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Re:Brace for Impact
Friday, May 19 2017 @ 09:59 AM CDT

Quote by: rabittwhole

Wowee! Actual MUSIC posted on a music site!

Who knew?

Thanks man...
Ed Hannifin
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Re:Brace for Impact
Friday, May 19 2017 @ 10:48 AM CDT

"We have to remember...when it's surrender that's called for, it's not surrender of your brains. It's surrender of your ego. It's a different thing." --Bruce Cockburn
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Re:Brace for Impact
Friday, May 19 2017 @ 12:58 PM CDT

“Of course the Swamp does not want to be drained!”

The media’s hatred of Trump is palpable ... as is their ever-present fantasy of “President Pence,” whom they imagine to be – at least – “a comfortable, familiar, ‘old white guy,’” and, most(!) importantly of all, “a professional politician.”

In other words:   exactly ‘what they are used to.’”  (Or so they think.   They’re desperate ...)

Or maybe, they think even further “out of the box back into the same old, familiar box.”   Some of them still dream of declaring Trump to have been an illegitimate winner ... such that he should be removed from office, purged from the pages of history, and replaced by ... “Madame Presidente.™”   The entire last six months of history, wiped away like a hangover.

Unfortunately for them, “I seriously think that this is very-precisely not what the American People wanted this time.”   They wanted(!) to throw a lighted match into a bucket of gasoline.   They wanted(!!) a President who did not come from a Generalship or a Governorship.

But, did they really understand what it is they wanted?   Did they anticipate just how disruptive and therefore painful it would be?   Quite honestly, I think that the answer is:   “Yes.”

For the most part, the People elected changes only to the White House.   (This time.)   Most Senate and Congressional veterans returned to their seats.   (“The People hedged their bets ...”   Smart move ...)

And, to a very-definite extent, Trump is “feeling his way along,” too.   He has no prior experience in politics and he will in due course find that his experience as a business CEO is only partially relevant.   But, nonetheless, I think that the man is perfectly sincere, and incredibly courageous.

“Washington, DC is ready to drive him out of town.”   Right now, they really don’t care how:   tar and feathers ... a limousine ... (yes ...) a hearse.   (“Anything to save The Swamp.™”)

But “this, I very-cautiously submit, “is the somewhat-bumbling first steps of actual change.”   A prophet is without honor in his own country, and everyone takes a sh*t at least once a day.   I therefore suggest that we should all step back and take a closer look ... and not be quite so quick to embrace the interpretations that the media – which right now is “running scared” – would like to serve to us.   “Apparently, the great majority of States declared that they wanted Change.”   But, are we actually prepared to embrace it as it comes?

“A house divided against itself cannot stand,” yes, but I actually don’t believe that the USA is actually(!) as divided as some would have us believe.   Neither do I believe that they(!) are at-all(!!) satisfied with the status quo that the Beltway reflexively canonizes.   However, we have thrust ourselves, as a nation, “into very-uncharted territory,” by choosing a Chief Executive who is completely unlike every other one that we have ever, ever had.   Shall we therefore stand behind our “new hire,” and help him to succeed, or shall we throw him under the bus and sell him down the river?

“We could have picked Hillary, of course,” ... but we didn’t.   The swamp-rats are fairly frantic to purge him.   But, “are we?”   Really?   Hey ... we could have picked Hillary.   (“You are getting sleepy ... very sleepy ...”)   But, we didn’t.   Not this time.

Let us not forget that FDR – the author of many of our today-most-cherished still-surviving social institutions – was extremely unpopular in Washington, and survived several assassination attempts.   We sing his praises today as though he were an immortal, and build monuments to his memory, but at the time he fought hard for every single thing that he would one day be remembered for. “I agree with you,” he famously quipped. “Now, make me do it.”