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It Comes Down To This (collab w/jgurner and Macaudion)

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Another rough track, this time an early, 'working' version of what became this:


and ended up being called 'Meeting Disillusionment'...

I have Macaudion and jgurner's permission to post this 'early days' version...jgurner graciously granting permission 'sight unheard', as it were...

I can't speak at all to what the other guys were going for in this collab... I don't even know the division of labor on the tracks that were sent to me...

In contrast to "Who Should Know", which had a whole pile of 'trial run' guitars, this is just a single 'trial run' guitar track... Once again, I plopped it into my iPod for listening to and musing on, and found that I got to like listening to it over time...

I am very grateful to Joseph and Dion for inviting me to play on this. The original tracks were very inspiring, and the final track that was posted sounded very cool...

I do recommend listening to this over headphones. Have I ever said that before?

There's just a smidge of overload distortion on a couple of the drum hits that was on the original track I was sent... I've elected not to try to go back and re-do the whole thing...

Hope you enjoy this...

[In response to overwhelming public demand, there is now a 'cleaner' mix, without distorition on the tympani, available here:

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Impossibly red Charvette electric guitar
Line 6 POD 2.0
Focusrite Saffire
Presonus TubePre
FMR Really Nice Compressor
...and whatever jgurner and Macaudion used...
jiguma said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
Seems Lisa is late to this party!!
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jiguma said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
Nice pic Ed!
OK, so I beat Lisa to the draw, now I'd better say something meaningful. Some nice Macca stuff happening underneath all this - he sure knows how to shake the speakers doesn't he?! Would be good to remove that clipping on the bass tympani. Some really interesting things happening on the guitar front too Ed - beautiful tone and such.

Not sure what Joseph is doing, but it all gels together rather well.

It strikes me that with what you've done on this, there is some serious scope for a less folky song at some stage in the future from you. Both this and your previous post have fantastic potential for development with vocals and such.

You must be getting a lot of inspiration from these new (yet still somewhat "old") posts.


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ledebutant said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
Man! This is so unfair. I'm going to have to go to the doctor and get some uppers or start that IV coffee drip Starbucks is always pushing.

YOU POSTED THIS AT 4:30 in the morning Seattle time, Ed! I smell a payoff that came in the form of Australian dollars and Arnott's biscuits.

*off to buy camping gear for the next time!!!*

(I'll listen in a little while).
jiguma said 3840 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
I'm afraid we don't own Arnotts any more Lisa - it is now a multinational (read "US") business from what I've heard :(

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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
I should be able to FIND some somewhere here in the US, right? RIght?

Are there more than one? Is there a 'definitive' Arnott's biscuit?

I need to know these things...

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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Sorry, Lisa...
I was bleary-eyed and wasn't thinking...

Mind you, you sound almost EAGER to have a reason to have that talk with the doctor, and the Starbucks installation...Don't want to stand in your way about that...

You have, by the way, gotten me to surf the 'net to find out what Arnott's biscuits are... I plainly have to go off to the gourmet food store/farm stand and find some...

I have a couple more 'real' songs on their way. Get that camping gear ready... And if you haven't listened to this yet, listen to the 'cleaned up' version I just posted...

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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Silly of me, really...
My wife, for reasons best known to herself, got up at 5:30, and my son, bless his heart, not that much later... So I was up EARLY, and had the boy ready for school well ahead of time, had the relaxed cup of tea...and asked myself, "Well...you've got some extra time...what do you want to do?"

So I put this song up... When practically no one else in this hemisphere was looking...

As to your comments...

Now that I am listening to this again on good headphones, not the little ones I walk to work with, I agree that the distortion on the tympani is just too much... So I have re-posted a cleaned-up version... I thought it was on the original play-along-with-this-track I had to work with, but I was wrong, and I should have known better...Dion would never let something imperfect escape his grasp...

I agree with you about the guitar tone. While I could undoubtedly comp a better track on this and on the one I posted before it (Who Should Know) I had fun with both tracks dialing through guitar tones and varying my pick attack to get a tone that I really liked.

I think that actually, Joseph is doing most of what is heard instrumentally in this version... Dion did a lot of magic on these tracks, but much of it was done to the final version...

It would be neat to hear a version of this song with vocals. It reminds me of some of the David Gilmour solo things in its slow and easy melodicism, and I could imagine someone singing over it...

Congratulations on your undeniable firsties. While Lisa is wrong about you having bribed me, do not let that stop you from mailing me some of those Arnott thingies, whatever they are....



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jiguma said 3838 days ago (June 10th, 2007)
Where do I begin?
Arnotts are THE traditional Aussie biscuits, and have been around longer than me I think - which is one heck of a long time! Milk Arrowroots have always been my favourites, but the Iced Vovo (impossibly sweet with coconut covered icing and an indescribable strip of a jam-like substance down the middle.
Like most traditional things (even Vegemite for heaven's sake)Arnotts has been sold off to international companies - the following link describes a new case in point http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3495511.stm
I suspect you won't find Arnotts biscuits in a gourmet food store Ed.
btw I once played in a band called "Harnett's Chips" - Louise Harnett was the singer, and, obviously, Arnotts also made/make Crisps (or "chips" as they're known down here.
Here endeth the lesson!

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composerclark said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
I'm #2! At least I will be if I press the "Post Comment" button I will be...
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composerclark said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
#2 follow-up
(This is all Lisa's fault; you know that, don't you?)

This feels big and spacious, and it could easily be a soundtrack... I really like it. You're right, it needs headphones to get the full effect. Sounds great!

Not sure if there is distortion sometimes on the big, deep 'thumps' (are they bass drums?); if there is, it is only for a moment. If I am wrong, let me know and I will try to find another nit to pick. The guitar is perfectly in tune, as far as I can tell, but I am generally drunk, so maybe I'm wrong about that.

This is really impressive, Ed. I wish you wouldn't try to defeat others' attempts to pigeon-hole you as a folky-only dude, though. You're making it difficult to compartmentalize. But it's really impressive, all the same...

ClarkRoss.ca is now welcoming visitors from distant planets -- Apply within
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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Well done, Clark...
We at the Institute appreciate your ongoing dedication and sense of mission... And we WILL be needing that brain...

Yeah, this IS big and spacious, and I THINK that it came gifted with space through the good offices of Joseph Gurner... I do love listening to it with headphones on... I think my playing in particular isn't really anything as far as notes are concerned, but if you can hear the space around it and the tiny nuances of tone, it gets more interesting...

Yes, there is DEFINITELY distortion on the tympani crashes. My fault. I have reposted a cleaner version. Prob'ly should put a notice above... I'm glad the guitar is in tune this time out, although my bends could be tighter, and ziti will probably be sending the Bend Police my way...

I am now going back to my REAL MacJams opus, the 'prog' version of 'Kumbaya' that will define my sound...

Thanks as always, Clark...

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guitapick said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
...this has so much space to it. Love the cello and the strings come in at just the right time...

I'm very impressed with what you're getting out of that Charvette, Ed. Always thought of the Charvelle line as metal crunchers. But this is a very sweet, resonant sound.

Up 'till the last couple of postings, I've only known your acoustic sound. VERY happy to get acquainted with this side of you.

BTW: I'm saving Lisa's place in line...

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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Look at everybody helping Lisa out...
...it's moving, it really is... Bunch o' gentlemen...

I think it was Joseph Gurner who laid the original tune and tracks out, and, as noted above, I think he built the space into it...

This Charvette is a surprising guitar all around. I got it when I worked in a music store. We got in a shipment of Charvettes on special... they were a very 'Eighties' guitar...and I was just thinking that I needed to own an electric guitar again. I got MacJammer Peter Janson (Guitarjanson), who worked at the same shop, to play them all and pick the best one for me... Just happened to be that the best one on the wall ended up being the hot neon orange-red thing...

But it has a couple Strat-ish single coils and a rear humbucker, so I can get a decent round of sounds out of it, and the neck is terrific...

I have to admit that, as much as I enjoy folk and acoustic musics, and like writing that sort of song, I have been wanting to put a few things up that break me out of being seen as only that....

Thanks for listening again, Bob... Next couple I'm working on are back to the folkie roots, I'm afraid...

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timothy devine said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
Different. Cool.
I really love the guitar tone,The clean playing and the licks.
The layed back sound of the tune is a keeper.
I agree with you about not working on it any more.
Its a gem the way it stands now.
one of those DeVine's
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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Hello again, Tim...
I'm glad that you got a chance to give this a listen...

I thought I agreed with me about not working on it anymore, but we seem to have changed our mind... so there IS a slightly cleaner version up now...

I did resist the urge to start slicing and dicing the eight guitar tracks into some mythical 'perfect' track... For the moment...

I'm glad you liked the guitar sound, though... Thanks for listening once again...I always appreciate it...

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thetiler said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
the Cello in particular, but then as I hear. I like the orchestral percussion. And of course the lead guitar that really sets the theme. I always thought that symphony orchestra should be used much more and your proving it true. Interested stop around the middle were it almost seems like a splashing of cymbals etc. Interesting.

A nice listen!

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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Hi, Bill!
I think the choice of instruments, both what's there and what ISN'T there, is part of the beauty of the piece, and I think that came from Joseph...

I'm glad you got a chance to listen to this, Bill. I'm always interested in your thoughts...


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jgurner said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
Wow! These Guys Are Brilliant!!!!!

I'm glad Ed decided to go ahead and post this. As he said, the first time I heard this version is when he posted it. This was a joy to do. It was great working with Dion and Ed because they made it so easy. Dion and I had been talking about doing a collab for a while and I sent him a peice I had worked on that had been sitting around gathering dust because I didn't know what to do with it. He took it from there, brought Ed in on it and he and Ed worked their magic on it.

This version, the original peice sound pretty much as I gave it to Dion (haven't listened to it in a long time). It started with the piano, the strings and horns and at least some of the percussion. Hearing it with Ed's guitar fills the whole thing out in ways I never could have imagined.

It's so cool to hear one of the "rough drafts" that eventually became "Meeting Disillusionment." I really appreciate the work Dion and Ed did with this. They're great guys anyway, but they are a lot of fun to work with as well.
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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
I'm SO GLAD...
...that you wrote this, Joseph...

I really didn't know much of anything about how this was done until I read this...

Very neat. Thanks for letting me in on it, and letting me post this version...

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dajama said 3841 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
Very nice
track overall. The keyboards, percussion, and bass is spot on, and there is some lovely guitar playing on here. Kind of Mark Knopflerish (now there's an adjective!) in places. Great open mix. I'm off now to listen to the other track it "became". Very cool. Nice work. Peace.
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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Thanks, dajama...
I do think that the original track IS, as you describe, 'spot on'...

I will admit to having a great love for Mark Knopfler's guitar playing, and wish I had half his skill... when I'm messing around trying to get a guitar sound, I would wish for the sort of 'pop' that he gets in his attack on his Strats...

I'm glad you listened to this one, and I'm glad you're heading toward the other one...

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ziti said 3840 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
very cool ed
just very cool

you electric pickin man about town

deep bows

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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Thanks, Fran...
I'll take 'cool' from you anytime...

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said 3840 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
smooth playing EJH..... sounds great with headphones.
the distorted drum hits are a tad annoying...

Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Hey, John...
I'm glad you had the time to give a listen...

I have taken your comment to heart, (along with Clark and Neil) and posted a cleaner version... Sorry 'bout that... Check out the other one if you can...

I do think this is another one that is at its best over headphones...

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
Vic Holman said 3840 days ago (June 8th, 2007)
i can hear a bit of Mark Knoffler here. nice melody to the tune, and a nice job by all. Just shows songs can go into so many directions with different approachs.
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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
A funny thing...
...in my mind, is that my friend Mark, who worked with me and Peter at the Wood & Strings Music Center, (and just joined MacJams as ibstrat) bought one of these guitars, too, and he got very frustrated with it, saying that he couldn't get enough of a classic clean Strat sound out of it... So I always had that in the back of my mind, and kept trying...

On this one and the one I posted last week I think the Charvette got pretty close to a "Knopflerish" Strat tone... I think the POD helped... you can dial in a clean amp section, big speakers, compression and reverb, and get something that has that attack...

It is cool to listen to this a time or two and then going for a listen to the 'final' version that Dion put together...

Thanks for listening...

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Macaudion said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Hey Ed and JG, too...
I forgot how inspired I was when I first heard this. And when JG sent it to me, Ed was the first person that came to mind. And so, I sent it to him and crossed everything that I had, w/ hopes that it would appeal to him enough to play on it. What you hear in this is the result of Ed and Joseph. I didn't do a thing to this. And as I listen, I feel a sense of shame felt a need to bastardize it in the way that I did.

This is pretty damn sweet the way it is.

In fact, I couldn't believe that JG was allowing me the opportunity to screw around with it. I thought man! - this is gem the way it is. Truly, I thought, this "sketch" didn't need much of anything, but a few balancing acts, here and there.

But of course, my self-centered ways got the best of me so here I am, finding a need to apologize for feeling a need to dress it up to take it 'elsewhere'...

I did have fun with it, but certainly, as everyone can hear, it is a pretty special jewel, as is, as was and, as it can be...

Thanks for posting this Ed. You've got me curious, what else you might have in the old 'sketch stash', there. I know that I have a few more gems of yours, just quaking,, and waiting to be heard.

I dare ya to dare me, Ed. - Nahhh - I shall remain respectful.

Thanks to both of you, for allowing me the opportunity to almost hangout with you, again. Macca

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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Hey, Macca!
It's very nice to have your comment and Joseph's here...

I dare you.

I think I HAVE sent you quite a few tracks... Feel free to do things with 'em...

Or, we can start from scratch on one again...

It is ALWAYS a pleasure...

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paul f. page said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
This is...
...so different from other things I've heard of yours, Ed. I read through the comments above: boy, there's a whole other thing going on about this piece that know nothing about! Nevertheless, I am fascinated by this number and all its variations throughout: Haunting cello line that keeps coming back; those bent guitar strings; the gentle, compelling tempo that hypnotizes me; and an inventive orchestration that feels comfortable while being quite spacious in overall effect. This might be "experimental," but it is an experiment of creativity that gets under the listener's skin and won't go away... Okay. Enough of this blathering. I'm going to reload and listen again. Wonderful stuff.
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Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Thank you for listening, Paul...
I think you might enjoy checking out the work of my co-conspirators, jgurner and Macaudion...

They are people who are good at taking "stock" elements and using them in imaginative and unusual ways...

I think that you are right about the cello line, and the tempo...

Glad you caught this one...

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Name me WAYNE !!!!
Mr. Ed .. I agreed what Mr. Paul have said ..
You made a change in this music from the songs before ..
But it's nice music .. The piano sounds great in this one ..
The guitar playing was good .. really i'm with you VIC HOLMAN .. hearing Mark Knoffler ..
The in the middle of the song there was a part i really liked it .. it's the drums .. i really liked it when the sound dissappered, (Except Drums) and then surprisingly the music again !!
So nice .. keep up the good work ..
Mr. Ed I really Enjoyed it ..

Check the Dragon's Rock :http://www.macjams.com/song/32213

Thanks For Posting

Yeman Auf Al-Rawi

Ed Hannifin said 3840 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
Hello again, Wayne...
I think much of the credit for my apparent 'change' goes to my co-collaborators, who created a setting for me to play over...

I hope you will check out the tune that this became, 'Meeting Disillusionment', to see where it all went.

I believe the piano and cello elements are the work of Joseph Gurner, and I think the tympani as well. That midpoint break is a favorite spot of mine, as well...

Thanks for yet another comparison to Mark Knopfler. That is a great compliment, and I appreciate it... I love his guitar playing, and his songwriting, for that matter...

I'm happy that you have listened to another of my tunes... Thank you very much as always...

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
Dharma Logos said 3839 days ago (June 9th, 2007)
I'm having trouble focusing on anything right now. I've been sleeping weird hours, haven't been eating right, haven't been getting out enough. Right now I'm frustrated and have a serious headache from my latest musical project (my collaboration with Skean that I just posted). I can't focus. I'm not calm or relaxed.

When I started listening to this track I knew I was in no position to give a proper review. But I knew what I was hearing was really good and made the conscious effort to sit and listen. I'm glad I did. You helped to soothe my head, even if only for a few minutes. I'll have to come back and give a better comment when I'm in a better frame of mind.
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Ed Hannifin said 3837 days ago (June 11th, 2007)
I'm kidding but I'm not...
...when I say that I get 'soothing' a lot...as a musician and as a professional...

I'm actually really happy that you got some momentary relief from listening to this... I hope you'll come back to it sometime in a less frazzled moment and enjoy it again, even more...

You know, take two aspirin and listen to me in the morning... Kind of thing...

Thanks for listening and leaving a note, DL... I do appreciate it...

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
perceptualvortex said 3839 days ago (June 10th, 2007)
Instead of being first, I'm last
For now. This is interesting... I'm trying to pinpoint those images floating about, evoked by the cool music, because they started only as vague moods and large open spaces... Now that I can see what's going on, I have to say that it's a setting from the book I'm reading ("Chasm City"); a vast future city on the planet Yellowstone, surrealistically twisted by the melding plague. Almost more like a rainforest, scaled larger by 1000x. Anyway, that's just the availability heuristic at work; but this song does make me think of futuristic big spaces and mysterious phenomena. Cool mix, guys!
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Ed Hannifin said 3837 days ago (June 11th, 2007)
Hey, I read that book!
I think I read it about a year ago... and I can really see that... the buildings all twisted by the melding plague... They could play this tune when they make a movie of it, as the shuttle approaches Chasm City...

Very cool comment, David, really gets the visual...

Thanks for the listen...

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
perceptualvortex said 3837 days ago (June 11th, 2007)
It's cool that you know what I'm talking about! I'm enjoying the book.

<a href="http://www.macjams.com/song/31157">One On One</a>
Check out my latest song called Mercury (RPM 6)
Ibstrat said 3820 days ago (June 29th, 2007)
Nice jam
Nice playing Ed.Guitar sound is really good.I borrowed those chords (Dm,B flat,Am,G,) when jamming with a student the other day- hope you don't mind.
Check out my latest song called What the
Ed Hannifin said 3818 days ago (July 1st, 2007)
Thanks for figuring out the chords, Mark!
I never did sit down and figure them out. This could open up a whole new way of looking at the tune...

The whole tune was actually the work of jgurner. I just got to noodle over the top. You and your student will have to contact him and pay him royalties...

Dm Bflat Am G All right. Got it.

Dm, "which I have always thought of as the saddest of the keys..."

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
Ibstrat said 3818 days ago (July 1st, 2007)
Spinal Tap
Ed-Check this out-I'm not kidding.The chords used in Spinal Tap's "Lick My Love Pump" are Dm B flat Am G!
I looked it up on youtube-It seems a bit sharp,put a capo on the 1st fret and play along.

Check out my latest song called What the
Ed Hannifin said 3817 days ago (July 1st, 2007)
Oh man! jg, are you getting this?
Mark, I rely on you for just this sort of musical guidance...

I can't stop laughing...

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
said 3572 days ago (March 2nd, 2008)

I love this that guitar speaks. This is a work of art to my two ears.
Well done guys excellent job thanks for sharing.

Ed Hannifin said 3570 days ago (March 4th, 2008)
Thank you, Dee....
I'm very pleased that you've given a listen... jgurner did a fantastic job on the tracks and arrangement on this... It was very much fun to play over...

Thanks for your comment,

Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
saymme said 3342 days ago (October 19th, 2008)
Love hearing this - so different from what i'm used to hearing from You !
GREAT COLLAB I find it very inspiring ...!!! going to the next step on this !!! THANKYOU : )
MarkHolbrook said 3108 days ago (June 10th, 2009)
The initial opening lead kind of kicks at me a bit but then it settles in nicely and fits really well.

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