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Drive Time #3 (The Almost Trad Mix)



 Genre: Ambient
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This mix a return to a somewhat Traditional, fairly early Ambient style mix. It follows on from Drive Time #1 and Drive Time #2 although being slightly different than these previous two in style/sound.

I have made many journeys in my life, across the world, and so I seem to be somewhat fixated with travel, in one form or another. That is my indulgance. Please humour me whilst I mess around with soundscapes.

There are no sparklies or other top end refinements in this one but some may appear in later incarnations of the traveller or their modes of transport.

This is a long one (over 10 minutes) so sit back, turn the volume to around 50%, close your eyes and go on a journey to wherever your imagination takes you.

As always, please let me know what the weather was like......no, what your impressions were of the piece and any other thoughts you have.
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blindsidedpoets said 3187 days ago (March 26th, 2009)
Drive Time #3
I had to restart it at various sections about 4 times, the kids kept interrupting me. Pretty cool though, very eerie. Th sound quality is quite good, did you play a synth, or program it?
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Reinholt56 said 3186 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
I'm glad you got to the end without too many problems!!!

the mix has both programming and playing. More of the former, less of the latter. Sometimes the mix of the two is different.

The sound quiality is something I try as manage very carefully. It's hit and miss with me though, as I'm still trying to learn some of the arts of this high art.

Take care.

Skean said 3187 days ago (March 26th, 2009)
You're into some huge work here my friend... I did what you say and sure it was a great journey wow, thanks.

Take care
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Reinholt56 said 3186 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
Hi Kenta......
The mix could have been even longer, but with no real adornments or sparkle, to take away the monotony of the mix, I edged my bets at 10 minutes or so.

I'm very happy that you enjoyed the journey.

Take care.

Day-Dreamer said 3187 days ago (March 26th, 2009)
Trippy ambient!
Loved it.. Great musical journey so atmospheric:)
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Reinholt56 said 3186 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
Hi Dee......
Thanks for listening and leaving your thoughts. They are always welcome on the R56 page.

Take care.

paul f. page said 3187 days ago (March 26th, 2009)
There is no doubt...
...that this kind of music is "atmospheric" and lends itself beautifully to letting one's brain just empty out while the sounds wash over it many imaginative ways. You're the master, Paul, of this genre. Another stunning creation...The 50% was a good tip. Thanks. On the otherhand, if given a wide-screen cinema treatment with swirling new worlds in the cosmos, a 100% deal would be awesome. Nice.
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Reinholt56 said 3186 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
Hi Paul......
The volume levels of my mixes sometimes get out of hand due to my lack of real knowledge on mixing and producing, so I try and warn potential listeners of the danger. Also I've started over the last two or three mixes to leave the final recording volume lower than I used to, so the final production can lift this if necessary. It seems to have done something to the end product that works OK.

This piece came about through reading more of the history of the Ambient genre and how many different types of Ambient there are, some of which I'll probably never go near, as they are too sombre.

Thanks for your encouragement and thoughts.

Take care.

T_Being_esq said 3186 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
Did you take your genius pill again?
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Reinholt56 said 3186 days ago (March 27th, 2009)
Hi T_Being_esq........
I'm just readin about esks in a scifi novel..........

The genius pill was actually in a thial that someone else was using and they broke the thial and I got the merest sniff of the toxic fumes........This is what transpired. Sadly the person moved on so my second or two of genius has gone forever, and ever.......Here's to the next life. I just hope I don't come back as a giraffe.

Thanks for listening and leaving your very, very kind question.

Take care.

LunaTrick said 3180 days ago (April 2nd, 2009)
Just returned from a long journey - this is perfect!
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Reinholt56 said 3179 days ago (April 3rd, 2009)
Hi Daniel.........
Glad to be of service.......I hope the journey was worth taking.

Take care.

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