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Simply Fine

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This is my last contribution to the Wheatstone Bridge CD 'Simply Fine'. I'm posting it here for a very limited time, so if you want to download it please do...

This is a song about certainty, about one of those moments when you just KNOW what's what: you know who you love, you know what you want to do, you have a moment of clarity and simplicity, and in that moment you enjoy heart's ease and a sense of peace.

Shortly after this was written, the person it was written for had a similar moment, and sent me a message that she had had 'an epic realization'. We were married a couple of years after that, and, in one of life's little ironies, divorced a couple of years after THAT.

Even so, the moment remains, and the moment was true even if things changed. I still think the song is a good one. I also think the recording came out well.

Ed Hannifin: lead vocal, acoustic lead and fingerstyle guitars

Phyllis Capanna: harmony vocals, acoustic guitar

Karen Casey: bass

Recorded at The Daley Planet in Haverhill, MA, with Tom and Meg Daley at the controls.

And yes, I'm still working on some newer things whenever I get a free moment...
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Simply Fine
Copyright 1987 Ed Hannifin


Cold just after sunrise, and the house is dark and still
Dreaming takes the mind and brandied coffee takes the chill
While waiting for my morning cup a song came to my mind
‘Oh I surely love Rebecca, and that is simply fine’

I was very gently shaken, I was very gently broke
I felt like I’d awakened to a word the morning spoke
The water in the kettle and the crow up in the pine
Were sure about Rebecca, and that was simply fine


I argue revelation when it hits me before noon
I would argue with salvation if it came a minute soon
But today the morning light has found me heavy on the vine
Rebecca caught me falling, and that was simply fine

This evening after sunset when I went to check the sky
The stars were in their places and the moon was riding high
Above me geese were crossing, southward in a line
And I knew I loved Rebecca and that was simply fine
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two inch 16 track
Gav said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Great tune
Very James Taylor and very professional. The kind of tune I'd like to listen to travelling on a train journey and gazing out at the scenery. Guitar playing is nice and understated. Good stuff! I likes!
Check out my latest song called Understand
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Thanks, Gav...
Getting compared to James Taylor's not such a bad way to start my day. My boss actually ran into him at Symphony Hall a couple of weeks ago... He was there with his GRANDKIDS...

I really relate to listening to music on a train; that's one of my favorite things to do. Reminds me that I should do it again sometime soon. The Littleton commuter rail takes a pretty rural route into Boston that's beautiful in winter... takes about an hour... Now you've got me thinking about it...

I'm pleased that you liked the guitar playing, too. This was one of the tunes on which the lead playing was me, and I'm a little proud of it.

thoddi said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
What a good song
Lovely recording. Perfect balance between the guitars, bass and vocals. Your voice is just great and so are the harmonies.

I like the calm mood in this beautiful song. Great performance and good lyrics!
Check out my latest song called The King has left
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
I'm glad you like the balance...
I think this is one of the best things I've ever recorded from that standpoint.

I'm also very pleased that the 'calm mood' comes through. That's pretty much the point of the whole song...

I appreciate your thoughtful listens and comments, thoddi....

composerclark said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)

Heart. Billy Vera and the Beaters. Michael Jackson%u2019s %u2018Bad%u2019, Lionel Richie, Peter Gabriel, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, Wang Chung, The Bangles, Bryan Adams, Bananarama, Tiffany, Whitesnake, George Michael (who said he "Want(ed) Your Sex"), Club Nouveau, Billy Idol, INXS, Starship, Duran Duran, Debbie Gibson, Laura Branigan, Glass Tiger, Samantha Fox, Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, Kool & the Gang, Sheena Easton, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Twisted Sister...; a fairly representative selection of some of the artists that had hits that year.

And now this! It's amazing how much well you nailed that driving disco beat of the times! Kudos to you for that! :-)

Nah--the cool thing about this, and all your music is that it is, in a sense, timeless; it just sounds good no matter what changes are happening in the pop music world. Everything sounds great here; very warm, beautiful music.
Check out my latest song called A Little Song About Our Mom
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
You know, just about ANYBODY...
...can talk about my songs from 1987 and make me feel old. It takes someone intimately familiar with the music of the times to make me feel old AND fundamentally out of step...

Gosh, that was a decade for tackiness... Well... I loved the Bangles, when they were more power pop/garage band and a little less big hair... and Peter Gabriel, and Cyndi Lauper...

I really appreciate the care and attention you put into that list, Clark. I know it didn't come easily...

I'm glad that I come out 'timeless' in your eyes/ears, although I really do think that means "more or less equally out of step in all available decades"...

I am glad you liked the music, and I also appreciate the wit and thought that goes into your comments, Clark. Thanks.

composerclark said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
The thing...
...about being out of step is that there are some steps you wouldn't want to be 'in,' if that makes any sense. There are no 'bad' decades for music, but really, there was a lot of stuff back in the 80's that kind of makes a lot of people shudder... which is why I truly think it's wonderful that you were writing stuff like this back then; it sounded great then, it sounds great now, and this will never be the kind of stuff people look back on and think, 'gosh, what was I thinking, writing stuff like that?" You were right; 'they' were wrong! Sort of, anyway.

J.S. Bach was considered a real out-of-style, livin' in the past anachronism towards the end of his life, especially by his sons (who were also composers), but history seems to have taken dad's side... so keep doing what you're doing!

And I'm very pleased that you appreciate the humour (born of moving all over the place as a kid and discovering that there was no place on this planet where I'd ever fit in, so why not joke about it?) and painstaking research (born of working in a record store from 1979 to 1986). I very much appreciate what you bring to this place too.

Visit my website for lots more free MP3s and scores.
Check out my latest song called A Little Song About Our Mom
haribo said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
wowsers ! this was composed when i was 1! :)
for whatever reason, i feel a strong connection to music written near my birth-year :0 but this one, i feel a strong connection not only because it was written in 80's but also it has an incredibly warm and friendly vibe to it.. vocal chorus is really a haunting moment in this song as well as other elements.. (eg guitar!!!)

thanks for sharing
Check out my latest song called Clouds
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Gee, did I mention feeling old?...
That reminds me, haribo, of an incident that occurred during the recording sessions...

Karen Casy, the young woman who played bass on this track, was working up her part, and she asked me had I ever heard the Grateful Dead song 'Friend Of The Devil', by way of reference. So I laughed and said, "Karen, I was tired of that song before you were born." Then we all stopped. And thought. And did the math. And determined that it was quite literally and accurately true.

Mind you, I actually think 'Friend Of The Devil' is a terrific song. It was kind of ubiquitous in dormitories at one time, though... Anyway, that may have been the first time I ever actually felt old...

Anyway, I was very touched that you responded to my posts this morning by giving a listen, and I'm pleased that you liked the 'warm and friendly vibe'. Glad, too, that you liked the chorus bits, as I tend to put some work into those while writing them and Phyllis and I put (but mostly Phylliis) put a bunch of attention into that part of the recording...

Thanks again for listening and commenting.

said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Sometimes nothin'
like new old songs... nice song.

. - Harold
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Thanks, Harold!
Glad you gave it a listen...

ballbreaker2x2 said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Nice song
Some people say really good songs are those that can be sung with an acoustic guitar and still sound powerfull... this one is an example !
keep it up !!!
Check out my latest song called REBORN
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Thank you for this first listen, ballbreaker...
Man, it's hard to sound polite while addressing you that way...

I agree with what you say, though... a lot of great songs CAN be put across with just an acoustic...

Jack Hardy once said something to the effect that a song is a poem set to a melody. I suppose that a good song from that standpoint would be one with a strong lyric and a strong melody, and could be put across well by anyone who can carry a tune... I think I'd aspire to that...

Thank you for listening and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

elfdaughter said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Love it!
This is wonderful - and I echo everyone's sentiments here - a definate fave, and definately downloading. Very professional!
Check out my latest song called Summer Rain
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Glad you like it, elfdaughter....
I hope it gives any number of satisfying repeat listenings.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and to leave a comment.

Macaudion said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Hey there mister EJH
Precious little piece here, sir - Outstanding work on this. The quality in production is top notch, or course.

It just blows me away how different your folk stuff is to yer more funky side. But then, they are very different types of music. I guess that what I'm mostly amazed at is how well you do both. I'd almost think that one would have to be two totally different people to be able to pull both genres off, and do it with such comprehension or, to be able to be so 'all emracing' of the two -

I think of folk as being being more of a wholesum nature... And no one has ever said this outloud, (I don't think) but I think of funk as being kinda down and dirty... To slip out of one character and into another is not unlike what great actors do. If not for a moment, you almost have to be able to live and breath the traits of the different characters... The two styles are almost diametric in nature ya know...

Maybe I'm thinking too much again.. -- What I'm trying to say is that once again, I am impressed by your talents.

Thanks for sharing! Macca
Check out my latest song called Picture country living
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Thank you, Mac au Dion...
Did I spell that wrong?

Er, to what do you refer as my 'more funky side'. I don't recall that I have one. Must be anything that I may have done with you, or with someone who looks like you, in which case you will recall that the earthy, funkiliciousosity has been supplied by your own Fangorn-'froed bad self...

Thus, when I do that, I AM two people Only, you're one of 'em.

However, let me disabuse you of one thing. While the folk that I personally am responsble for may have a certain pale and polite charm, there IS folk out there that is not completely middle-of-the-road wholesome. I direct your attention to Greg Brown, or Bill Morrissey, or Chris Smither... Those guys can do 'down and dirty' with an acoustic guitar...

I'm pleased that you liked this, though, 'cause it's one of my favorites among my own songs, and I don't get to trot it out very much any more. I do think I did a good job writing it and recording it, and as you among all people know, I don't always think those things...

You know, I know some people that can do funk to the nines. Maybe I need to do an acoustic funk thing. Somehow.

Maybe not.

Thanks as always, always, always, Mysterious Leafy Entity, for your encouragement, appreciation and support.

Peter Greenstone said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Another wonderful track. Warm and clear tone, lovely instrument patterns and harmonies. The lyrics are touching and creative in the imagery and theme. So much love in it that I need to just close my eyes for a minute after it's over. A very professional work and a very enjoyable listen.
Check out my latest song called Iridium Flare (2013 Re-Release)
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Peter, I've said it all before...
You're one of the guys I cross my fingers will show up to give some feedback on any track I post. I'm always checking first if you like the lyrics, and then the guitars. I'm glad you're liking this...

Particularly glad, in fact, that the love comes through.

Thanks for popping by and listening,

ziti said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
this disk
kicked around my studio for awhile and there was a lot of nice material on it....this is one of the finest...the labor of love is so evident, it aches.

kudos my friend and deepest bows

Check out my latest song called The Viconian Cyclist
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
...you were kicking my CD around in your studio...

Well. Seriously. Thanks for the comment, Fran. You are right about the ache, on several fronts...

jiguma said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
: )
Big smiles Ed! Harmonies, lead vox, production and instrumentation all smooth and warm. Amazing for the time really.
Check out my latest song called We End Up Being All The Same (42)
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Thank you, Neil...
Glad you appreciate the production...

Back in the day when recording was a team sport... done in hopefully friendly and intense groups...

It's a different thing, doing it all by yourself in a spare bedroom/office with a Mac and a pile of guitars and wires...

I wasn't any faster back then, by the way... It still took us two or three years to get a dozen songs recorded... Same kind of deal. All of 'em in various stages of completion until, all of a sudden, it starts coming together... Pretty much where I am now...

Thank you as always for listening and commenting... You're always right there, and I appreciate it very much...

jiguma said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
Was that ........
..... "wires" or "wines"??

If God Is Love (with Alfalpha)
Check out my latest song called We End Up Being All The Same (42)
TobinMueller said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Thanks for making this available. So nice.
Check out my latest song called Momentary Undertow
Ed Hannifin said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Thank you...
...for the thousandth time, Tobin. I'm always pleased and complimented when you give a listen...

Cori Ander said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Ah, you surely have saved the best wine till the end!

You know I love these few rare clarity-days of life, when life is different than all other days. But I would never have been able to capture it in a song like this, and in such a beautiful way. I am both grateful that you did and in admiration. Because you have catched it so well.
The close; the water in the kettle.
The distant; the stars on their places and geeses in line.
And the monumental; I was very gently shaken, I was very gently broke.
All aspects within perception is clear and everything has a meaning, not a symbolic meaning but a meaning as existence.

One I remember (sorry folks, I am gonna use some space to talk about myself a bit here, well maybe not only myself because it is personal reaction to Ed's song too) .. one such clarity moment I remember .. I was around 20 and was taking a course in history of art on the university. Could not concentrate on the the pictures and artworks, and every time I tried to study the books I got ideas of music instead. Head, heart and hands cirkled around a wonderful vintage Martin D-18 that I owned (which silly me later sold). One sleepless night I suddenly jumped up in clarity and knew for the first time that my life was about music. Quit the course the same day. Just cool clear simple calrity. The road is straight ahead and the autumn clear and cool and high heaven is light. Every single autumn leaf has a meaning .. as existence..

The new direction lasted for about four or five years, then some kind of life crisis dimmed the road ahead. First some turbulent years, thereafter many years quite a normal life with education, predictable salary and the rest.

Next waking up I was about 50, when one sleepless night I suddenly jump up, totally clear over that my life is gonna be about music .. What had I been doing with all the years? Where were I and why? How could I have forgotten?
And that's why I am here listening to your and all the other's music. (And this time it is "forbidden" road to get lost in fog .. it is not sure that opportunity knocks more than twice).

Summary and conclussion: This song stirred up a lot of my most fundamental life memories Ed. Thank you, I liked it a lot and needed it!
Check out my latest song called O store Gud
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
Johannes, my friend...
Thank you for your meditation on clarity, which was good to hear.

You always seem to get where I'm coming from as a songwriter... You certainly seem to have connected with this song, and seen it as deeper or wider than a conventional love song... That feels really good to me... I like that you are not responding to the musical minutiae, but to the song as a whole...

I continue to be grateful for your thoughtful presence in my life.


BranDaMan said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Simply great
Very perfessional sounding. Great performance as well. There are so many elements in this song that work very well together. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous.
Check out my latest song called Giving Up (Instrumental)
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
Thanks, Bran!
I'm pleased that it sounds professional to your ears. I'm happy to hear that the song elements work well together. As always, my former partner Phyllis' harmonies are something special... I hope you've caught her own work on MacJams...

Thank you for listening and leaving a comment. I appreciate that you took the time...

said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Very Soothing
Thank you, Ed. I needed to hear something soothing.
Sublimely beautiful harmonies.
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
That little ol' soothmeister, me..
It's admittedly short on clang and dissonance, but I do always appreciate, Mungo, that your taste and appreciation is so wide...

As noted above, Phyllis has a phenomenal mind for harmony and supportive singing, even while retaining a capacity for solo and lead singing as well...

Thank you for the listen and the comment...

perceptualvortex said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
Exactly: soothing. Your perfectionism shows--this is such a completely balanced, professional sounding song and mix. Great guitar playing too.
Check out my latest song called Mercury (RPM 6)
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
But what about the drums?
Oh. Right.

David, I'm such a fan of your mixing abilities, that I'll take you good words on the mix very happily to heart. I'm also pleased that you like the guitar playing. Years after recording this, I have to admit that I'm pleased at how the guitar playing came out...

Thank you for listening and commenting.

Vic Holman said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
more than simply fine
i guess it's a little saddening to find this is the end of the line of these nuggets from your past. really like the acoustic leads. was that with fingers as well? or a pick? i'm guessing fingers. also are you doing the doubling on the fingerpicking? i hear little different complimentary parts. that are subtle and works great. so now after hearing your posted collection..i'm curious where you are heading on your future projects? hopefully more of this fine fingerstyle you do so well and maybe some jangly guitars?

guessing with anticipation
Check out my latest song called Extinction
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
Cool...let's talk guitar...
If I remember correctly, and I'm listening now to jog my memory... I think the fingerstyle stuff is just me and Phyllis playing our different versions of basic Travis picking... We would often mess around with different capo positions, but I don't know if we did that here... It may just be a difference in how we play...

The acoustic leads were done relatively quickly. I remember a maximum of two takes, with some punch-ins. Tom and I did them while Phyllis and Meg were off having coffee or something. I'm using a pick...

I am working on a number of other songs, including some collabs, some newer songs, and some revivals of old songs that never had a proper hearing. Most are based in acoustic guitar, both fingerstyle and with a pick... some are in this ballpark, and there are some that will have drums, including some GREAT drums from a fellow MacJammer... I'm eager to find some excuses to get to play some electric guitar, and to use the electric 12-string... I am hopeful that this will amount to satisfying jangle in the near future...

I probably will also be able to find a few more nuggets, but nothing with this degree of polish... I am thinking of bringing out a somewhat better mastered version of Simply Fine at some point, possibly in combination with a CD of newer material... We'll see...

Thank you, Vic, for all your enthusiasm and support.

said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
yes, simply fine...
I sit and listen to this song with such a sense of enjoyment at what you bring to your music. Your smooth voice, your precise melodic guitar playing, your depth of content married to your lyrical song writing... and most of all... you. Something unique of you is deposited in each of these songs you have brought back from the dead and given to MacJams. I feel as if I have gotten to know you better with each song (and your song comments, of course). This is a fitting end to the stream of tunes from yesterday... and, of course, you planned it that way... Simply Fine. It has been a pleasure tracing the roots of your musical inspiration through this last year or so via Wheatstone Bridge. Golly... just so good... and did I say, "simply fine?"

Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
Jack, if you EVER visit the East Coast...
I expect a visit to Littleton. I'll even show ya Ziti's humble cottage in a glade in the forest...

I truly appreciate the heart that you put into your comments... I end up feeling like you 'get' the song, but I also end up feeling like you 'get' me as a person, or at least as the person I'd like to be or am trying to be...

I think it has been good for me to do the root tracing you describe, and let folks have a sense of what's behind me. I think eventually it will make a nice line from those days back to the present and what I'm trying to do now... In its spotty way, it tells a story... Or a series of stories that tells a slightly larger story...

You're right, I did think that ending the historical exploration with this one would be right.

Thank you for your constant encouragement and thoughtful appreciation. I continue to be grateful.

Leon said 3918 days ago (January 2nd, 2007)
The opening guitar playing immediately sets the mood... serene and romantic..and it sucks you right in. Very cool voice, like a gentle breeze of soothing air. Harmonies are heavenly! The acoustic guitar is crisp and really sets the rhythm of this music... wish i could play my guitar like you do!
Check out my latest song called Just Another Day
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
The soothe-meister strikes again...
Seems to be one of the words striking people about this song...

Interesting, being as how part of my professional personna is to help people to relax...

I think you really got the feel of the song, Leon. And I'm always happy when I get appreciative comments about my vocals and guitar playing...We have always and forever determined that Phyllis is a wizard at harmony..

Thank you for giving a listen and leaving a comment... Much appreciated...


prof_parent said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
melody, guitar playing, vocals and harmony. Thank you for posting this.
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
Thank you, mysterious stranger...
I do believe this is the first time I've actually had a comment on any of my songs from you...

As you might imagine, I'm happy that you liked "melody, guitar playing, vocals and harmony". That pretty much covers the bases on this song... Was there tambourine? Cowbell? No, I really think that about covers this one...

[Mind you, I did a halfway decent job on the lyrics, too...]

Thanks right back at you for taking the time to listen and leave a comment....

I eagerly await your own postings...


Mcboy said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
folk jazz
this is the jazziest i've heard u play that acoustic....the vocals and harmonies anchor the folk sensibilties....u have gotten aq really great sound on the guitar recording...almost pristine......love it.......beautiful song in both lyrics and delivery.....bravo.....!
Check out my latest song called Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010)
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
Hey! I got a guitar compliment from McBoy!
Didn't THAT just make my day!...

Well, I really don't know anything at all about jazz, but probably some of the people I try to copy know something about jazz, and maybe that's what's happening. Like John Renbourn in his Pentange days...

What I remember about getting the guitar sound is that Tom used Shure SM-88's, I think, to do all the fingerstyle guitars on this CD and when it came time for the leads that I actually did and didn't farm out to friends who play better than I do, I asked Tom to try used one of the large diaphragm mics that he had... So I think we did the lead tracks with either an AKG 414 or a Beyer of some sort... I thought it gave a little less sizzle on the treble end but more singing in the midrange where guitar strings make most of their sound... That's why I bought the Rode that I use now, actually, because I wanted a large diaphragm mic for doing acoustic guitar...

Not that you asked for all that detail, but it strikes me that I'm still making decisions nowadays based on what worked back then in these recording sessions...

I'm pleased that you also appreciated the vocals, harmonies, lyrics and delivery. Still can't get over that you like the guitar playing...

Thanks for listening and letting me know. Made my night....

MissChaos said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
I think you could write the soundtrack for my life, Ed. I would trust you with that. There's a truth and warmth in this that's palpable. I always envision pictures and cinematic sequences when hearing your music; They are often life's reflective moments or upward-turning moments. Looking back at the chance meeting between two people; a little smirk, a lone tear, a missed opportunity that had an unexpected result, a reuniting, a parting, a look back at everything that ingites that warm glow that inevitably makes us smile.

Sometimes I forget I'm breathing.

Thank you for creating the catalyst for such powerful emotions.
Check out my latest song called Transmission
Ed Hannifin said 3917 days ago (January 3rd, 2007)
Yep. That thar would be life.
Wow, Miss C, I am moved and flattered...

I think you're really touching on something important here in how I go about songwriting, or at least how it turns out when I get it right... the "pictures and cinematic sequences", I think, reflect the detail, the sometimes mundane detail, that is the stuff of moment to moment life, the stuff that really IS our life while what we THINK or WISH we were living passes through our heads...

And it's true, I search for and cultivate "life's reflective moments or upward-turning moments". I love those moments. I live for them. I try to remember that any moment could be those moments.

Don't forget to breathe.

Thank you for the warmth and insight, the spark of truth, that's always in your comments....

tcarey said 3916 days ago (January 4th, 2007)
im ready for a cup a coffee. great guitar and recording.
Check out my latest song called jakarap
Ed Hannifin said 3916 days ago (January 4th, 2007)
Thanks and welcome to MacJams...
I'm glad you enjoyed this. Enjoy that cup of coffee. It's a bit nippy out our way....

Scott Carmichael said 3916 days ago (January 4th, 2007)
casual & relaxed
Hey Ed I've enjoyed your music from Wheatstone Bridge... I'm pretty sure I would never post the stuff I wrote then... I really appriciate the way you've been able to frame an idea... you have a particular bent or twist in the way you get your ideas across... when a thing is implied or alluded to it always comes across with more power for me... i wasn't that subtle then... i look forward to seeing where your gift will take you in the future, as you say that you are working on material... the "free moments" that's the hard part now... and this stuff requires time, so I end up trading sleep....
Check out my latest song called Dogwood
Ed Hannifin said 3916 days ago (January 4th, 2007)
Yeah, we'll have opposing inhibitions here...
I've gotten comfortable with some of the things I was doing back then... Still a bit perfectionistic about what I'm trying to do now... It'll pass... Bit by bit, some more songs are making their way down the pipeline...

'When a thing is implied or alluded to it always comes across with more power for me...' Me, too. I like things to be direct and simple, but I also like it if something's held back, too. The listener fills in that last blank. Not that I plan it out like that... I just get a gut feeling..."Ah...that works..."

Of course, I have plenty of non-subtle songs. Plain and even, sometimes, didactic... Spell every blessed thing out...

And yes, the free moments are the challenge. Many of mine occur, as this one is, when I'm tired out from long days at work... I'm musing about how I can change that... Trading sleep is no longer such a hot bargain for me... I get excited and don't miss the sleep while I'm doing music, but then pay for it feeling beat the next day...

Got a feeling, though, that this may be the year I solve this conundrum. Hope so.

Thanks as always for comments that get me thinking/musing/reflecting about music and my life...

FEEL said 3916 days ago (January 4th, 2007)
The way you write
With such detail to your surroundings. "This evening after sunset when I went to check the sky". The music and melody is simply fine, with a nice break at the end on the third line... did that rhyme? Is there a lack of one more verse to go along with the outcome ... I would think not because like you said this was a moment and thanks for sharing it with me.
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Ed Hannifin said 3916 days ago (January 4th, 2007)
Yep, it's describing a moment...
The moment is eternally true even though other things have happened. It was a moment of certainty and clarity. The song isn't a history or a timeline... it's a moment from my life.

When Phyllis and I used to write together, we used to say that the most particular and specific was the most universal, and we strove for detail even if the detail was not always totally complete or perfectly plain, clear and spelled out... It pleases me that you pick this out...

And I am always pleased, Texas, when you give a listen and comment. Much appreciated.

Mystified said 3916 days ago (January 4th, 2007)
Simply fine, this....
....and more.

Beautiful song. Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful performances. Simply beautiful.
Thanks for sharing this, Ed.
Check out my latest song called Child of Yesterday
Ed Hannifin said 3915 days ago (January 5th, 2007)
Thank you, Mystified...
I'm glad you found an acre or two of beauty in it. I appreciate that you took the time to listen and comment.

echoroom said 3915 days ago (January 5th, 2007)
It's Friday night..
... I'm just home after a loong first week back after Xmas break, which was pretty crappy, in a bad mood with Mrs Echoroom, and then i play this .... it's like someone putting your slippers on and stroking your head and telling you 'everything will be okay'.

Wonderful harmonies, the line 'I would argue with salvation ...', a song like the best of lenny Cohen, but not as gruff.

Wonderful Ed - thank you

Check out my latest song called Heaven is Waiting
Ed Hannifin said 3915 days ago (January 5th, 2007)
What a coincidence...
It's Friday night after a VERY long day, topped off by going out to see an old friend play a gig up the street... And yeah, I'm going to put my slippers on for long enough to get upstairs and get them off again...

Steve, I think I'm really going to be enjoying your music on this site, and I have to check out more of it. I also really appreciate the tone and intelligence of your comments.

Glad you enjoyed the harmonies. Please be sure to check out my former singing partner Phyllis' stuff under phyllomania here on MacJams.

I'm particularly proud that you liked that line, as I like it, too. It's pretty true to me. And that comparison, 'like the best of Lenny Cohen, but not as gruff'... I may have to use that in promotion materials someday... What a great compliment! Thanks...

Appreciate that you took the time to listen and leave your thoughts.


stevel said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
Mellow gold
I listen to this as I sip an early morning coffee on Saturday...and this is a perfect accompaniment I have to say. I know this is 1987 we are talking about here, but I think this has more of a 70's west coast folk rock feel. I will say it again: Gene Clark circa 'White Light' album...which I think has as similar clear acoustic feel. As others have mentioned the lead acoustic guitar is particularly nice on this one...you should do more lead guitar hehe
Now when are we gonna be treated to some 2007 Ejh?
Check out my latest song called Broken Toy
Ed Hannifin said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
From one 'coffee moment' to another...
I love those first morning sips, whether it be coffee or tea...

I certainly am a product of the 70's West Coast folk rock tradition, even though I've been dipped in quite a few other traditions along the way. Hmm. Gene Glark. B'lieve I've spoken to you about making that comparison before...

I still remember seeing Gene and Roger McGuinn do a duo show at The Paradise years ago. What ever problems they had as friends or musical partners over the years didn't show in the least, and they were 'on' musically.

I'm happy that you're complimenting the lead guitar playing. As much as I love playing lead guitar, I have also always been insecure about my playing, and I think I did do a nice job on this one. Not perfect, but it has the right feel...

I'm working on a number of other songs right now, some old and some new... they'll probably all get finished the same afternoon sometime in APril. Some have been 'designed', if that's the word, for some lead guitar messing around...

Thank you as always, Steve, for giving a listen...

fantasyfootball11 said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
Great lyrics

music was awesome especially with the acoustic guitar.

Great song

keep them coming
Check out my latest song called The Future
Ed Hannifin said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
Thank you for listening, fantasyperson,
Glad you liked the lyrics and the guitar playing...

I think this is the first time you've commented on one of my songs. I do appreciate it. I'll check out your stuff immediately.

rover101 said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
nowt else t say
Check out my latest song called Idle No More
Ed Hannifin said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
Good enough.
Thanks for saying it.

ktb said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
more than fine
I's a little late to the party, but just wanted to chime in none the less.
For me i can hear your longing dead center. Strong emotional piece with some very interesting poetic lyrics. Master mix, sounds great.

Check out my latest song called Blackwater (by Tokai)
Ed Hannifin said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
Not late at all...
Perfectly mid-party, I'd say...

I hadn't thought of it that way, but I guess there is an element of longing in this song, now that you mention it. Hmm. You have me going back to my own song here, which is kind of cool... I'm pleased that you like the lyrics...

I do think this is one of the best mixes that I have ever been party to.

I'm glad that you took the time and gave a listen, John. I appreciate the comment.

Seeya at the next Ziti gig...

dchapman said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
Great Job...
...on this piece. Nice recording and playing. Very warm. Heartfelt and true... so was this recordied in 1987 like the lyric description says? (If you've already said... I haven't read the long line of comments!)

Congrats on a beautiful piece.

Check out my latest song called Waiting for the Other
Ed Hannifin said 3912 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
Hi, Darren...
I'm glad you listened to this one, and liked the recording and playing...

The series of recordings that this came from were started in 1989 and finished in 1990 or so, maybe 1991... Can't remember when this one in particular was finished...

It has been around for a while, although 'around for a while' doesn't mean that many people have actually heard it in all that time...

Thanks for listening, and thanks for coming back to comment. I appreciate it.

LightTronics said 3914 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
I could have NEVER have come up with something like this! Great tune! I haven't heard much of your music, but I think I am about to become a semi-regular listener. Keep it up!
Check out my latest song called Electric Jelly
Ed Hannifin said 3912 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
Hey there, LightTronics...
I'm pleased that you like this enough to consider listening to some others. I'm thrilled to hear that...

I'll return the favor and go give a listen to your stuff...

ledebutant said 3913 days ago (January 7th, 2007)
Aural Comfort
Sigh. I had a bit too much coffee today and there may have been a brownie in there, too. Stimulant's a-go-go. I was feeling a bit jittery when I sat down to the computer and I thought, "I know, I'll listen to Ed's new/old one."

It was a good choice. Literally a measure or two into it, I felt peace wash over my body, which is good because there's more coffee upstairs and I really like coffee. I'm envisioning a system now where I drink coffee, listen to a few of your songs and then go back to the pot for more. A 21st century version of speed alternating with bennys. ;-)

This is such a pure, beautiful song. The harmonies, of course, are stunning, the lyrics profound and the fingerpicking is lovely, lovely, lovely. This is also such a confident vocal performance on your part. I can remember in my musical theater classes about a million years ago, my professor harping on keeping the meaning of the lyrics in mind at all times rather than focusing on the sound of one's voice, saying that it always lead to a better performance. I suspect you may have been dong that here, since the words never drift away under the music. The words are very easy to follow and enjoy.

Thank you for this wonderful song. I'm sad that this is the endish, but I'm looking forward to new things, too.
ledebutant said 3913 days ago (January 7th, 2007)
That would be "doing" rather than "dong." Lordy!

Also, how embarassed should I be that Clark's comment made me go and seek out Glass Tiger mp3's online?
Ed Hannifin said 3912 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
As embarrassed as I should be...
...to have to go online to find out who or what Glass Tiger might be...

Ed Hannifin said 3912 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
Yeah, let's not think of my songs as soothing...
...or relaxing...or calming....or peaceful...

Let's think of them as a pleasant and relatively sophisticated way to allow ourselves to tolerate and enjoy more and more stimulants...

You know, I think I mention coffee, or tea, or something in quite a few songs... Brandy, in this one...

I do wait by the phone for your comments, and this is why. They get right to the heart of the matter in the song, and they get right to the heart of the matter of me. Plus, you're funny. And funny, by the way, that you don't hide behind... Funny that takes nothing away from whatever truth you're speaking...

'The matter of me.' Now THERE'S a CD title, if ever I heard one.

Thank you for another thoughtful listen, another thoughtful comment...

said 3913 days ago (January 7th, 2007)
i listened before reading anything, and my first image was a toy boat sailing down a quietly moving little stream - the mood was safe, sure and sweet. seems your notes bear that out.

i agree that to document these blissful pieces of our lives and be able to feel that emotion again tho reality has changed is a wonderful gift to one's self and others. phyllis added the perfect touch of light and airy harmony. "very gently broke" was a good phrase. enjoyed the listen! anne
Ed Hannifin said 3912 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
I already think...
...that you and Phyllis would get along very well. Strong songwriters and strong singers, the both of you... I agree that Phyllis did a perfect job on the harmonies here... they really arent' present except on last lines, but they're a huge part of the song, and what one takes away from the song...

Glad you liked 'very gently broke'. That's one I'm proud of, myself.

I think these crystal moments of surety are where we land in life, where we touch down, where we come to ourselves and know what's what... That's where we change from, that's where we know in other moments that we don't need to change... And that's really the best place to give from...

Thanks for a lovely, deep comment.

kristyjo said 3913 days ago (January 7th, 2007)
So many good things have already been said, and I concur with them all.
This was simply fine.
Check out my latest song called Sussex Carol
Ed Hannifin said 3912 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
kristyjo, I do appreciate...
...that you let me know that you listened and liked it...

said 3912 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
great feeling
song left me with a few goosebumps and a feeling of oh yeah i know that, great song
Ed Hannifin said 3912 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
Thank you, egobandit,
...for saying that... that would nautrally be just what I'd be aiming for and hoping for in a song...

Thanks for listening,

Einarus said 3911 days ago (January 9th, 2007)
What needs to be said about has already been said (quite the number of times, actually), and then some, so I don't really have anything new to say about this.

But this is really a beautiful piece. So calm, so relaxed, so...well - beautiful.

Thank you for sharing this.

-Einar S.
Check out my latest song called "I Hate Goodbyes"
Ed Hannifin said 3911 days ago (January 9th, 2007)
Hi, Einarus,
I am simply pleased that you had a chance to hear it, and that you let me know. I'm glad you found it beautiful. It's good to hear from you again.


Tadashi Togawa said 3910 days ago (January 10th, 2007)
The gentle past
The treasure one is memories.

Check out my latest song called Mexican taste
Ed Hannifin said 3910 days ago (January 10th, 2007)
Tadashi, my friend,
I've missed you. You wrap it all up in the fewest words.

Thank you for listening.

j2morrow said 3907 days ago (January 13th, 2007)
Simply fine?
More like simply wonderful. Rebecca must have been thrilled to have such a terrific song written about her. Beautiful guitar and vocal work. Thanks so much for posting this and letting us lucky macjammers download it.
Check out my latest song called CAPTURE THE RAPTURE
Ed Hannifin said 3906 days ago (January 14th, 2007)
Thanks, JT.
I'm glad you enjoyed the guitar and vocal work, and of course glad that you think it's a terrific song....

For the life of me, I can't remember Rebecca's response to this song. That's a funny thing. You'd think I'd be able to...

I appreciate that you took the time to listen, and leave a comment.

Schello said 3906 days ago (January 14th, 2007)
You are musician..and this track is FABULOSO!
Check out my latest song called Snozz'en (Cronik Mix)
Ed Hannifin said 3906 days ago (January 14th, 2007)
Thanks, Schello....
It's so cool to think that there's someone listening to it in Rome. Thank you for taking the time to listen and leave me a comment....

VicDiesel said 3905 days ago (January 15th, 2007)
Life is easy
with a girl in your lap and a six-string by your side.

Or was that the other way around?

Very sweet tune. I like.
Check out my latest song called Sonnerie de Ste Genevieve
Ed Hannifin said 3905 days ago (January 15th, 2007)
Thank you, Vic.
I'm glad you like it...

jpfeiff said 3904 days ago (January 16th, 2007)
Beautiful production values...
From the description, though, it sounds like it was recorded at a pro studio, so you get what you pay for, and you certainly got a nice product here. Not overproduced, which is easy to do when goofin around with GB at home.

The harmonies work very well--like the reverb on her voice--dreamy...
Check out my latest song called The Fog
Ed Hannifin said 3904 days ago (January 16th, 2007)
More than I paid for, actually...
...since Meg and Tom gave us an affordable per-song rate and we didn't have to watch the clock...

Of course, I can over-produce and over-do in both settings.

Glad you like the sound. I'll have to give another listen to the reverb. I think Tom was using a Lexicon reverb, if memory serves...

Thanks for listening and leaving a comment...

screamalexz said 3902 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
loving the intro. very nicely mixed and beautiful sounding. pretty nice folky vocals. i like the sweet tone to some of the notes. nicely mixed and produced in my opinion.
Check out my latest song called Broken Spirit
Ed Hannifin said 3902 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
Hi, Chance...
It's good to hear from you.

I'm pleased to hear that you like the intro. I tend to be a pretty undisciplined guitar player, but I think things worked out pretty well on this tune nonetheless. 'Folky vocals' I naturally have to plead guilty to. I'm glad the mix sounds good to you, too...

Thanks for the listen and the comment,

guitapick said 3900 days ago (January 20th, 2007)
Perfect for 1:30 AM
Time to pack it in for the night. Thanks so much for the beautiful music and lyrics, Ed.
Check out my latest song called 'Cuz I Can
Ed Hannifin said 3900 days ago (January 20th, 2007)
Hey, Bob....
Here's a bit of the sort of thing that I do... I'm happy that you came over and gave a listen... I'm still enjoying the tune you did with your daughter... that's got a fey brilliance to it that continues to grow on me....

said 3880 days ago (February 9th, 2007)
Thanks For The Nice Song
This Is The 1st Song I Heard It For You .
It's Wonderful . Beautiful Lyrics . (IT'S GREAT)
I Will Upload My Song's Soon .
I'm One Of Your Fans And Willing To Be One Of Your Friends
Thanks For The Nice Song

Ed Hannifin said 3858 days ago (March 3rd, 2007)
Hi, Birdman!
Thank you for the enthusiastic and encouraging comment. I appreciate that you took the time to listen to my song and to leave some thoughts. I will listen to your songs as soon as I can!

Joe Brady said 3862 days ago (February 27th, 2007)
I love the lead;
The tone you achieve with the acoustic lead says "peace". Then the words explain your peace. What a wonderful song. While Rebecca might be lucky to have such a song written for her, I say, you're lucky to feel that way. Just terrific.

Keep 'em comin'........................Joe
Check out my latest song called Long Way From Denver
Ed Hannifin said 3858 days ago (March 3rd, 2007)
Thank you, Joe...
This may be my best recorded lead... I think it's my favorite... And I really appreciate you saying that it catches that particular peace that the lyric is talking about... And yes, you're right about who's lucky... That was a good moment...

Thank you for taking the time to listen, and thanks for a perceptive comment. Much appreciated.

paul f. page said 3855 days ago (March 6th, 2007)
Simply Fine
Ed, Just caught your "Simply Fine." What struck me first was the wonderful, long intro and esp. the very rich bass...a terrific mix with your fantastic guitar playing. So gentle, so refined... Your vocals are comfortable and familiar, easy on the ears, and perfectly in sync with your instrumental accompaniment. Backups are perfect and well-placed: just the little poignant response to your vocal every once in a while. Great number, beautifully played, and expertly mixed. Just a treat to hear this. Paul
Check out my latest song called 124
Ed Hannifin said 3854 days ago (March 7th, 2007)
Hi, Paul...
Is this the first of my songs you've listened to? I can't remember...

Well, let me take it from the top in responding... I really like the intro on this myself... It probably breaks rules about folk/pop songwriting, but I still like hearing it... I think it's one whole time through a verse...

When I asked Carolyn to play bass, I asked her specifically to play simply, to play root noots only, as if she was the deeper bass note of the guitar. On this tune, though, she argued with me, and Phyllis sided with her, and she got to add in something just slightly more complicated... and the two of 'em were right... Should've shut up and let her play her instrument on the other ones, too...

Jumping to what Phyllis adds to the backing vocals, as sparse as it is, I think it makes the song... I still love hearing it over headphones...

I'm glad that you like the vocals and guitar playing. I think this song is about as good a mix of all elements--writing, guitar, singing, recording--as I've ever done... It'll be a great day for me if I can ever top it...

Thank you for listening and for leaving such a comprehensive and thoughtful comment. I'm really pleased.

said 3854 days ago (March 7th, 2007)
: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )
What a GREAT song to start the day with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
So Happy to hear You again as I've only heard a few of You in the beginning of my time here . What a nice tempo.... : ) You're voice IS BEAUTIFUL . . . . . Do You have CDS ? ...It's funny You're singing about a crow.. that's what I sound like whenever I try to sing! ; ) I LOVE these supportive songs......They REALLY make my Days... : )
Ed Hannifin said 3854 days ago (March 7th, 2007)
lenabdt! It looks like...
...you have visited half of my songs... or more!...

That takes a lot of time and effort... Thanks for doing that...

I'm pleased you enjoyed the song and the voice. This recording only got as far as cassette duplication, years ago, although I am thinking that this year I might like to bring it out as a CD, perhaps remastered... I had it made into a very few CD's when we did it, way back when, and of course it was very expensive to do that back then...

I'm happy that you find the tone of these songs to be supportive and uplifting... May that continue to be so...

Thanks for listening and voting and commenting...

said 3854 days ago (March 7th, 2007)
: )
10-10-10-10 faved & soon dl ! ThankYou : )
thetiler said 3847 days ago (March 14th, 2007)
Thanks for sharing
Enjoy your style Ed. I was listening to a bunch of tunes on the site. None were really good enough to comment as for as my ears were concerned. But you really have some very nicely done tunes and of course this one is another one!

Thanks for livin up my ears Ed! :)
Check out my latest song called They Went Underground
Ed Hannifin said 3836 days ago (March 25th, 2007)
Thank you for listening, Bill...
I've missed your thoughts and presence around the place and certainly on my songs...

I'm glad you were pleased with your listen to this tune, and I'm glad you took the time to let me know.

I hope to have a few more coming within a month or two... Cross my fingers...

said 3829 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Another reason
why i love this place just great music at every turn. Wow you are just a great singer Excellent all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ed Hannifin said 3823 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
Hi, egobandit...
Sorry to take so long to reply...

I'm happy that you like the singing and the music.... Thank you for taking the time to listen and to leave a comment...

stacey said 3828 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
As always, top notch gorgeousness and gorgosity (you'll only get that reference if you've seen A Clockwork Orange!). Your voice is so clean and full of heart and emotion. And the backing vox are exquisite.

Sweet sweet song. I love it.

Check out my latest song called tick tock
Ed Hannifin said 3823 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
Hey, Stacey,
I'm pleased you discovered this song...

You know, I HAVE seen Clockword Orange...even did a project that referenced it back in college...but I can't pick up the reference... It has just been so long...

Even so, I'll allow myself to be glad that found in this song some hints of gorgeousitudinosity and general gorgeableness... That's enough for me..

Since I know you know how to do a vocal, I take your praise of the vocals very happily indeed.

Glad you like the song, too, of course...

Thanks for listening, appreciating, leaving a note...

dajama said 3821 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
Very nice playing...
...on this song. The tone and expressiveness on the guitar is superb. The singing and harmonies are spot on, and the lyrics are sweet. I agree with the James Taylor reference Gav made. A deserved comparison. Nice.
Check out my latest song called Across the Wire (MJRF)
Ed Hannifin said 3806 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
Thank you...
For listening and commenting...

I'm glad you liked the playing. This is one of my very favorite recordings of my own, and I really did think that I did a decent job with the guitars. I'm happy, too, that you liked the singing, harmony and lyrics.

I don't get compared to James Taylor very often, but I certainly love his singing and his approach to singing and guitar playing... I'm pleased to even show up in the same thought-stream with him...

Thanks again,

timothy devine said 3808 days ago (April 22nd, 2007)
New Fan
Simply Fine
simply...very, very, fine
from tim devine
(couldn't resist the rhyme)
there again
Check out my latest song called Inside of You
Ed Hannifin said 3806 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
Thank you, Tim...
I'm pleased that you apparently found the song to live up to its billing... 'Simply Fine' was certainly what we were aiming for...

Thank you for comprehensive comment that you somehow got to rhyme. Glad you took the TIME....

Hectorious said 3807 days ago (April 23rd, 2007)
Such Tasteful playing my friend.
I love the story and artistry of your composition.
I wish that I can get to your level with the stuff that I come up with.

This just awesome my Friend!!
Check out my latest song called Late Night Bus Ride (Sample)
Ed Hannifin said 3806 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
Hector! Another listen!
I'm thrilled that you think anything I've done is 'tasteful'. I think a lot of my best stuff falls into the realm of 'happy accident'.

Thanks for listening--again--and leaving such an encouraging comment... I'm very touched...

Drew Kopr said 3672 days ago (September 5th, 2007)
What an awesome song
Man oh man...beautiful song writing. I love that stretched part in the verse...so lifting. It gave me the f'in chills! And, being a bassist, i have to say the bassist is getting a wonderful bass tone from that fretless. Tx for posting this glorious tune.
Check out my latest song called IfIWereHigh
Ed Hannifin said 3670 days ago (September 7th, 2007)
There you are again...and right after Hector...
Man, with Neil also weighing in, I feel like I really got the 'bass player vote' on this one. The irony is that I was originally really ornery with Carolyn about the bass line, saying that I wanted ROOT NOTES, PERIOD all through it... and she, as bass player and fiddle player, really wanted some hints of melody and tone in there... In the end, she and Phyllis ganged up on me and I gave in... Now this is my favorite bit of bass on the whole 'Simply Fine' recording, and I wish I'd trusted her and Tom more on the other tunes... Live and learn...

I'm glad you liked the songwriting on this one, too, Drew... I really appreciate you checking out these tunes and letting me know what you thought of them... Thanks...

MarkHolbrook said 3028 days ago (June 10th, 2009)
This must be good! Paul Page was able to fav it three times in a row! Just kidding... certainly it is great! I can hear that already.

Really a great sound for 1987 Ed! I mean it sounds almost digital!
Check out my latest song called Corn Whiskey
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