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 Genre: Industrial

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ok well this is a song i wrote about things that happen we didnt want to happen, and how people keep trying to fix them and they should not because they happen. it is in the PAST let them stay there. Mainly war like crap and what have you.
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Lost and confused
I need some help to find myself
I am lost and confused
No one to ease me through

We are people we make mistakes
We try to fix them but not embrace
We are people we make mistakes
We try to fix them but not embrace

Weman crying babies dying
In the middle of a war
I look to you for direction
you give meback a blank stare

We are people we make mistakes
We try to fix them but not embrace
We are people we make mistakes
We try to fix them but not embrace

I ask forgivness but i'm not heard
My god forsakes me
He leaves me all alone
With out a map to find my home

We are people we make mistakes
We try to fix them but not embrace
We are people we make mistakes
We try to fix them but not embrace
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i ran my voice through my ds-1 distortion pedal. the bass is a Fender Squire 20 aniversary.
(i know i caint spell so please shut up :) )
I used some loops from garage band and edited some of them up a little in here.
abstractreality said 3710 days ago (July 8th, 2005)
Dark picture
The song's pretty dark, too. You seem to feel strongly about
people trying to fix mistakes.

At least they try. Some people don't bother to.
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markdh said 3709 days ago (July 8th, 2005)
Dark picture
Well I really don't like dwelling in the past. but if you went and had got a girl
pregnant at a young age you should defiantly fix it. it is just people need to
not dwell on little shit you know what I mean. any way thanks for listing.
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virtualruffy said 3703 days ago (July 14th, 2005)
not a bad start
The points I would recomend work on are
1) your voice is WAY too distorted. ease down on the distort. One option might be to use the distortion on certain stanzas to emphasize them over the other lyrics.
2) in keeping with making some lyrics stand out. heres no difference in the tone of the song. its one speed, one sound, one tone all the way through. A song needs changes in tempo to draw attention or to ease it. It gets monotonous.
3) so, you could go for an angrier sound or spice it up. You could keep with the sound you have which is kind of along the goth lines or some of marilyn manson.
you definetly show promise just a lot of technical areas to address.
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DaSimpill1 said 3660 days ago (August 27th, 2005)
good song....
but i agree with ruffy (on some points) the voice dose get
a bit droning, if you could screem the second half of the
chorus it could spice up the track a bit.
I like it tho, nice and dark.
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said 3628 days ago (September 27th, 2005)
I like it, true it repeats, but not so long that you get tired of tune.
Distorted vocals fit fine.
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