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the living wage

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this song is directly related to NORTH COUNTRY BLUES.in an ante room when i was 14 me mick and dave(segovia)used to listen to this song and marvelled at the existance of bob dylan.we were in the hall adjacent to the carpet factory
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the living wage

I stood out in the rain, wouldn't go back in
I knew if I went back I'd go back to nothing
You can send on my pay to the dead of this age
And kiss on the foot to get the living wage

My dreams turned on me they just turned back on me
They weren't waiting up front they were in the work behind me
When I was young I'd go up the street with the weekend in my hand
And the world at my feet
But it's all just notes torn from the banker's page
And you suck in his breath to get the living wage
And the stars and dreams are for us all for to work and to take
And that gets taken from ye your mind could break
And the worship in the voices in the silence rooms
Who's going to feed the kids and hold on to them
And man is lost inside a cage and is his own death inside the living wage
There are candles going out blown out each alone
Falling in the darkness the sad fall of a soul
And them that love these people see them even without rage
And even when you sleep you stand inside the living wage

And in my dream I go into a room
And my heart pumps in the blackness alone
And the ghosts of us housed inside the rooms
Screeching overseeing the sucking on a womb
And my family flesh is opened and I awake in fear
That I have not listened to the voices that I hear
There are candles going out blown out each alone..............
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Feter said 2932 days ago (December 3rd, 2009)
the living wage
this is deep ...
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ramonaji said 2932 days ago (December 3rd, 2009)
really enjoyed this
thank you!
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johnwhitehead said 2932 days ago (December 4th, 2009)
Love your poetry, man.

Righteous lyrics.

"I'd go up the street with the weekend in my hand" What a great line!
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tempie said 2931 days ago (December 4th, 2009)
another terrific tune
dude you're my new favorite macjammer. the best songs imo have something to say about the human condition, and damn if you don't have that down. great tune, great lyrics, great title, and great delivery. Thanks for the DL too!
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lengold said 2928 days ago (December 7th, 2009)
David - this
is very powerful.
Downloaded. Thanks.

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Willywagga said 2928 days ago (December 7th, 2009)
powerful stuff
Many's the weekend we've had in our hands, the endless toil,
heartfelt lyrics Dave this is a powerful song.

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FlorryMcCarthy said 2926 days ago (December 9th, 2009)
Fancy meeting you here. All the best and welcome old friend.

Chat soon Florry
All the best
Till the next venture
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Char said 2889 days ago (January 15th, 2010)
vocal. The mood is so heart-rending. Thanks.
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hackneybloke said 2867 days ago (February 7th, 2010)
the living wage
hey david. this is fantastic. i love the fact you can hear your breathing and that you probably did the whole thing in one take because there's a 'right now' feel about it. your voice is incredibly unique, intense, emotional. 'i'd go up the street with the weekend in my hand' is such a poetic lyric. big bows of appreciation and envy. well done. thanks for the download - i'm going to enjoy listening to this over and over.
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thenpowell said 2840 days ago (March 5th, 2010)
the living wage
kiss the foot to get a living wage,fuck me the old lighting bolt murphy has done it again.the candle is burning bright at both ends.myself and dave are good friends and grew up in our twenties roaring and shouting about structure,ballance,performance and narrative in song writing .when we got fed up with that we went off and got drunk and sang songs about our garndfathers.everything counts.its good to see him write so well again.im going to give you some of my own music and hope to be a contender.all of us in macjam should write a cheerful song for dave ha ha .getting back to the song.leonard choen eat your balls off.
Jerry_Quinn said 2275 days ago (September 21st, 2011)
the living wage
poetic. I felt like I was sitting at a table with a pint listening to you sing and breathe. Very good.
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