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03 where you been ? (all summer long)


country john

 Genre: Other

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third song off the album . . .

ooops . . . what have i gone and done ?
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where you been all summer long ?
country, country john . . .
we missed your stories and we missed your songs . . .
where you been country john ?

your mam said you got a sheet of l.s.d.
and rented a cottage down by the sea.
your friends said you got a big bag of e's . . .
and went off dancing all 'round greece.

where you been all summer long ?
country, country john.
your hair's all messy and your beard's all long . . .
where you been country john ?

i been having so much fun . . .
camping in the mountains, close to the sun.
throwing grenades and playing with guns . . .
making friends with foreign sons.
i learned to fly an aeroplane . . .
by playing computer games . . .
singing songs and playing hide and seek . . .
growing the hairs on my cheeks.

i had bad dreams when i taxed the yield . . .
after working in the poppy fields.
i couldn't go and relax by the pool . . .
'coz i been to taliban school ! . .
oi oi ! . . taliban school ! . .
i spent my summer in taliban school !

oi oi ! . .

oi oi ! . .

we learned to make bombs out of all sorts of things . . .
like mobile phones and baked-bean tins.
stripping down guns playing blind man's buff . . .
smoking opium instead of puff.
at the end of the month we had a test to pass . . .
i done pretty good, second best in the class.
just before i left i asked "where do i pay ?" . .
the boss-man laughed, and then he say :
"we don't want a penny for your food and rent !"
"the ammunition that you fired didn't cost you a cent !"
i said : "what ? you mean i don't have to pay ?"
he said : "oh no . . . it's sponsored by the c.i.a. !"

oi oi ! . .

oi oi ! . .

country john™
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same same
same same
said 4053 days ago (October 14th, 2006)
this song
blew me away, this has to be the best song I have heard here at macjams
I am partail to off the wall experimental stuff but this took the cake what
can I say I freakin loved it
country john said 4053 days ago (October 14th, 2006)
thanks ego-b . . .
i was a bit cautious about putting this up . . .

you gotta be so carefull these days with the age of censored-free speech innit

but i think phuck it ! . . it's only a laugh for someone . . .

anyways . . . glad you liked it . . .

nice one


tidy like . . . ™
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caroline said 4053 days ago (October 14th, 2006)
omg - roflmao
plz post 04 quickly .. if only to let us know that they haven't taken you away!! i howled - thank you xox oi oi oi
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Stun Nutz said 4052 days ago (October 14th, 2006)
ah oaihf oaiwfh wiofh awoifh woaihg ah hga
Holy crap this is freaking hilarious brilliant stuff.

On a certain level, it sounds like a lot of your older tunes, but the production and lyrics are so much more fully realised. Your time away seems to have brought everything into focus!
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mikkinylund said 4051 days ago (October 16th, 2006)
A surprise again!!! Like Stan says, it sounds like the old John somehow,
but this is the next chapter of yoursellf, musically and as far as content
goes, very open-minded, playful, and at times with an anarchistic
attitude. This is very different! /M
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Rebsie said 4050 days ago (October 17th, 2006)
Whoooo ...
Excellent stuff ... groovy beat and wacky words. If you get arrested for posting this song I'll come over and pass you some puff through the bars.

The messy hair suits you too ... I'm a big fan of messy hair.

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country john said 4041 days ago (October 26th, 2006)
cheers guys . . .
thanks caroline, erik, mikki and rebs . . .

cheers for listening and commenting . . .

i love getting comments from you guys . . .

nice one . . .

cj x

tidy like . . . ™
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