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Mushroom MusicAweful Noisemushroom (6)psychedelic (124)trippy (50)trance (387)funky (92)psycho (16)humboldt (4)kind (7)weird (61)crazy (86)cool (98)sexy (40)gnarly (10)lost (82)rad (5)why (28)
Morning GravityAweful NoiseChanterelle (7)frog (14)Dale (5)dork (19)trippy (50)goth (74)desolate (1)sad (189)drag (2)psycho (16)
Fiber Optic NeuralgiaAweful Noisekeyboard (80)MIDI (73)dumb (16)tree (14)cow (4)psycho (16)trippy (50)
Psychopathdomdinohardcore (53)psycho (16)mad (16)loud (79)distorted (29)club (174)
Our Sun SetonesweetworldOur sun set (1)Psycho (16)Linda (12)Courtien (11)MIR (1)Mirco (1)breakup (41) (0)
Sigh Co. (with Linda Courtien)SecaModeonesweetworld (21)secamode (25)psycho (16)sigh co. (1)
Crashed (w/t OneSweet World)echoroomPsycho (16)OneSweetWorld (21)crashed (1)sexual tension (1)the usual (1)break-ups (1)the kitchen sink (1)
Psychco ( Bali Mix)vblueskyonesweetworld (21)psycho (16)bali (1)BlueSky (14)open collab (5) (0)
Psycho (Bates Motel Mix w/ Linda Courtien)dolbyLinda Courtien (17)One Sweet World (2)Dolby (15)Drum & Bass (5)Hitchcock (2)Psycho (16)Spooky (32)
ProzacDeputyDoofydeputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)prozac (3)paxil (1)zoloft (2)crazy (86)high (22)psycho (16)bitch (12)factor (1)traitor (1)fake (9)neutral (1)f (5)off (10)
A PROPHET IN DISGRACEBarretokprophet (7)disgrace (4)self righteousness (1)insane (17)sad (189)leaders (3)genius (5)psycho (16)anger (34)
Why You...Bob6stringer
Psycho A Go Go (Remix)fasteddiePsycho (16)A (136)Go (23)Go (23)fasteddie (39)hard (103)rock (1959)alternative (400)
PsychologyAemyninsanity (28)orchestral (141)crazy (86)weird (61)experimental (505)uneasy (5)circus (17)creepy (34)human (10)mind (49)psycho (16)nightmares (6)carnival (10)clowns (1)frustration (15)frustrating (1)trauma (1)
Liquid fluid pouring down the snoring facesaSHguitARtrip hop (62)psychedelic (124)electric (100)guitar (1349)psycho (16)dreamy (42)