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Final Battle (Act III)

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Third act in my 'A Day In The Life Of Obsinea' story done for my final project in my Digital Music Technology class, if you are listening to this before Act I and Act II, please redirect yourself to do so first.
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The warrior returns to Obsinea with the fighter at his side. There in the center of the village the wizard is waiting for his final confrontation with the Benevolent Warrior.

Benevolent Warrior
What was happened here? How could it be
that the village now is nothing, reduced to rubble in front of me?
What evil seed could conduct a deed of such death?
At what point must the people bleed enough yet
Show yourself dark lord, coward with a tyrant
Accept the fact that you've confused power with your violence
My purpose, mother has made it clear that it's urgent
It's imminent, defending the innocent from the serpent

Dark Wizard
So I see that you have finally returned
but there will be no salvation for these people I have burned
My power is as strong as the dark depths of hell
My minions will control while I cast this black wizard spell
You mother was a saint whom these people all cherished
But for my dark design I’d rather this land perish
So take heed to the words that you read on those stones
You cannot beat me, never, my power has grown!

The warrior leapt forward to strike the Dark Wizard, felling the pressure of his fist charge the dense and hazy air. A split second moving motion, felling as if it lasted for eternity. Before the blow could land upon the wizard, the tyrant lunged forward to halt the warrior’s advance.

Dark Wizard
Boy have you forgotten the beat at my command?
His bulk and his mass is to strong for your hand
A gargantuan tyrant I amassed from the land
Granite born structure has returned once again
Try as you may you will not stop him now
This is my time to rule, I have Obsinea now
My cold clutch grasps these weak and feeble people
I still ponder how they climbed and reached that peak’s steeple!

Benevolent Warrior
Hold fast, you think I would fold from your soul's cold wrath?
Light is my sword, but your soul's all black
I can't hold back when the dark
Has the gall to attack from the black of its heart
Beast, fall! Feel the cold steel, but you must
Understand you'll never know what it means to be loved
So with this I'm letting you be dismissed through the ages
Thus your sentence is set, yes, you are vanquished.

The warrior unleashed the wrath of his weapon upon the tyrant and shattered his existence within an instant. Standing now on the battle ground, only the wizard stood before him, unsure of his grasp on Obsinea.

Dark Wizard
What? But how!?! That monster was unbeatable! You may have destroyed him boy, but you will not stop me.

Benevolent Warrior

The power blast knocked the warrior back, hard against the surface. But from the warrior’s satchel flew a box that started to emit a melody of love and hope. The wizard started to writhe in agony at the sound.

Dark Wizard
Noooooooooo! I thought that damned asylum had been destroyed long ago… How did you know this would be my reckoning?

Benevolent Warrior
I did not, my mother left it with me when I was taken into hiding. She must of placed it with me so I could use it to eradicate you now!

Dark Wizard

And with that final cry, the dark wizard was materialized back into the music box, to be forgotten and locked away forever. As if it happened instantly the dark clouds above Obsinea cleared and the people emerged from hiding to welcome the hero’s return who had saved their holy land from the clutches of evil…
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ElPeruano said 2921 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
dude, that was really cool. great story-telling, production, and performance (that Holistik with you too?).

what kind of AE school are you attending?

Thanks for sharing this with us. very cool concept and highly entertaining.
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Ancient Rhymer said 2920 days ago (November 21st, 2009)
It is
yeah, I got Holistik to be my protagonist for my project and the school I'm attending is the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, BC, loving every minute of my time spent there, I've learned so much since I started last october in 08. Thank for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
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PrototypeEightyOne said 2921 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
very cool concept and execution. I could see where you might want to make adjustments regarding the backing track, but as is its still ILL. Thanks for bringing some dope flavour to MJ. faved. peace.
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