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Through a Glass Brightly #2

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This is another version with toned down percussion. It's timbales instead of glass bells. Less 'in your ear' and annoying.

There's also trombone instead of strings and a tad more brass/woodwind.

It's also shorter and, in my opinion, less catchy.
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Uploaded: Aug 11, 2007 - 01:50:05 PM
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gail60 said 3779 days ago (August 11th, 2007)
another great job Paul
I like both songs. Changing the instruments you did made for a complete different theme to me. I cannot help but think of Christmas though whenever I hear bells. That is a good thing although not glass blowing :) This song style reminds me of the 30's style lady with the fedora hat and long cigarrette holder...those trombones maybe? don't ask me why, just where it took me. Whatever you intended, the bottom line is that it is great. You have a lot of insight and I always enjoy your music. Thanks for sharing.
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Reinholt56 said 3778 days ago (August 12th, 2007)
Hey Gail......
It's good that my music took you somewhere good. Ladies with fedora hats and cigarette holders seems fine with me.

I did a 'first' tune with these and other loops, in December last year, called 'A Journey to Lapland' and that was Christmassy so I'm not surprised you made that sort of link. I made the same link when I listened to the loops myself.

Thanks for visiting and leaving your kind words.

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VicDiesel said 3778 days ago (August 12th, 2007)
One doesn't hear muted trumpets a lot these days, outside of acts with checkered jackets and bowler hats, that is.

This tune has interesting sounds. The contrast between the trumpets and the floating marimba (?) is really nice. It flows very nicely in general.

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Reinholt56 said 3778 days ago (August 12th, 2007)
Thanks for visiting Victor.....
Yeah its funny how music effects different folks with their vision of what the music says to them. That, to me, is the wonderful thing about music.

Dixie did not come up for me, but I had specific aims in mind. I'm going to listen again with this thought in mind and see what happens.

Sometimes, depending on the mood you're in or what you've just being doing or reading can 'appear' when you listen to a tune.

Musicians can try to set an atmosphere or they can let the listener decide for themselves.

I'm happy, either way, that you got something out of the tune.

I tried to make the varied phrases flow together. I hit a couple of 'flow stoppers' in other mixes of the series, earlier this weekend.

Take care.

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ceilidh said 3778 days ago (August 12th, 2007)
Hiya Paul
another truly beautiful piece of music. I like it very much. It has completely different feeling from the first one. This one sounds to me more like a soundtrack for a movie. In the other one I can hear that sound of a factory, working machines, engines etc. The bells you are using here have beautiful very soft sound, which is very pleasant and i could listen to them for hours and hours. The cellos sound just beautiful. Very warm and full sound, soft and smooth and when comes that piano, harp and drums together, that is really something. It is suddenly light, cheerful, bright feeling. What i would maybe try, but it is just my personal opinion, I would just try it for the fun of trying :) I would maybe replace the trumpets with something smoother, maybe a saxophone? Just to hear the difference. Because in this music all the instruments, all the sounds are smooth, soft, silky and the trumpets might sound a little too sharp (to me). But it is just my personal opinion. Paul please don't think i am a pain! I love everything what you wrote and these are just little suggestions of mine. It doesn't mean anything. I adore both musics you wrote. Simply great :)
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Reinholt56 said 3778 days ago (August 12th, 2007)
Hey Ceilidh......
I think that your suggestion is worth trying. I'll do a remix sometime in the next few days and post it on here later in the week. (If you have any suggestions for anyof my music, please feel free to comment).

I appreciate all that everyone comments about and you've taken some of your time to leave your thoughts and feelings for me to share and I value that. I also appreciate your listening to my music.

Take care.


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said 3778 days ago (August 12th, 2007)
what annoying?
very nice, paul. i love the delicacy of the timbales pattern. i've only heard this version, but can vouch for the "shorter." MUCH TOO! enjoyed hearing your thoughts thru this - anne
Reinholt56 said 3778 days ago (August 12th, 2007)
Thanks for stopping by Anne....
There are other versions of this with different instrument combinations. I'll see what I can mix down over the next few days. I've had one or two suggestions from others and with a few more ideas myself, I might be able to come up with mix 15.

I love what you're both doing with your musical direction/s. The words always have an impact. I d/l and listen to all of your music.

Take care.

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Moviz said 3778 days ago (August 12th, 2007)
What a
great piece this is. To me I can imagine this as the music to a 'Poirot' Film or some other lighthearted crime drama. I get a twenties feel from the trumpets mainly, for some reason.... I wanted more too, Regards M
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Reinholt56 said 3777 days ago (August 13th, 2007)
Thanks for calling in Moviz......
There may be a longer version on its way, soon.

A period-piece detective series/movie would be fine.

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Mcboy said 3775 days ago (August 15th, 2007)
a different feel.....the first really captured the factory like movements of production......this one is more arty.abstract.....less imagery relating to glass factories, etc....but it stands on its own.....
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Reinholt56 said 3775 days ago (August 15th, 2007)
Thanks for listening McBoy....
Thanks for leaving your kind comments.

Yes this piece is different to the other piece. It's really just another trial piece, to get the feel of mixing different instruments together. It seems to work OK.

There'll be a few more of these coming up over the next weeks. Different rhythms and instrument mixes.

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