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The Crew



 Genre: Ambient
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The crew have been away from their home planet for five years, at faster than light speed, visiting stars a few light years away. They are overjoyed at their arrival in their home solar system and anticipate the homecoming and their friends and family awaiting their arrival.

I went for long, sustained PADs, and a few higher sounds, to try and evoke the scene, in space, of this gallant crew and their homecoming.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this mix.
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Uploaded: Apr 20, 2009 - 03:14:44 PM
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fabien0784 said 3162 days ago (April 20th, 2009)
outer space is cold and dark
well, maybe the crew could use some light to lift up their spirits... Anyway, this is mysterious, for sure! We just keep waiting for something to happen. There is something that sounds like an alarm (or firetruck sound /) in the middle, but that's it. Anyway, this is cool. Definitively cinematic. But too empty for my taste. Thanks for the trip!
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Reinholt56 said 3162 days ago (April 21st, 2009)
Hi Fabien.....
I hear what you're saying here. It is all true. I sometimes put too much in, sometimes not enough. This is maybe one of those times.

I enjoyed the PAD sounds too much, so that's my excuse.

Thanks for listening and leaving your thoughts. They are appreciated.

Take care.

K.I.S.KISMET said 3162 days ago (April 20th, 2009)
only weightless in spirit. a fantastic homecoming anthem that gravity itself would be happy to grab on to:)
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Reinholt56 said 3162 days ago (April 21st, 2009)
I like you thoughts on this piece. They resonates within me.

Thanks for stopping by, listening and leaving your thoughts.

Take care.


particledots said 3162 days ago (April 20th, 2009)
Hiya Paul
This is very nice

May I ask what synths you used on this?

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Reinholt56 said 3162 days ago (April 21st, 2009)
Hi Bryn....
The synths used were: Superwave Pro (3 instances) for the PAD's and CM Play (1 instance), with all three instances of Superwave Pro having their stereo outs fed to two stereo pairs on my mixer, to thicken the sound. This way the PAD's sound 'expensive' rather than weak.

I wanted a great PAD sound, so I Googled for the best PAD sound and Superwave Pro came up, on KVR, so I've been playing around with the settings for a couple of weeks now and it seems to do the job perfectly.

I'll drop you a note with a link to my latest draft on how I put some of my stuff together, where the screenshots show how I work, using EnergyXT2. It's not quite finished but will give you the gist of some of what I do with music.

Take care.

Ex_Silentio said 3161 days ago (April 21st, 2009)
Faster than light.
I guess I'm a little late. I had to carve out a 14-minute block of time with no interruptions so I could give this a decent listen. (Apalling how hard that is to do these days.) It was nice of fabien to offer some honest criticism, but, from my own very subjective point of view, I beg to differ. I think sparseness is the ultimate aim of the ultimate ambient. Anyway, my favorite stuff is very stripped down. If you can pull it off, more power to you. I have never had the courage to go totally sparse. It's like haiku -- you convey an image or a feeling with the minimum of "tools." It's a challenge, but beautiful when successful. I think this tune succeeds quite well. I can picture a space vehicle in deep space, with a starlit backdrop. Patience is the thing.
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Reinholt56 said 3161 days ago (April 22nd, 2009)
Hi Duane......
I hear what you're saying here. You thoughts seem OK with me. I listened to some minimal Ambient music last week and I must say that I found it hard to relax into. I prefer a little bit more going on, if only to stop myself falling asleep. Ha ha.

I'm concentrating, for the moment, on the sounds that I am using to put these type of mixes together. I'm in search of the ultimate PAD, so I may be uploading many 'in-between' pieces and pieces that vborder on experimental in some ways.

Thanks for stopping by to listen and leave your very interesting thoughts.

Take care.

LunaTrick said 3161 days ago (April 22nd, 2009)
classic sound
great envelopes... you're on a tear Paul!
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Reinholt56 said 3161 days ago (April 22nd, 2009)
Hi Daniel.......
As I commented above to Duane, I'm currently after some great sounds, so that I can really have deep, quality sounds making up my mixes, so I'm searching the old T'interweb, Googling like mad for everyone's ideas on the ultimate PAD.......Time will tell.

Take care.

Parichayaka said 3161 days ago (April 22nd, 2009)
I do remember...
when I last traveled faster than the speed light, visiting stars a few light years away and that's EXACTLY the music I heard in head while casually enjoying the view.

Love the poised, slow moving pulse of this. Good choice of synth pads and the occasional build in tension and intensity. I can understand how someone might find it too 'minimalistic' but to be honest, I've really enjoyed this as is, all 13 minutes of it.
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Reinholt56 said 3161 days ago (April 22nd, 2009)
Hi Parichayaka.........
Thank you for your very kind thoughts. I hear what Duane said about minimal or sparse music and I hear what you say too. This may prove that music is heard through the ears (as we all know) unless one can visualise music as colours (such as Charlie Parker could do) but is very much dependant on the listeners' views and state of mind/emotion. In other words, anything goes, as far as the listener is concerned and if someone gets something positive out of a piece of music, then all well and good. If not, or if some other effect happens due to their state of mind, then also it is a valid experience, but one that may not repeat in total, if the music is heard again.

I find this sort of personal subjective, triggered reaction, by listeners of my 'scapes, to be extremely interesting. I hope that this sort of thing doesn't go away.

The quality of the sounds/production could also help people to listen through from beginning to end.

Take care.

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