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Where is My President?



 Genre: Experimental

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A spoken word piece about despair. I can only
guess at the true agony and desperation of
the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the
Failure of our President and of our Federal
Government to provide swift relief to the
thousands upon thousands of people whose
lives were swept out from under them and those
who died due to the lack of assistance from
their President and United States Goverment.
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Where is My President?
I Think his name is Bush
We're Trapped up on the rooftop
and we're running out of life

Where is my President?
A Girl named Katrina Slammed down the door
I'm wading in the dirty water
But I see no signs of hope

Where is any Help?
Have We all done something bad?
Where is my President?
All he did was con the Vote,

Someone Please Help Us
My Mama died tonight
I Told her people would get to us
This is just not turning out right,

Where is my President?
I know he would save the Rich,
Down here we are disposable
We are of no worh to him,

One last look for My President,
So I'll be sure before I die,
I want to see his face
Without a Tear Drop in his Eye.

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Epileptic Gibbon said 4431 days ago (September 5th, 2005)
This is dark, dark stuff, David…
… if only reality weren't darker still. It works very
effectively, both the backing track and the lyrics.
Problem is, I'm not sure I can listen to this too many
times… the reality of it is just too much. But a brave
and powerful post nevertheless… I'd expect nothing
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dwwave said 4430 days ago (September 6th, 2005)
This is dark, dark stuff, David…

It came from watching and reading the fury unleashed from Neptune's

When the Darkness unfolded to day we saw carnage beyond belief and as
time passed the failure of our Government to help those who needed it
the most was gut wretching, With no car, little if any money and the clothes on your back
its going to be tough getting away from something as powerful as Katrina.
especialy without any help.

Thanks for listening and voting

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jgurner said 4431 days ago (September 5th, 2005)
...he's too busy getting his photo taken while hugging crying
storm victims so he can try and improve his ratings, stacking
the Supreme Court with right-wing activist judges and is still
having to recover from that five weeks of vacation where he
was traumatized by that eveil Cindy Sheehan.

Don't be too hard on the guy. It's been a rough week for him.
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dwwave said 4430 days ago (September 6th, 2005)

It's hard not to be tough on a guy who if he continues his vacation schedule
will have spent 1.5 years out of 8 years on vacation. He did not even leave
his "ranch" when word was coming in about just how bad things were getting.
he had one more bike ride planned and a few movies to watch and that darn
brush pile needed moved again .

This man who is the President has led America into dangerous territory
some of which the reprocussions will not be apparent until he has left office.
My first concern is getting the people affected and injured by Hurricane Katrina
some sense of normalcy, food, water, clean clothes, money, they did not ask for this.
My second fear is now that there are two open Supreme Court Justice seats
open including Chief Justice. These are scary times and the court may try
to revisit and overturn some hard fought cases.

Then we are stuck in Iraq , Bush can not admit he made a mistake, lets get
our troops home, one death, one injury is one to many(to me)


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bronco said 4421 days ago (September 15th, 2005)
I Like It
Good treatment of the subject. Strong truthful words told
in the starkest of terms with a very cool backing track that
mirrors the emotion. Really good David! You are the
master of the subjects that no one else wants to touch.
Takes a certain amount of bravery to do that. Keep it up.
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dwwave said 4420 days ago (September 16th, 2005)
I Like It(Thanks!!)

I guess I get song/sketch ideas from controversy , harship and inequality

among others. I wrote this one after watching 'Meet the Press" and Tim

Russert was interviewing a disater worker whose boss had found out

his Mother had drowned while a patient in a nursing home, this man broke

down crying and I did too, The mans mother somehow had telephone or radio

access to call her son and for days he told her that someone was on the way

to get her and on the Friday prior to the show he found out she drowned

it was sad and just one person of thousands (or more) who sat on rooftops

swam floating on anything they could find, of dogs in trees, the pictures

and peoples desperate attempts to live and survive and help one another

while requests for help were delayed or ignored were what created this one

the lyrics seemed to write themselves. Godspeed to those affected by this

natural disaster and those failed by the U.S. Government.


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dwwave said 4411 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
Also Thanks to Epileptic Gibbon
I would be lax if I did not add Ian as a influence and keeping his and my eyes

on whats going on in the world and writing about it and preseting it to

fellow macjammers. Ian and I have done two collaboartions Catastrophic City

(on my page) and Judgement Day (on his page) both what I think are hard hitting

portrayls of how wicked the world can be at times.

Peace and Stop the War!

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Emre said 3986 days ago (November 24th, 2006)
Actually I do not wanna talk about politics too much, but as far as I am from Turkey which means too close to the war in Iraq... I feel that this does not worked for anybodys good! I believe that if you are talking about bringing freedom to somewhere, you should find another way to do it rather than starting a war with too many deads...
Peace for everybody...
thanks for the song i liked it...
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dwwave said 3954 days ago (December 26th, 2006)
Emre, Thanks for listening and posting

yes, I agree with you about the war and you are pretty darn close to Iraq, I am in Ohio but with nations still having ballastic intercontinetal missles no one is safe

Thanks for listening



I enjoyed listening to your posts!

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