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Drive Time #1

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This is another movie track, where the protagonist is driving, driving, driving across some flat, monotonous countryside, on and on and on, and the cops, in their flashing-light-siren-cars are in pursuit.

See/hear what you think and let me know.
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Uploaded: Jun 24, 2008 - 05:33:02 PM
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magnatone said 3461 days ago (June 25th, 2008)
Drive Time
You are SO good at this! I love how this moves, moves, moves - I appreciated reading your description and putting it with the progression as the song played. Very skilled and dynamic as usual!
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Reinholt56 said 3460 days ago (June 26th, 2008)
Hi Karen.....
It makes me happy when someone has 'the full experience' with a mix of mine. I didn't really appreciate the mix until I left it running whilst I did other things. Then the whole piece stood out well in some of the ways I had intended.

As always, thanks for your encouragement.

Take care.


michael2 said 3461 days ago (June 25th, 2008)
nice track Paul
got the music playing and the movie is going in my head. i like the tambourine sound that you added to this, a nice unexpected touch ( i would expect no less from you). great job.
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Reinholt56 said 3460 days ago (June 26th, 2008)
Hi Michael.....
Yes, you've hit the nail on the head!!! Expect the unexpected with my music. I do try to add variety with at least one element of a piece if I put more than one mix on a theme up on here.

There's a second theme ready, which I'll upload as soon as this mix moves off of the front page here at MJ's. This new one has the same rhythm but uses sounds and effects with different dynamics which (I think) lend it a quite different feel.

The tambourine was intentional. I enjoy something cutting through my mixes, and the sound of the tambourine seemed to work OK.

Take care.


HenriROGERsoloandbands said 3460 days ago (June 26th, 2008)
Sounds lengh

I like this track , the first part has energy .
Near the end you use sounds holding very long notes ( pink floyd style) and this is "killing" the energy a bit , it also brings your piece
back in olders music times , compared to the first part .

I think the cops they just let this guy drive for ever, non stop , as a punishment ... :-)

Reinholt56 said 3458 days ago (June 28th, 2008)
Bonjour Henri....
I agree with your comments. I could have done many different things with the track. Some of your ideas I have already worked on with other mixes.

I also agree that those in the first car should be left to drive on, into the sunset. I played the track for myself, for maybe 20 minutes in a loop and it allowed me to picture exactly what you picture in your last comment.

Take care.

said 3443 days ago (July 13th, 2008)
Drive Time.
Love this kind of stuff. Right up my stree,t lets my imagination wonder.
I can see it all. Music fits the descriptiion perfectly in my opinion.

Peace Dee.
Reinholt56 said 3441 days ago (July 15th, 2008)
Hi Dee....
I started this mix by playing around with rhythms and then adding accompaniment in the shape of more lead sounds but left off putting a definite or crisp melody.

The second mix has a more melodic mix. I may put this up later tonight.

Take care.

LunaTrick said 3441 days ago (July 15th, 2008)
I hear insects...
is that ok?

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Reinholt56 said 3439 days ago (July 17th, 2008)
Hi Daniel.....
If you hear insects that's fine with me. If anyone hears anything distinct in my mixes it's always a bonus for me.

Thanks for listening and leaving your observation.

Take care.

K.I.S.KISMET said 3418 days ago (August 7th, 2008)
great stuff
i like the overall feeling of suspense. perfectly suitable for something like miami vice:)
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Reinholt56 said 3418 days ago (August 7th, 2008)
Hi KISK...
Thanks for stopping by, listening and leaving your kind comments.

I had an easy job of deciding where the music fitted as far as movie theme goes. It almost arranged itself.

Take care.

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