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Kanye West v Condoleeza Rice



 Genre: Political

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This is just a remix of the original Kanye West v Bush only Condo Rice when she's not watching a stage show has a few words to say to Mr West.
If u want to link to it distribute it via bit torrent p2p burn to CD, send to friends via email then feel free to! SPREAD THE WORD Oh and dont forget the Red Cross needs your $$$.
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perceptualvortex said 4367 days ago (September 6th, 2005)
Very good
The samples are great, and well arranged. Good way to bring attention to the disgraceful bungling of the federal response in NO, and of course the larger issues surrounding why it is happening that way.
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said 4366 days ago (September 6th, 2005)
Excellent way...
...to show the facts of a great disgrace. It is interesting how
the samples fit on the rhythmic line.
said 4366 days ago (September 6th, 2005)
Excellent way...
...to show the facts of a great disgrace. It is interesting how
the samples fit on the rhythmic line.
jgurner said 4366 days ago (September 6th, 2005)
Believe it, Condi
We let people who don't look like "us," don't sound like "us,"
don't believe like "us" suffer horribly all the time. I see signs
of hope that this horrible tragedy might wake us up to how
the poor in this country suffer at the hands of the right, how
minorities of race, national origon, religion, etc. are treated.
As someone said today, Katrina's aftermath forced America
to hold a mirror up to itself and we aren't liking what we see.
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Warren Smith said 4364 days ago (September 8th, 2005)
Structurally, I think this is an improvement over the first version, in that you've set up two contrary positions (Kanye vs. Condi), which adds more interest and a bit of tension to the mix. Musically, I'm so focused on the vocals that the bass and drum soundtrack just sweeps me along, and I barely notice the clever piano interludes breaking up the sound clips. I like the way you use the clip from Condi's speech - the "I just don't believe it" -which seems to float free from any context, until you hear the extended quote and it is given a specific meaning. By including her words you have added a new layer of complexity to your song.
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maricia69 said 4364 days ago (September 9th, 2005)
Well I wish I never had to put this together anyway thanks
for the comments, especially warren's critique, which is
correct this version in my mind is far better than the
earlier version. I am no musician just a cut and paste
merchant with a bit of an ear but it does work and yeah
the vocals do seem to flow well with the music.

I think there'll be many more protest songs about N.O./
Bush over the next 18 months in fact Burt Bacharach has
written a anti-bush song which should be on his new
album and he's in his 70's and as we all know he usually
writes love songs, so I reckon he's p*ssed off with the
current administration!

In my mind the current administration have been shown
for who they really are. If a nation via it's elected
government looks after it's weakest citizens young, sick,
poor and elderly that is a nation which it's people can be
proud of and have faith in. A first world nation should not
have its people living in 3rd world conditions.
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donbot24 said 4363 days ago (September 9th, 2005)
Great stuff, where do u get the samples of the voices
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maricia69 said 4363 days ago (September 10th, 2005)
The kanye sample were pulled from video (available on the p2p networks) of the
telethon Kanye West did with Mike Myers, (which I must admit to laughing at
simply because of Mike Myers reaction!). The condoleeza sample was from a
BBC video online news broadcast and the same goes for the Jack cafferty sample.
I used Wiretap Pro to pull in the audio and a combination of quicktime/itunes
audacity to edit them.
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mthoder said 4361 days ago (September 11th, 2005)
pretty cool! i love your thought process

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