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Firestorm #1

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Picture a 3 minute film clip where the following happens, in fairly rapid succession:

General calm day to day life (almost blase), tension brings the media and other communication into the lives of everyone (a submarine moves from port), the confrontation (quick because deadly), the aftermath as the survivors emerge, the submarine surfaces and heads for home, on
arriving they witness the utter devastation.

This is a work in progress and needs a lot of work.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on any part or all of the mix. It's early days yet and
this mix will be replaced as the project progresses.
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Uploaded: Aug 21, 2007 - 02:37:09 PM
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Doadars Uncle said 3770 days ago (August 21st, 2007)
Firestorm #1
This fits the story well. I like the general starkness of it. Desolation. Very appropriate tones!

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Reinholt56 said 3769 days ago (August 22nd, 2007)
Hey DU....
Thanks for listening and leaving a comment.

michael2 said 3770 days ago (August 21st, 2007)
i like this
very much. i'm thinking that maybe the chords could fade out over those crystalline sounds (for most of a bar I guess); but other than that I like the dramatic shifts and cold sounds you used. it's really beautiful. perfect for the vision you described.
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Reinholt56 said 3769 days ago (August 22nd, 2007)
Hi Michael.....
I must admit that I was worried what people would comment on and maybe would comment on the fact that very little of the mix is actual music.

The sounds/effects were all done with Absynth. I finally remembered what I'd used, as this was done three or four weeks ago and then forgotten.

I'll certainly have a look at the suggestions you make. Who knows what may come out of it.

Take care.

Bowman said 3769 days ago (August 22nd, 2007)
Beautiful bleakness.
Apocalyptic "On the Beach" feel to this.
Another otherworldly ride from you Reinholt.
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Reinholt56 said 3769 days ago (August 22nd, 2007)
Hey Charlie....
Thanks for listening and leaving a kind comment.

The piece just struck me, as it developed, as perfect for the role I have described. The mix just sort of made itself. All the recorded snippets were almost noise-free (where you would notice noise) and would need to be tweaked most if the film track ran under or over in the separate takes.

I'll have to listen to the music of the Australian/NZ film again. I saw this film last year and was very impressed with the film but can't remember the music.

(You caught my source idea nicely).

Take care.

gail60 said 3769 days ago (August 22nd, 2007)
You always surprise me...
This reminds me of UFO music. Very chilling, scary even. I like that it is suspenseful and keeping me glued to my seat anxiously waiting for what is happening next. Love it! Great job!
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Reinholt56 said 3768 days ago (August 23rd, 2007)
Thanks Gail.....
I always try to do something a little bit different, and if you like this sort of stuff then I'm a happy chap.

Take care.


_nderscore said 3766 days ago (August 25th, 2007)
i'm a freak for FX..
so this was a total enjoyment for me. i think you could have some fun re-working the intro a bit-maybe the ending too (my 2 favorite parts of a song). the droning tone that interjects the madness break things up nicely & the 'screaming' synth at the end is almost hard to listen to, but fitting somehow

looking forward to hearing how this progresses..
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Reinholt56 said 3765 days ago (August 26th, 2007)
Thanks for visiting _score.......
The story behind this piece is that I was playing around with the Absynth synth and recorded snippets of various presets. These sound bytes were auditioned and then mixed. The story that I attributed to the music came as I was mixing the piece together. Things sort of fell into place and the story line appeared.

I may revisit this piece, if I get around to running up Absynth again. I'll bear your thoughts in mind when I do.

Take care.

peacepiano said 3753 days ago (September 7th, 2007)
Nice one
This has some real musical teeth. I like the synthwork a lot and mood you create.
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Reinholt56 said 3752 days ago (September 8th, 2007)
Thanks for your kind words.....
Thanks for listening and leaving the kind words.

I always appreciate what people have to say. It makes the whole business of making music more worthwhile.

Take care.

NickFury said 3030 days ago (August 30th, 2009)
great use of loops etc. , nice abient FX, good tension in here, liked it ! If you like this kind of stuff,go check out Ultima Thule on iTunes, lots of cool space music podcasts there.
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Reinholt56 said 3028 days ago (September 1st, 2009)
Hi Nick......
I had to think about how I put this one together.

I recored all the individual parts on my keyboard, using Absynth, then mixed and matched and melded.

I'll check Ultima Thule out, as you suggest.

Take care.

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