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I completed this track a while ago and it was one of the two or three pieces that I had saved elsewhere, before my main music production drive went to the hard disk retirement home in the sky.

It reminded me of Samurai (both on foot and horseback) leaving a village, to go to war. (Yes I've seen the film with Tom Cruise in and enjoyed it thoroughly).

Maybe it is sparse and needs other elements but I offer this as a long-term work in progress (or not).
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Uploaded: Apr 11, 2008 - 11:30:25 AM
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Skean said 3537 days ago (April 11th, 2008)
This is so good really amassing piece of work my friend.
I can feel hove the samurai walk and also the ride he do... Kudos.

THX for sharing D-loaded.
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Reinholt56 said 3536 days ago (April 12th, 2008)
Hi Kenta....
I'm glad you liked this piece. It's been around in my 'tunesforupload' folder for a few weeks so I thought it was time to let my friends here have a listen.

The mix started as a slow synth piece but rapidly turned into some low budget movie sound track similar to that Zimmerman man's stuff.

Thanks for listening and leaving your words.

Take care.

dajama said 3537 days ago (April 11th, 2008)
Dark and dramatic
This certainly has a cinematic feeling, its dramatic tones and good use of percussion evoking a host of images. The samurai idea works well, and I think your choice of "ominousness" as a keyword is apt. Very nicely arranged, with good dynamics. Your work is always interesting. Nicely done. Peace.
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Reinholt56 said 3536 days ago (April 12th, 2008)
Thanks Dajama....
I always appreciate it when someone listens to my music and then takes some time out to leave kind, constructive comments.

The percussion is what changed the piece from a more drab soft synth piece. I heard the military connotations straight away. I delayed uploading for a few weeks because there was something I wasn't happy with but I can't remember what that was. Such is life, eh?

Take care.

paul f. page said 3536 days ago (April 11th, 2008)
Where's that...
...film maker? Somebody's got to discover you, Paul!!! You have such a gift for orchestration of these cinematic elements. (I'm still hoping for melody to spring out of your imagination to accompany the effects you so adroitly create.)
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Reinholt56 said 3536 days ago (April 12th, 2008)
Hi Paul...
You noticed the lack of a definite tune line. I was, when I first put this mix together, toying with various ways of enhancing the 'backing' and atmosphere, 'to tell a clearer picture' but with one thing and another I forgot about it and the time passed (from February) until last night when I listened to the piece again and I rushed to upload it.

I'll probably revisit this piece with a view to adding other 'cultural' and lead line embellishments.

Thank you for listening and staying in touch with my varied output.

Take care.

Feter said 3536 days ago (April 11th, 2008)
this is a total spacey and dramatic ..very deep
and filed with heavy colors and all ...a very nice
scenary track my friend thnx for sharin !
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Reinholt56 said 3536 days ago (April 12th, 2008)
Hi Feter.....
The way that the music developed an atmosphere was part of the reason that I uploaded the piece. I realize now that it does need some more work. Mumkin one day I'll finish it.

In-shalla Bukra Mafee.

Take care.

SinJimMusic said 3536 days ago (April 11th, 2008)
Great song here, definitely gives the feel of a samurai and slowly walking into the battlefield. Nice work!
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Reinholt56 said 3536 days ago (April 12th, 2008)
Hi SJM.....
I'm happy that people can appreciate where I am coming from and what I was trying to portray with the music. It makes everything so much more worth while.

Take care.

Moviz said 3536 days ago (April 12th, 2008)
powerful and as you say 'ominous' sounding, but also invoking a feeling of space, grandeur and distance.... great choice of instruments and good arrangement. I don't think it sounds sparse at all, that's what maybe gives it the spaciousness (which is good), cheers M
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Reinholt56 said 3535 days ago (April 13th, 2008)
Hi Moviz.....
That's one of the things I enjoy about MJ's and life in general, that everyone has their own take on things and that someone hears or misses this instrument or that instrument in a piece of music. I suppose other instruments could have gone into the mix, maybe Japanese instruments as one suggestion.

I might revisit the piece later but probably wont as I generally have to redo the whole piece due to new ideas and then I've another 'musical snapshot' of how I was thinking one particular time.

Take care.

magnatone said 3536 days ago (April 12th, 2008)
I agree with Paul Page - where's the filmmaker?? Your work always knocks my socks off - you have such a gift for orchestral development that we hacks can only dream of. This is just sensational - so glad you posted. Keep em coming!
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Reinholt56 said 3535 days ago (April 13th, 2008)
Hi Karen.....
I'm supposedly doing a course about soundtracks and this will maybe 'get me noticed' but I haven't posted any tunes to be assessed as yet, so it may be a while before I put music to any films.

Thanks for your encouragement.

Take care.


LunaTrick said 3529 days ago (April 18th, 2008)
Love the dynamics
- Which are very subtle but effective. This is also very well mixed - full of drones - but you don't loose anything - with the crisp drums as punctuation. The use of low reeds with the synths creates such a great sound of foreboding. Doing this sort of music is what I have my heart set on - and I look forward to learning from you!
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Reinholt56 said 3527 days ago (April 20th, 2008)
Thanks Daniel....
I basically start with an idea or, mainly, with a sound or a rhythm and then put things together and see how they work. This just happened to come out in this form because I followed where I thought that the music was taking me.

I hope to learn from your music too.

Take care.

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