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The World's Messiah



 Genre: Classical

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In memoriam G.F. Haendel (1685-1759)

A contemporary-classical-world-jazz-rock-electronica-fusion track.

Musical motives by G. F. Haendel
Vocals, arrangement, synthwork and instruments by Dirigent

Three parts:
1. Comfort Ye
2. Ev'ry Valley
3. Ouverture
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Comfort ye my people, saith your God.
Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem,
and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplish'd,
that her iniquity is pardon'd.
The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness:
Prepare ye the way of the Lord,
make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Ev'ry valley shall be exalted and ev'ry mountain and hill made low,
the crooked straight and the rough places plain ...
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Uploaded: Jul 06, 2008 - 11:27:36 PM
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Feter said 3423 days ago (July 6th, 2008)
The World's Messiah
the never ending gems ..of Andres
a fav of mine ...Deepest bow !!!
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alfalpha said 3423 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
...homage to Haendel...

an immediate favourite!

...and a very pleasant upload in time for my birthday!


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Moviz said 3423 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
This is
wonderful to hear. I love how you take us back to another time with the music and your performance which are perfect (love the falsetto) and then forward again at the end. Great stuff, cheers M
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dolby said 3423 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
Very interesting
I wasn't expecting this at all - very interesting and ecclectic. You obviously have a range of influences as well as classical and you seem to be enjoying the experimentation here. Very enjoyable. I will check out some more of your stuff - you have intrigued me :-)) Also, sorry for my terrible German in my reply to your comment - and thanks for dropping bye!
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Roxylee said 3422 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
Superb, Andreas
What a genius you are! You combine the ancient and modern and it works perfectly. Your voice is amazing, and each note is placed perfectly. And I love reading words from Isaiah 40. This is just beautiful all around.
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lavalamp said 3422 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
This is beyond me
I'm just a sh*t kicking punk rock/alt rock guy. But, this sounds soothing to my ears, for what it's worth.

Sehr gut, mein Freund.


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Bob Rodgers said 3422 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
piece of music, I enjoyed this and it was good to hear this!

I love all genres of music and this is one of my fav's, so good what you have created here and I loved it!

Excellent Andreas!
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Doadars Uncle said 3422 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
How 'bout that!
Great instrumentation and arrangement.

Beautiful voice.

Very sweet!

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jiguma said 3422 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
Nicht schlecht Herr Speckt
Andreas, I just love the way you take various pieces of classical music and add modern arrangements/instruments to bring new life to them (and to allow musical neanderthals like myself to access them).

I sure hope you're able to release these wonderful posts on CD - I'd expect there'd be a real market for this style. Wonderful production and performance.

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davisamerica2 said 3422 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
Did you misspell Handel....
.....or am I just too American? Seriously, this was a very enjoyable piece, and I want to thank you for commenting on one of my songs, for it brought me here and let me discover another wealth of good music on Macjams. It's late, but I'll be back to check more of your music. Thanks for this. Terry
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DWL said 3422 days ago (July 8th, 2008)
Classy Andreas
I love what you're doing with the mixing of genres.

It helps that you can sing.

Wonderful :-)


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said 3421 days ago (July 8th, 2008)
An impressive...
...slice of eclectic pie here Andreas! This is as interesting as it is good.

A wonderful Homage to the great Haendel!

Be well friend!
JOAN said 3420 days ago (July 9th, 2008)
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said 3420 days ago (July 10th, 2008)
The Worlds Messiah
Wow!! You took my breath away again. I love your music, your voice is
outstanding. You Rock. Thank you Andreas.

Peace Dee
VicDiesel said 3419 days ago (July 10th, 2008)
I'm only half convinced
I loved the first half. Two thirds. Very nice combination of old and new sounds.

But, eh, that last bit doesn't work for me. The distance between the old and new is too large, and it doesn't come together. There are some timing problems too, for instance at and just before the 5:00 mark and quite badly at 5:50.

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LunaTrick said 3414 days ago (July 15th, 2008)
I've been away for a while Andreas - and missed your voice!

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Briguy777 said 2231 days ago (October 12th, 2011)
Vocals WOW!
Contemporary is usually not my thing but I couldn't help but listen to this several times.

EXCELLENT VOCALS by the way!!!

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