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Turn Around (with Richard Schletty)

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This song was originally posted in 2007 as "A Brighter Day" with Roxylee and Richard Schletty. At present that final version of this song is no longer on MJ but can be listened to HERE. This posting is the 2nd demo of the song recorded during the collaboration process. "Turn Around" was the working title at that time. Richard has had this on his hard drive all this time and just sent it to me. A little piece of our anthology, heheh. It's a sweet mix.

Jack: vocal, guitar
Richard: vocals, mixing
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I’m looking to find a time
Another place, some peace of mind
The troubled claims of today
Recede like clouds of yesterday.

Where is the goodness within the heart?
Where better angels take their part
Resisting envy, fear, and pride
Who will stand on mercy’s side?

Chorus: I’m looking for a brighter day
“Wishful dreamer” someone will say
“Don’t you know that can never, never be.”
But turn around you might see…

I’m looking for the moment when
Man sees his neighbor as his friend
Owing love and nothing more
Building heaven’s treasure store.

I’m hoping for the promise of
A new heart born from above
In the image of the One
To any one and all who come.

I’m looking for a better home
A love that seeks not its own
A place of joy meant from the start
Charity in every heart.

Can you hear it? It’s in your ear
Let Wisdom draw you, draw you near
The day is dawning, dawning bright
Will you wake to see its light?

Music and Lyrics by Jack Miller 2007
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sloparts said 3078 days ago (June 18th, 2009)
Very nice
Great lyrics, vocals, and harmonies. The simple backtrack works perfectly for this.

Great collab you two, filled with hope and love. Just wonderful,

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Dadai.2 said 3078 days ago (June 18th, 2009)
Thanks so much Ed...
Much credit to Rich for this demo mix... though he offered to give it a new tweak in his new Logic, I thought I'd post it as is. It works for me and I'm glad to know it does also for you. Hope, love... necessary ingredients for this life we live.

Richard_Schletty said 3078 days ago (June 19th, 2009)
Take that
Maybe I should dig out my take 1
Feter said 3078 days ago (June 18th, 2009)
Turn Around
O yeah ...this is a cool duet ..very fine classy vocal works indeed ..
i always admire your song writing ..nice matching blending voice Richy ..
very good job bros ...thnx alot for sharin !!!!
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Dadai.2 said 3077 days ago (June 19th, 2009)
Hey Feter....
Yep... classy vox-work by Schletty. This was his full-throated, many layered vocals demo run on my original guitar/vocal. It really is amazing what the guy can do with his vocal chords.

Many thanks for your comments and friendship.
Roxylee said 3077 days ago (June 19th, 2009)
Sweet mix!
It was good to hear this one again. Jack and Rich, great vocal style.:-)
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Dadai.2 said 3077 days ago (June 19th, 2009)
this is the pre-Roxy/Rich/Jack version (can be found at MacIdol-the link is on my MJ artist page). It was good to hear this again. Thanks Roxy...
Vic Holman said 3077 days ago (June 19th, 2009)
it's those harmonies.....
that really make this a cut above.

excellent pipes guys!
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Dadai.2 said 3077 days ago (June 19th, 2009)
I can't argue that...
Schletty.... Schletty.... Schletty. What I would give for his vocal talents...

Vic... thanks.
mowguy3 said 3076 days ago (June 20th, 2009)
A song of hope
and no desperation, that is not the norm,great writing. The harmonies are the ticket with this one. Men singing harmonies again not the norm, but this is full and rich and that makes a statement of it's own. Great job you guys, loved it.
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Dadai.2 said 3076 days ago (June 20th, 2009)
Russ... thanks.

There is a reason for hope. I know you know. I'll take credit for the words... but my friend Richard is the vocal force in this song. God bless you... dude!

Calchas said 3075 days ago (June 21st, 2009)
A Brighter Take!
Very VERY nice folk tuneage my friends.

I agree with what the Vicar said about those harmonies.

Heavenly and classic!

Be well all!
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Dadai.2 said 3075 days ago (June 21st, 2009)
Mike W...

You're a music enthusiast of the first order. Thanks for the nod... it's a track from way back off the so-called "cutting floor". A piece of time past brought forward.... Thanks.

Richard_Schletty said 3073 days ago (June 23rd, 2009)
Thank you all for your kind comments. Jack is quite the song architect. I am blessed to have met him here at MacJams in July of 2004. A man learns by doing.
Calchas said 3059 days ago (July 7th, 2009)
...you two are definitely kindred spirits.
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gail60 said 3071 days ago (June 25th, 2009)
This is so good. I love the lyrics, great harmonies and guitar. You two sound terrific together. Great collab!! Thank you both.
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Dadai.2 said 3071 days ago (June 25th, 2009)
Gail, thanks...

for stopping in and listening. I have to keep pointing toward Rich for the great harmonies (me-just the melody). Makes us want to do another.
Hydrogen3 said 3067 days ago (June 29th, 2009)
Turn Around
Nice mellow tune!! This reminds me so much of Mamma's & Pappa's! Very Nice! Holley :)
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Dadai.2 said 2970 days ago (October 4th, 2009)
Mammas & the Papas...

Well I must say... it doesn't get any better by way of compliments than your comments. Thank you very much Holley.

snowdragon said 3067 days ago (June 29th, 2009)
Excellent vocal work guys.
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Dadai.2 said 2876 days ago (January 6th, 2010)
I'm a little slow...
I just saw this comment of yours. Schletty's excellence does it... even makes me sound good.

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