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Mac 10.12 Caveat
Thursday, September 22 2016 @ 07:10 PM CDT

There are apparent problems with the initial release of Mac OS Sierra 10.12 that affect some third-party plugins...


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Re:Mac 10.12 Caveat
Friday, September 23 2016 @ 12:19 AM CDT

well....thats a surprise
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Re:Mac 10.12 Caveat
Friday, September 23 2016 @ 07:27 AM CDT

Users should also be aware of the somewhat clumsy 'optimize storage' feature and immediately adjust settings accordingly.


Here’s what happened: I was editing a podcast in Apple’s Logic Pro X, and my project was stored on the Desktop. All of a sudden, the voice of one of my podcast panelists simply vanished from the mix. I quit and re-launched Logic, only to be told that the file in question was missing. Sure enough, a visit to Finder revealed that Sierra had “optimized” my storage and removed that file from my local drive. I’ll grant you, the file was a couple of weeks old, and very large as most audio files are. But I was also actively using it within a Logic project. Apparently that didn’t count for anything?

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Re:Mac 10.12 Caveat
Friday, September 23 2016 @ 07:57 PM CDT

My blanket recommendation about such things is:
“Computer software like fine wine:   let it age.”
Even though Apple is good at product-quality especially on releases where “Dub Dub Dee Cee” (WWDC = World-Wide Developer Conference) roll-outs are not breathing down their marketing necks, there will still be a slew of tweaks and bug-fixes that will roll out in very quick succession after product launch.   A total-system like OS/X probably consists of billions of lines of code.   (I know how many open issues were on-record for OS/X Lion when it was launched, but I’m still not allowed to say.   However, it was, “unremarkable.” )

Therefore, I always wait several months, just to let the dust settle.   I’ll probably move to Sierra sometime in January.   And furthermore, I always move the installation media to a jump-drive and do the install from there.   (I always have two such drives, the second being a pristine copy of the release I am moving from.)