEEPLESS IN MOROCCO Bowman 05.04.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Move Cat groovehounds 05.03.16 Funk
Steady Road Pixiemixer 05.03.16 Rock
Healing Heart JBurns 04.29.16 Alternative Rock
The Callous Way You Act selters 04.29.16 Pop (Alternative)
There Is A Civilization Under Mars Today thetiler 04.28.16 Folk (contemporary)
Maybe This is a Bad Song Franciscus_Henri 04.27.16 Other
I'm Coming Home w/ DavisAmerica and Particledots awigze 04.21.16 Open Collaborations
Old Man jgurner 04.21.16 Alternative Rock
BOOBS IN THE SKY gadzooks 04.20.16 Acoustic Rock
glow Parichayaka 04.19.16 Easy Listening
Sweet Julia Grace (a lullaby) Dadai.2 04.18.16 Acoustic
When I was A Young Boy groovehounds 04.18.16 Blues (contemporary)
I was planning egobandit 04.16.16 Psychedelic
Accumulated Experiences Warren Smith 04.14.16 Rock (instrumental)
Longing for Daybreak paul f. page 04.12.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
No Bun Funk VicDiesel 04.11.16 Funk
Chasing Shadows - Feat. PeterB7858, Rok41 & Scofugate Sigmund 04.10.16 Folk-Rock
Im not giving up somoya 04.10.16 Pop (Alternative)
Tea in the Sahara( Groovehounds way) groovehounds 04.09.16 Rock
Dogs of War grah3am 04.09.16 Folk-Rock
How do you feel (Extended mix) yohmar 04.09.16 Rhythm and Blues
Pull Up Yo Pants!/Gadzooks sammydix 04.08.16 Funk
Take Over Me Moses 04.08.16 Acoustic
Cry for Mississippi jgurner 04.08.16 Alternative Rock
Bring It Back Down Cheeto 04.07.16 Alternative Rock
An Unanswered Question paul f. page 04.07.16 Piano
Positively positive ShadowofNine 04.07.16 Art Rock
In Coram Fields Franciscus_Henri 04.07.16 Ballad
Rock for no one SpiresVortex 04.06.16 Rock
The Miracle of Space and Time (ennead #8) mfwmiles 04.04.16 Alternative Rock
Love Crazy scottghorwath 04.03.16 Classical
Cold Sweat - Part 1 (live 1969) Dadai.2 04.03.16 Soul
Goodbye jgurner 04.03.16 Alternative Rock
Forever sounds egobandit 04.03.16 Psychedelic
Monumental Landscape mystrag 04.02.16 Rock (instrumental)
Getting Burned Pixiemixer 04.01.16 Blues (contemporary)
Hold on to the Moments LisaHawbaker 04.01.16 Acoustic
Symphony No.96 IV Vivace-Haydn MidiOrleans 04.01.16 Classical
The Great Wall of China Narad 04.01.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Down to Earth grah3am 03.31.16 Acoustic
Walk On The Wild Side groovehounds 03.31.16 Easy Listening
A Little Romance paul f. page 03.29.16 Piano
TORE ME UP - PBGB featuring Dawson Graham jiguma 03.27.16 Blues (contemporary)
Nexus Point obbster 03.26.16 Film Scoring
Testing the Waters MikeHuntingford 03.26.16 Jazz (instrumental)
Conviction SpiderNick 03.25.16 Rock
I Wonder Moses 03.25.16 Indie Rock
Rock'n Roll Survives groovehounds 03.24.16 Rock
Taking You Down jobu 03.21.16 Pop (Alternative)
Django's Song DWL 03.21.16 Folk (contemporary)
Gliding Hickling_Stan 03.21.16 Acoustic
All I'll ever Need J_Gretch 03.20.16 Alternative Rock
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (live) Dadai.2 03.20.16 Soul
Eyes on the Moon grah3am 03.20.16 Rock
Communion Day echoroom 03.20.16 Alternative Rock
Many Meetings Strings Demo Doug Somers 03.18.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Prominade Hydrogen3 03.18.16 Ambient
Little Etude scottghorwath 03.18.16 Piano
Back in that Time Moses 03.17.16 Indie Rock
project x egobandit 03.15.16 Psychedelic
Swing It Out Gaylen75 03.15.16 Art Rock
reggae for my cat jordifiol 03.15.16 Reggae
Stop wasting my time stevel 03.14.16 Alternative Rock
Neutron grah3am 03.13.16 Progressive Rock
Above Ground Luper/Dixon FEEL 03.11.16 Rock
Silky way express Narad 03.11.16 Ambient
Pressure XMaramena 03.10.16 Film Scoring
Box of Light scottghorwath 03.09.16 Piano
Happy Hour grid stalker 03.09.16 Easy Listening
Pure Music paul f. page 03.08.16 Piano
Lost Einarus 03.08.16 Film Scoring
Mary Has An Uzi Warren Smith 03.06.16 Hard Rock
"LaLa Land" abzwork 03.05.16 Jazz Fusion
Young Men, White Gloves MikeRobinson 03.04.16 Political
The Restless One Philip18 03.04.16 Acoustic
The Ghost In You jgurner 03.02.16 Alternative Rock
The Last One ajnorth 03.01.16 Rock
All aboard Narad 03.01.16 Acoustic
Be My Dirndl Girl jiguma 03.01.16 Pop (Alternative)
leena's song blaky smith 02.28.16 Other
Continuation KyasheMusic 02.27.16 Electronic
Long Gone ConnieO 02.26.16 Folk (contemporary)
Aria in F major-Leopold Mozart MidiOrleans 02.26.16 Classical
Just an Idea MartynAndrewPRice 02.25.16 Alternative Rock
Redwood kingbee 02.25.16 Alternative Rock
That Living Schwerindustrie 02.24.16 Progressive Rock
Cascade smokey bacon jnr 02.24.16 Electronic
Not Popular bronco 02.23.16 Folk (contemporary)
The Yellow Sign Maurice7 02.22.16 Ambient
I Wish It Would Rain (live 1970) Dadai.2 02.22.16 Soul
Basal respiration Narad 02.22.16 Ambient
Piano Concerto Clip1 XMaramena 02.20.16 Classical
Ocean in the Sun stevel 02.20.16 Alternative Rock
Wrapped Up musichead 02.20.16 Pop Classical
Seeds of Contentment/ with Davisamerica,Sisters,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.18.16 Folk (traditional)
Tuscan Morning v16 Doug Somers 02.18.16 Classical
Free Yourself (with Scofugate & Rok41) hackneybloke 02.18.16 Acoustic
Mandy Pete_NB 02.16.16 Acoustic Rock
Reflexions I.G.M. 02.16.16 Acoustic
Come Together with The Beagles groovehounds 02.14.16 Rock
Lawn ornament VicDiesel 02.13.16 Solo Instrument
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (vintage live 1968) Dadai.2 02.12.16 Soul
Technolly Disco Hydrogen3 02.11.16 Disco
Constellation of the winter tadashi 02.10.16 New Age
Zen garden kingbee 02.08.16 Ambient
Arlecchino Narad 02.08.16 Ambient
Outlook Vic Holman 02.04.16 Indie Rock
get it egobandit 01.29.16 Psychedelic
From Out Of Nowhere mystrag 01.25.16 Rock (instrumental)
Isn't That The Way? TomFairnie 01.24.16 Acoustic
Who Walked These Ancient Trails? jiguma 01.23.16 Acoustic Rock
Light up the drama Skean 01.22.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Reverie Metier second Movement Hydrogen3 01.19.16 Piano
Zephyr (with Rok41) Philip18 01.15.16 Smooth Jazz
Dalston Junction (with Scofugate) hackneybloke 01.09.16 Jazz (instrumental)
Let me take you for a ride DWL 01.02.16 Political
Pulling Down The Universe Vic Holman 12.19.15 Alternative Rock
right Side egobandit 12.18.15 Alternative Rock
Sweet Baby, Oh Gaylen75 12.17.15 Alternative Rock
Feel The Beat - PBGB jiguma 12.17.15 Rhythm and Blues
Golden Road, Version 2 garodaro 12.17.15 Psychedelic
snow in thompson woods davisamerica 12.17.15 Holiday
Jingle Bells Live (MERRY XMAS FROM THE HOUNDS) groovehounds 12.17.15 Holiday
Picture Perfect xcessmusicgroup 12.17.15 Pop (Alternative)
Two Hearts Gaylen75 12.16.15 Art Rock
Oprah and Kahlua : Dr. Phil Fugue Delirium Variation w/ Awigze Damroze 12.16.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Hermione or The frigate of liberty Narad 12.15.15 Ambient
Psalm IV Schwerindustrie 12.14.15 Art Rock
Through Schwerindustrie 12.14.15 Progressive Rock
I Saw Three Ships Doug Somers 12.13.15 Celtic
Something's Coming DJShadowkat 12.13.15 Rock
Shanti Narad 12.12.15 Ethnic-International
Time To Say Goodbye thetiler 12.11.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
"Trials Of Icabob" abzwork 12.11.15 NUjazz
Little Drummer Boy scrappyjon 12.09.15 Holiday
Something's Changing Moviz 12.09.15 Other
Conquistador KyasheMusic 12.09.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Cool Measures - Funtastic MikeHuntingford 12.08.15 Funk
Bushwalking {with Jiguma] Warren Smith 12.08.15 Jungle
Wind Dark River gadzooks 12.07.15 Acoustic
Time Pixiemixer 12.07.15 Blues (contemporary)
I Never Forget Skean 12.06.15 Easy Listening
Old strings VicDiesel 12.06.15 Ethnic-International
Never-Ending Now jobu 12.05.15 Folk (contemporary)
Rosetta and Philae Narad 12.03.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
On Borrowed Time fasteddie 12.01.15 Hard Rock
Face the Dragon (updated Vocals) elfdaughter 12.01.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Suffer Gaylen75 12.01.15 Alternative Rock
What Kind Of Men Are They? jiguma 12.01.15 Acoustic Rock
Glimpse Daugrin 11.29.15
Time For Leaving Philip18 11.27.15 Acoustic
Love birds Narad 11.27.15 Ambient
no mercy ragged_hat 11.25.15 Rock
the simon cowell song. woofer3 11.25.15 Alternative Rock
Ive entertained some bad Ideas egobandit 11.25.15 Alternative Rock
Spend It! Spend It! Spend It! DWL 11.25.15 Alternative Rock
Shine On Gaylen75 11.22.15 Alternative Rock
Easy to Fall Pixiemixer 11.22.15 Rock
Signal obbster 11.22.15 Rock (instrumental)
Space Planet Narad 11.22.15 Easy Listening
The Female Highwayman elfdaughter 11.22.15 Folk (traditional)
Pipeline with classical guitar thetiler 11.21.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Carol of the Bells 2015 elfdaughter 11.21.15 Folk (contemporary)
Eyes Ablaze fasteddie 11.20.15 Heavy Metal
Theme From A Summer Place - dinner jazz version thetiler 11.19.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Red Moon egobandit 11.19.15 Alternative Rock
I'd Have To Be Crazy (live) Dadai.2 11.18.15 Acoustic
Theme From A Summer Place thetiler 11.15.15 Classical
So Leap by Gaylen Sharp Gaylen75 11.15.15 Alternative Rock
ANOTHER DAY___ KCsGROOVE 11.15.15 Rock
Face Down Again fasteddie 11.15.15 Hard Rock
THE PECOS Bowman 11.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Superhero Theme 1 XMaramena 11.13.15 Film Scoring
Song Of The Drowning Sailor Franciscus_Henri 11.12.15 Folk (contemporary)
Algorithmic Solutions Doug Somers 11.12.15 Electronic
No way to live ( collab with Sewer Rod) kingbee 11.12.15 Alternative Rock
SAYING SO YOU'LL KNOW jiguma 11.11.15 Acoustic Rock
Something Sweet paul f. page 11.10.15 Piano
Shiva Nataraja Narad 11.10.15 Alternative Rock
Suwannee River from my 'Americana' collection christopherpsly 11.09.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Another me saSHguitAR 11.09.15 Acoustic
Get Going! [Langford/Smith] Warren Smith 11.09.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
Skank Ho fasteddie 11.08.15 Hard Rock
sold egobandit 11.08.15 Psychedelic
DO IT ALL OVER (3) KCsGROOVE 11.08.15 Rock
Hurricane groovehounds 11.06.15 Blues (contemporary)
Approaching Pluton Narad 11.05.15 Ambient
The Golden Road garodaro 11.04.15 Progressive Rock
By The Water lyzak 11.03.15 Alternative Rock
Old Fashioned Love Song thetiler 11.02.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Second Hand Shirt tmcfate 11.02.15 Alternative Rock
Chataeu Antibes Franciscus_Henri 11.01.15 Folk (contemporary)
stargazer that80sboy 11.01.15 Rock
MoJoZu jiguma 11.01.15 Rock
WHY OH WHY___ KCsGROOVE 11.01.15 Rock
Lucy in the Gallery Daugrin 11.01.15 Rock & Roll
My Little Typhoon Gaylen75 10.31.15 Alternative Rock
Forgiveness... LouisLacey 10.31.15 Rock (instrumental)
It,s Over Skean 10.30.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Another Round - Gadzooks/Sammydix gadzooks 10.28.15 Jazz (vocal)
A Little Light Waltz XMaramena 10.27.15 Classical
It' done Narad 10.26.15 Classical
Backyard Chill awigze 10.25.15 Shoegazer
Desiree performed by Stone pablatone 10.25.15 Acoustic
DRIFTIN' (3) KCsGROOVE 10.25.15 Rock
Molly on the Beach Daugrin 10.24.15 Rock & Roll
collection grows bigger egobandit 10.24.15 Psychedelic
I Walked In My Sleep Last Night jiguma 10.22.15 Acoustic Rock
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (live) Dadai.2 10.20.15 Acoustic
The Merry Go Round Philip18 10.20.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Clearly ThroughRivers 10.18.15 Acoustic
Autumn Sun Hydrogen3 10.17.15 Classical
The Reincarnate [Reincarnated in 2015] Alimar 10.17.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
What? No Gravy? groovehounds 10.17.15 Alternative Rock
Dreamer's Dance. Fire_Angel 10.17.15 Classical
bloom evolve Parichayaka 10.15.15 Electronic
Serenade CCXLVIII Narad 10.15.15 Classical
Second City Blue Pizza WesCurry45Nion 10.14.15 Piano
Wistful paul f. page 10.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
TOSABORI-breeze tadashi 10.11.15 Blues (contemporary)
Earth a Dying Planet Skean 10.11.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Meet Me In Dreamland Loob 10.10.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Odd Bob groovehounds 10.10.15 Other
AN EYE FOR AN EYE (2) KCsGROOVE 10.09.15 Rock
Salmon Ladder Variations TobinMueller 10.09.15 Piano
Short theme 2 matan 10.09.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
You won't see me now (Studio Demo) spannerotoole 10.09.15 Folk (contemporary)
The Left hand of God Outtaorbit 10.08.15 Acoustic
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (live) Dadai.2 10.08.15 Acoustic
'Pure Water' from the Cumbrian Collection christopherpsly 10.08.15 Classical
Short theme 1 matan 10.08.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Look Outside spannerotoole 10.08.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
No Life on Mars Schwerindustrie 10.05.15 Pop (Alternative)
THE PASSING SUN Bowman 10.05.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Irene Goodnight Philip18 10.05.15 Folk (traditional)
Lie & Break Your Heart (Truth & Love Remix) LWinston 10.04.15 Pop (mainstream)
Rain, Sky and Thunder(w/davisamerica,Sisters,BobRodgers,jiguma,awigze,scofugate davisamerica2 10.03.15 Rock
song no. 2314 jottdee 10.03.15 Acoustic
In The Forest gadzooks 10.03.15 Alternative Rock
Louie Warren Smith 10.03.15 Rock
Complacent (Feat Spitlogic) spacey MIX Skean 10.02.15 Hip Hop-Rap
Rich Woman Blues thetiler 10.01.15 Blues (contemporary)
It's Getting Me High jiguma 10.01.15 Acoustic
LOOKING BACK KCsGROOVE 10.01.15 Pop (Alternative)
Losing (D1&D2 Remix) davisamerica 09.30.15 Acoustic Rock
Lighthouse TobinMueller 09.30.15 Piano
Break It To Me Gently (live) Dadai.2 09.29.15 Acoustic
Poseidon Narad 09.29.15 Ambient
Angel in Blue scottghorwath 09.28.15 Folk (contemporary)
Music for an annoying bird VicDiesel 09.27.15 Acoustic
"Sea Shore Jazz 1" abzwork 09.25.15 Jazz Fusion
Honey Bee gadzooks 09.25.15 Blues (contemporary)
I WANT TO KNOW (2) KCsGROOVE 09.24.15 Alternative Rock
Can't Force the Funk Doug Somers 09.24.15 Funk
My Angel Falls Gaylen75 09.23.15 Alternative Rock
Avoid The Truth I.G.M. 09.23.15 Pop (Alternative)
River Ice TobinMueller 09.22.15 Piano
Side By Side (live) Dadai.2 09.20.15 Acoustic
Angel Wept On A Tinfoil Lawn Vic Holman 09.20.15 Rock
Mind the Gap Baz 09.20.15 Easy Listening
Darlin' Be Home Soon scottghorwath 09.19.15 Folk (traditional)
Can't Escape The Funk groovehounds 09.19.15 Funk
There You Are (Improved Mix) MikeHuntingford 09.18.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Muffled Skean 09.18.15 Ethnic-International
UN WesCurry45Nion 10.05.15 Piano
THE B-SIDES (are the saddest songs) KCsGROOVE 09.17.15 Rock
Ready/Terraplane sammydix 09.16.15 Alternative Rock
Club Anthropo Scene Doug Somers 09.16.15 Dance-Club
breaking through the maze loyd vader 09.16.15 Alternative Rock
One Six One paul f. page 09.15.15 Piano
Welcome to paradise Narad 09.15.15 Classical
Transmission MissChaos 09.14.15 Electronic
Slow Beat To China jiguma 09.14.15 Funk
Ladies' Special Daugrin 09.14.15 Rhythm and Blues
Harlequin VicDiesel 09.13.15 Baroque
In Mourning ShadowofNine 09.12.15 Middle Eastern
Air (Bach's Suite No. 3 in D, 2nd movement) TobinMueller 09.12.15 Piano
The Roamer mystrag 09.12.15 Rock (instrumental)
Dancing Guitars No.1 saSHguitAR 09.11.15 Electronic
Wabash Cannonball Jarvoid 09.10.15 Acoustic
Alice gadzooks 09.10.15 Alternative Rock
Rainbow Connection (live) Dadai.2 09.09.15 Acoustic
Full Moon VicDiesel 09.09.15 Ambient
CRAVIN' FOR YOUR LOVE (2) KCsGROOVE 09.09.15 Rock & Roll
Doggone Blues sammydix 09.09.15 Rock
Sweet Lady Bob Rodgers 09.09.15 Rock
Jungle Landscape Hydrogen3 09.08.15 Dub
Erin Listen Moses 09.07.15 Acoustic
Believe In Yourself abzwork 09.06.15 NUjazz
Dragon's celebration Narad 09.06.15 Ethnic-International
Take me to Bed (alt mix) echoroom 09.06.15 Alternative Rock
Bad Fish Warren Smith 09.05.15 Blues (contemporary)
The Trailing Car / with Roxylee davisamerica2 09.04.15 Ballad
Bourée/Beret (Bach's Bourée in E Minor) TobinMueller 09.04.15 Piano
Zombie Apocalypse gadzooks 09.03.15 Alternative Rock
Reinvention #13 (Bach's 2-Part Invention #13 in Am) TobinMueller 09.03.15 Piano
Separate Ways MJReunionNAR 09.03.15 Acoustic
Make my heart your home Narad 09.03.15 Ambient
Pavane paul f. page 09.01.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Victory (Sieg für die gefallenen) Ultrabeast 09.01.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
Stronger With Love - w David Gomez RichardSchletty 08.31.15 Alternative Rock
Take me to Bed echoroom 08.31.15 Alternative Rock
Horn Concerto No 4 - Allegro moderato christopherpsly 08.30.15 Classical
Kyrie Katrina MidiOrleans 08.29.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Piezo Skunkwrx 08.27.15 Electronic
My Mind Just Went Blank bigwhig 08.26.15 Alternative Rock
Press Against The Sun bigwhig 08.26.15 Alternative Rock
Reflection kingkenny 08.25.15 Progressive Rock
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (live) Dadai.2 08.25.15 Acoustic
Don't Go Now Gaylen75 08.24.15 Electropop
Be Natural Philip18 08.24.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Sorry - New Orchestration christopherpsly 08.23.15 Classical
Boots bud 08.23.15 Indie Rock
Spanish Dancer....The Collaboration bigdaddycee 08.23.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Playing In The Rain paul f. page 08.22.15 Piano
Another Lovers Broken Story, Told Gaylen75 08.22.15 Electropop
HEY BABY KCsGROOVE 08.22.15 Rock
summertime happiness egobandit 08.21.15 Psychedelic
Long ago (when I was just a child ) Franciscus_Henri 08.20.15 Ballad
I know who I Am... ShadowofNine 08.18.15 Rock
groovy gadzooks 08.17.15 Other
Chromium Sun Vic Holman 08.16.15 Alternative Rock
FINNEGAN'S DREAM Bowman 08.16.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Get on the Upbeat Moses 08.16.15 Acoustic Rock
Summer Heat Ace-T 08.15.15 Rock
First Light (solo piano) magnatone 08.14.15 Piano
stopped ste 08.13.15 Pop (Alternative)
Summertime (live) Dadai.2 08.13.15 Acoustic
Trout Lake...or? paul f. page 08.12.15 Piano
Scherzo for Four Recorder Quartets VicDiesel 08.12.15 Baroque
The Journey Home bigdaddycee 08.12.15 Jazz Fusion
"Chilton" Piano Concerto in D Major/Minor (Section 2.A.1) WesCurry45Nion 10.05.15 Classical
"Days Of Our Lives" abzwork 08.10.15 Jazz Fusion
Cause of You groovehounds 08.10.15 Inspirational (contemporary)
Blood of the Lambs Franciscus_Henri 08.09.15 Ballad
A Night By The Fireside TFR 10.05.15 Smooth Jazz
L'Spirit de Gary awigze 08.08.15 Rock (instrumental)
Breathing in a hot humid pool particledots 08.08.15 Electronic
Chinese Flutes (first draft) papag 08.08.15 Lo-fi
dust of stars egobandit 08.07.15 Art Rock
The World Is Ours Philip18 08.07.15 Acoustic Rock
No Darkness by James Whatley w/awigze awigze 08.07.15 Alternative Rock
Cripple Creek Variations Jarvoid 08.07.15 Bluegrass
Draper scrappyjon 10.05.15 Ambient
Tongue Tied Gaylen75 08.06.15 Alternative Rock
Don't Go Too Far/Elaine sammydix 08.06.15 Jazz (vocal)
Keep Moving KyasheMusic 08.05.15 Jazz Fusion
Ceci Et Cela Alimar 08.05.15 Classical
Enigma Variations Theme (Edward Elgar) scrappyjon 10.05.15 Classical
The Fair Maiden Steele_obsidion 08.04.15 Classical
A Certain Melancholy paul f. page 08.04.15 Piano
Dyin' In My Hand. Dennis James 08.03.15 Rock
Hangin' Off The Edge Of The World. Dennis James 08.03.15 Rock
Llama up a Ladder (with Richard and Dan Marris) DWL 08.01.15 Punk-Grunge
What else Schwerindustrie 07.31.15 Progressive Rock
Blue Moon (live) Dadai.2 07.31.15 Acoustic
Close Call Kicbal 07.30.15 Alternative Rock
"Phone Home" abzwork 07.28.15 Jazz (vocal)
Vivian davisamerica2 07.27.15 Ballad
Minuetto MidiOrleans 07.26.15 Classical
Here Comes a Boy (Fathers Day) tmcfate 07.25.15 Acoustic Rock
There's a Love Somewhere mfwmiles 07.24.15 Easy Listening
Two times too many w/Kayla Garni 07.22.15 Pop (Alternative)
I See Red J_Gretch 07.16.15 Rock
WHERE I BELONG (new) KCsGROOVE 07.15.15 Rock
Can't Forget Moses 07.11.15 Acoustic Rock
A Brighter Day (Roxylee, R. Schletty) Dadai.2 07.03.15 Folk (contemporary)
I Just Dont Understand it with Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 07.01.15 Pop Classical
Moving On/ with Bob Rodgers davisamerica2 06.29.15 Ballad
Seares Drive Song (Goodbye to the Family Home) Garni 06.25.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Corn Whiskey MarkHolbrook 06.21.15 Folk (traditional)
Lennon's Inconsequential Latin Affair/Grah3am sammydix 06.20.15 Alternative Rock
Summer Seas with Gadzooks and Rok41 Philip18 06.16.15 Latin Jazz
Slow Train tmcfate 06.11.15 Acoustic Rock
TIME (acoustic) KCsGROOVE 06.11.15 Rock
She's All Mine Bob Rodgers 06.11.15 Blues (contemporary)
Fire and Sun gadzooks 06.10.15 Other
Elephants (Band Version) jobu 06.07.15 Pop (Alternative)
Bury my bones Skatehorn 06.07.15 Acoustic
watchin the Dragon Fly egobandit 06.07.15 Progressive Rock
New Things to See Daugrin 06.06.15 Experimental
Paint Them How You Feel jiguma 06.05.15 Rhythm and Blues
Just Some Musing Skean 06.05.15 Ambient
When? (snowdragon sitting in…) Dadai.2 06.03.15 Folk-Rock
Deelish VicDiesel 06.02.15 Twentieth Century
Saying Goodbye Moses 06.02.15 Acoustic
City Without Pity Warren Smith 06.02.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
So Much Love The_Applesauce_Project 06.01.15 Rockabilly
Gemini Narad 06.01.15 New Age
For My Little Somebody scaustrita 05.30.15 Latin
Big Edd gadzooks 05.30.15 Rock
Man In The Street (with PeterB7858 and Jiguma) Philip18 05.29.15 Rock
Steal Your Heart Cheeto 05.27.15 Acoustic Rock
Sequence for Pentecost: Mode I (guitar and voice) RichardSchletty 05.27.15 Gospel
Last Man Standing XMaramena 05.25.15 Film Scoring
"Casualties Of War" abzwork 05.25.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nowhere Left to Run Johnjoesmith73 05.24.15 Indie Rock
"My Strawberry Jam" abzwork 05.24.15 Jazz Fusion
NO REFUND egobandit 05.23.15 Psychedelic
Another Monday gadzooks 05.23.15 Acoustic Rock
Her Eyes Ultrabeast 05.23.15 Classical
You Can't Take Me Down bronco 05.22.15 Folk (contemporary)
aria that80sboy 05.21.15 Pop (Alternative)
Cinder(ella) Gaylen75 05.21.15 Children's Music
fifty5 FEEL 05.21.15 Rock
Try To Remember Moviz 05.21.15 Other
Borealis II Narad 05.20.15 New Age
I'll Fly Away (Roxylee, Richard Schletty, Jack Miller) Dadai.2 05.19.15 Gospel
A Good Good Day groovehounds 05.19.15 Rock
"Stranger Than Fiction" abzwork 05.19.15 Jazz Fusion
Ledges & Friends Moses 05.18.15 Acoustic Rock
The King has left thoddi 05.17.15 Blues (contemporary)
Key To The Highway Jarvoid 05.15.15 Blues (traditional)
Audience With King Daugrin 05.15.15 Blues (contemporary)
I'll Not Wait No More Bob Rodgers 05.15.15 Pop (Alternative)
Late At Night gadzooks 05.13.15 Other
Never on Time (guitar solo version) jobu 05.12.15 Pop (Alternative)
It's Just As Well Little_Hooligan 05.12.15 Country-Western
RAIN ___ KCsGROOVE 05.12.15 Rock
Dead Archive Relic67 05.09.15 Pop (Alternative)
148 paul f. page 05.08.15 Piano
Payin' The Piper w/Awigze Charday 05.08.15 Progressive Rock
We'll See You In The Morning groovehounds 05.06.15 Rock
Home gadzooks 05.02.15 Acoustic Rock
Sea Of Dreams jiguma 04.30.15 Acoustic Rock
Ladies of Liverpool jfisenne 04.30.15 Rock
A Little Light, feat. strangedream, rok41 & alackbass Sigmund 04.27.15 Acoustic Rock
Angel gadzooks 04.23.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Finger on the Switch Les_Kloo 04.21.15 Progressive Rock
I Know Vic Holman 04.21.15 Indie Rock
Between You And Me musichead 04.20.15 Pop (mainstream)
Swallow Garni 04.19.15 Gothic Rock
Sock Drawer grah3am 04.18.15 Rock (instrumental)
Sausage Factory Jam groovehounds 04.18.15 Alternative Rock
House of the Rising sun pablatone 04.17.15 Acoustic Rock
bode's nebula ragged_hat 04.17.15 Progressive Rock
The quest of the sea Narad 04.17.15 Ambient
Gentleness paul f. page 04.16.15 Piano
Stone doing Cool Water pablatone 04.16.15 Acoustic Rock
Coast to Coast Moses 04.15.15 Indie Rock
Kingsdown hackneybloke 04.14.15 Acoustic
Romanian Folk Dances H3nry 04.14.15 Classical
Wanagi Tacaku (Spirit Path) jazzman1 04.14.15 New Age
Baby Bump Gaylen75 04.13.15 Pop (Alternative)
fine fine egobandit 04.11.15 Alternative Rock
Life's a song grah3am 04.11.15 Pop (Alternative)
Damn I Love Them Shoes groovehounds 04.11.15 Rock
Smiling tadashi 04.11.15 Other
Twilight mystrag 04.10.15 Ambient
"Time Is Mine" abzwork 04.09.15 NUjazz
The Train Of The Last Chance Narad 04.09.15 Electronic
D.Blues jottdee 04.09.15 Blues (traditional)
One Hundred Forty-Six paul f. page 04.08.15 Piano
"Dat BabyLuv" abzwork 04.06.15 Funk
Tallis 4 Synth H3nry 04.06.15 Classical
To Let a Stranger Die XMaramena 04.05.15 Pop (mainstream)
THE BEND Bowman 04.05.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Butcher's Bill - collab DWL 04.05.15 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Never on Time jobu 04.04.15 Pop (mainstream)
The Great Panjandrum grah3am 04.04.15 Rock
got your idol slippin egobandit 04.03.15 Progressive Rock
I Can't Breathe ajnorth 04.03.15 Rock
I Could (with Daugrin) Philip18 04.03.15 Rock
Painting the Mice Les_Kloo 04.03.15 Progressive Rock
The Deceiver Gaylen75 04.02.15 Ambient
Bitches' Lil Sister Meets Daug Daugrin 04.02.15 Blues (traditional)
For Your Glory Narad 04.02.15 Classical
Distorted Days gadzooks 04.01.15 Acoustic Rock
"A Smoothe Move" abzwork 04.01.15 Jazz Fusion
Smoke & Mirrors (Smith/Holman) Warren Smith 04.01.15 Open Collaborations
I'm Gumby dammit!/Mcboy alley-oop 03.31.15 Funk
Child of Yesterday Mystified 03.30.15 Folk (contemporary)
Before The Dawn paul f. page 03.28.15 Ballad
Animal Maggotism grah3am 03.28.15 Rock
Snake Dance mystrag 03.27.15 Rock (instrumental)
"A Sprite's Night" abzwork 03.27.15 Jazz Fusion
Moonlight Moments jazzman1 03.27.15 New Age
snowbound ragged_hat 03.26.15 Acoustic Rock
Then There's You groovehounds 03.26.15 Pop (Alternative)
zombies ste 03.26.15 Pop (Alternative)
Bio-Duck Narad 03.24.15 Ambient
Loving Me Bob Rodgers 03.23.15 Acoustic
SubOrdinary Girl Little_Hooligan 03.22.15 Rock
If The Body Fades tf10music 03.22.15 Folk (contemporary)
Into The Light (V-2) ShadowofNine 03.22.15 New Age
Use Your Imagination Jayrodd 03.21.15 Acoustic
A Beautiful Feeling christopherpsly 03.21.15 Classical
Stranger Danger grah3am 03.21.15 Rock
Like Stardust - Instrumental Version Hydrogen3 03.21.15 Rock (instrumental)
Everything's Fine racerat 03.20.15 Alternative Rock
Moontime Strawberry_Lane 03.20.15 Rock
She Knows It FrankAxtell 03.20.15 Rock
The Jackals mystrag 03.19.15 Other
ODE (We are the music makers) with Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 03.19.15 Folk (contemporary)
Sweet Life W/Awigze Charday 03.19.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
A Bitch At Best KyasheMusic 03.19.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Won't Be Denied groovehounds 03.19.15 Rock
Dodge The Bullet Vic Holman 03.18.15 Rock
Any Other Day musichead 03.18.15 Pop (Alternative)
Usha Express Narad 03.17.15 Ambient
Flora Relic67 03.16.15 Pop (Alternative)
IT HAS TO BE ARRANGED jiguma 03.16.15 Electropop
Holding On Bob Rodgers 03.16.15 Rock
I Could Write a Book michaeljayklein 03.15.15 Easy Listening
Elephants jobu 03.15.15 Pop (Alternative)
A Dozen Dozen paul f. page 03.14.15 Piano
seven shades of blue mark-langford 03.14.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
broken white line mark-langford 03.14.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Blue Moon Alimar 03.13.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
'The Vic" abzwork 03.13.15 Jazz Fusion
Before the Storm Grathy 03.12.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Hey Gyp groovehounds 03.12.15 Rock
As If Again Les_Kloo 03.12.15 Progressive Rock
Romanian Folk Tunes H3nry 03.10.15 Classical
Never Meant To Be jfisenne 03.10.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
IT MUST BE LOVE (2) KCsGROOVE 03.10.15 Rock
Hours KyasheMusic 03.10.15 Jazz Fusion
Tatashta Narad 03.10.15 Ethnic-International
I've Tried Everything (I Know) debmac 04.21.15 Country-Western
Tranquil Place philonnie 03.09.15 Smooth Jazz
Sprinkles grah3am 03.08.15 Rock (instrumental)
Devil Wind by Peter B - feat. PeterB7858 & rok41 Sigmund 03.08.15 Acoustic Rock
Barnaby the Devil and the Dirty Streets Gaylen75 03.08.15 Alternative Rock
The Road Back racerat 03.07.15 Art Rock
One Side of the Story Philip18 03.06.15 Acoustic
See Me In Your Dreams Little_Hooligan 03.05.15 Pop (mainstream)
Neon Warning Sign W/Awigze final mix/master Charday 03.04.15 Rock
Jazzjammin' groovehounds 03.04.15 Jazz (instrumental)
I've Got a New Guitar mfwmiles 03.04.15 Folk (contemporary)
Saturn winds (nasa) egobandit 03.03.15 Art Rock
An Itch You Can't Scratch Warren Smith 03.03.15 Rock
Shine your light down J_Gretch 03.02.15 Acoustic
The Stars Love You Vic Holman 03.01.15 Alternative Rock
Funky Monkey grah3am 03.01.15 Funk
Raise the Blinds pablatone 02.28.15 Acoustic Rock
When It Starts To Rain racerat 02.28.15 Art Rock
Lift-off (NASA Space Challenge) Narad 02.28.15 Ambient
RPM15.4.2 NASA bud 02.27.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
STEPS: NASA Space Challenge Bowman 02.27.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
RAYS OF LIGHT (2) KCsGROOVE 02.27.15 Rock
One Hundred Forty-Two paul f. page 02.25.15 Piano
Misunderstood groovehounds 02.25.15 Rock
Synth Madness Skean 02.25.15 Experimental
SHINY LOVE w Anne Cozean jiguma 02.24.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
The Watchers Les_Kloo 02.23.15 Progressive Rock
Bells grah3am 02.23.15 Folk-Rock
Climbing the Mountain jgurner 02.22.15 Shoegazer
The Vapor Lounge Vic Holman 02.22.15 Easy Listening
Place to Stay with alackbass FEEL 02.21.15 Ballad
An 80s Groove (Typical of the era) MikeHuntingford 02.20.15 Easy Listening
Guitar Refraction SpiresVortex 02.20.15 Progressive Rock
Beyond These Walls XMaramena 02.20.15 Film Scoring
Georgia Home / The Speakeasy Sway Gaylen75 02.20.15 Alternative Rock
Summertime Bob Ancona 02.18.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Countdown: NASA Challenge Alimar 02.18.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
AN EYE FOR AN EYE (acoustic) KCsGROOVE 02.18.15 Rock
Don't Count Me Out groovehounds 02.18.15 Funk
In The Face Of Decision feat.Lisa Hawbaker Garni 02.17.15 Pop (Alternative)
Slow Dance (with Warren Smith) Philip18 02.17.15 Acoustic
But That's O.K. Bob Ancona 02.17.15 Folk (traditional)
Subliminal surf Narad 02.17.15 Ambient
Catch Me eleveneyes 02.16.15 Pop (Alternative)
Tits.mp3 paddler 02.16.15 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Play the Blues... Pay Your Dues ronniemitchell 02.16.15 Blues (traditional)
Intense_Suspense Hydrogen3 02.15.15 Techno
Some Ambient Skean 02.15.15 Ambient
Love The Orbiting 02.14.15 Pop (Alternative)
Land Speed Skunkwrx 02.14.15 Art Rock
So Typical Les_Kloo 02.14.15 Rock (instrumental)
Long Day 2015 (w/awigze) rok41 02.14.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Oh Blissful Bloom! Morning Light 02.14.15 Experimental
Batmanuel grah3am 02.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Love five_extra_arms 02.14.15 Electronic
LOVE particledots 02.13.15 Spoken Word-Poetry
Love egobandit 02.13.15 Art Rock
Love bud 02.13.15 Disco
Love SmokeyVW 02.13.15 Other
When You Wish Upon A Star Dadai.2 02.13.15 Easy Listening
A Gift From Mexico with Davisamerica2, Sisters and Richard and Dan Marris DWL 02.11.15 Acoustic
Away From Me groovehounds 02.11.15 Alternative Rock
The Prayer thetiler 02.10.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
She never let anybody know with PHIL18 and SIGMUND Franciscus_Henri 02.09.15 Acoustic Rock
And Now... Vic Holman 02.08.15 Rock
Light brown hair tadashi 02.08.15 Jazz Fusion
Urgent Rondezvous Daugrin 02.08.15 Jazz Fusion
Instigator Warren Smith 02.08.15 Easy Listening
MANY MOONS (acoustic version) KCsGROOVE 02.08.15 Rock
Dirty Hands (w/Sigmund) rok41 02.07.15 Rock
You Do Your Thang groovehounds 02.05.15 Funk
In My Head (W/Morning Light) Skean 02.04.15 Alternative Rock
Whale Canto XVII Narad 02.04.15 New Age
Our Love is a Fibonacci Number tempie 02.03.15 Pop (Alternative)
Faure Pavane H3nry 02.02.15 Pop Classical
Snowday Hydrogen3 02.02.15 Ambient
Sorrow of Erebor elfdaughter 02.01.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
FREEDOM KCsGROOVE 02.01.15 Pop (Alternative)
Forests of Lorien elfdaughter 02.01.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
cool water stone version pablatone 01.31.15 Acoustic Rock
Years from now alley-oop 01.31.15 Acoustic
Praising Limestone Blues tf10music 01.31.15 Blues (contemporary)
Ridin On the Sunshine MikeHuntingford 01.30.15 Rock
I Have a Photograph (with Rok41) Philip18 01.30.15 Acoustic
Angel bud 01.29.15 Rock (instrumental)
A Rainy Day groovehounds 01.29.15 Rhythm and Blues
'Oh Grandpa' - The Thicket christopherpsly 01.28.15 Classical
Now is the time of Winter elfdaughter 01.28.15 A Cappella
Nation of little worries kingbee 01.28.15 Acoustic
What the Ibstrat 01.27.15 Funk
lonely with a smile pablatone 01.27.15 Acoustic Rock
Natura elfdaughter 01.27.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
I Could Write a Book Little_Hooligan 01.26.15 Pop (Alternative)
trying to write... Mokus 01.26.15 Alternative Rock
Shine On Gaylen75 01.25.15 Art Rock
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Music Background I have been singing and accompanying myself on acoustic guitar for more years than I care to recall. It is a major source of relaxation and pleasure for me. Luckily others seem to get some pleasure from it as well. I have sung to family and friends at family celebrations, friend's birthdays and around a campfire for many years. I have also been fortunate to form bands with friends at every school I have taught at - most recently with a 60's - 80's cover band of teachers that managed to snare a monthly gig at a local club. My main music influences are James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffett, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, Dave Bromberg, CSN, Neil Young, Eagles, Cold Chisel, Ariel and also many "folk" singers - Mary Black, Dougie Maclean, Chris Smither, etc. I have been writing songs for several years now but only recently started trying to record them seriously.
Music Skills I am self taught on the guitar - mostly finger-style - to accompany my singing. I have also had to do lead electric duties in several of the bands that I have been in but this is not really my strength. I recently had the pleasure of building an acoustic guitar from absolute scratch at a luthier course in Melbourne. It was a fantastic experience and the outcome was really good. The luthier in question, Chris Wynn, specialises in using Australian tonewoods and my finished product has Tasmanian blackwood back and sides, Bunya pine soundboard, Queensland maple neck, Gidyea fingerboard with some Huon pine trim. It looks fantastic and plays really well. Singing a song you have witten yourself with a guitar you made is a buzz!
Music Hardware 1997 Ibanez AS193 (semi-hollow body electric), 1982 Maton CW80-D (Australian-made dreadnought acoustic), 2008 self-luthiered acoustic guitar (see above: pre-war Martin 000 design), 2012 G&L ASAT telecaster (customised), 2010 Paul Read Smith Angelus Standard cutaway acoustic guitar (made in Maryland, USA), Late 70's M. Suzuki classical guitar. Shure Beta 58a, Shure SM58, AKG Perception 120 and 170 condenser mics, Audio Technica ADH-AD700 headphones, Shure SRH440 headphones. Fishman Loudbox Performer acoustic amp, Laney LA-60C acoustic amp.
Music Software Logic Pro X, Ozone 7.