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The Limitless Light



 Genre: Ambient
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The title comes from Ain Soph Aur (of the Tree of life). The piece is meditational in mood, slowly evolving somewhat whilst staying true to the beginning. It is sixteen minutes long. It might seem a lifetime. Make a cuppa, put on your headphones, sit back and relax.

There will be more of these (almost dark) Ambient pieces, of longer lengths, as they take so long to develop due to the Super LFO settings.

The mix used six SLFO's, three LFO's and one S&H for modulations purposes besides 3 oscillators, 2 Zebra's and 1 M42. The music was MIDI-fied and mixed to add sounds for the arrangement. Quite fiddly for the small number of VSTi's used.

Any thoughts, comments or ideas will be most welcome here in unusually hot Sheffield by the sea.
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Uploaded: May 20, 2010 - 01:09:42 PM
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rok41 said 2766 days ago (May 20th, 2010)
Nice, listening at work...very chill..good job!
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Reinholt56 said 2765 days ago (May 21st, 2010)
Hi Rok41.....
I feel better now, knowing that someone thought that the mix was OK and not too slow to take off or too laid back and going nowhere.

Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts.

Take care.

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Narad said 2766 days ago (May 20th, 2010)
The Limitless Light
Very relaxing and infinitely wide. :)
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Reinholt56 said 2765 days ago (May 21st, 2010)
Hi Harald.......
If the piece is relaxing, then I think that i've done my job with the mix. The width is VST effects including reverb. I listen mostly on headphones (as I live in a flat with others below and above me) so I don't always hear what others hear.

Take care.

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RAVENS said 2765 days ago (May 21st, 2010)
Couldn't think of a better way to relax while drinking my coffee. Very dreamy tune & very well worth 16 minutes!

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Reinholt56 said 2765 days ago (May 21st, 2010)
Hi Raven......
Glad to hear that the mix didn't spoil your coffee. It's good to know that those that listen to this aren't getting many negative vibes.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

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davajonah said 2765 days ago (May 21st, 2010)
Really nice!
And very meditative, as is your style. The subtle key changes are masterfully done and the synth voices work really well. I don't find this particularly dark though. Very light and spacious. Another for the "Paul Ambient" iPod playlist - thanks.

Sheffield by the sea?! I suppose it is, on a global scale! Still muggy where I am. Truly is Murkeyside at the moment.

Cheers Paul.
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Reinholt56 said 2764 days ago (May 22nd, 2010)
Hi Dave.......
My mind is more and more in a meditative state so this type of soundscape is the focus of my outward creativity. I have started once again to produce music as it no longer seems a waste of my time when there are more important things, seemingly, to be getting on with. I should be completing a series of Ambient trip music. Four are already complete although two may not ever appear in public as they were 'learning pieces' to try and put the techniques together in an effective way. Where they take the listener is anyone's guess.

There seemed a holiday atmosphere in the town centre yesterday, what with the sun and all, so Sheffield by the Sea seemed appropriate, and yes I am going mad (if not already there). Ha ha.

Have a good weekend.

Take care.

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Ex_Silentio said 2764 days ago (May 22nd, 2010)
I love that title --- alliterative and suggestive of the infinite. Beautifully placed transitions. I admire your patience. I admire mine, as well (haha), which gives me the ability to listen to this extended meditation (with a cuppa). Well worth the time, and I must say that it's nice that you trust your audience (which should be much bigger) to listen through. So many composers worry about lack of attention span. Strangely, I listened to the first minute, looked up at the player, and noticed that 6 minutes had gone by. Your music can dilate time. This not at all dark. It is all light. All is well with the Universe.
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Reinholt56 said 2764 days ago (May 22nd, 2010)
Hi Duane......
Limitless seems better than all-encompassing. Time dilation. Mmmm. I'll have to read up on my Relativity again. It's a few years since I read Relativity for the Layman. I'll have to add a caveat 'Beware you may lose a day or two if you keep listening to my works'. It's true with or without Einstein's contributions.

I just wonder if the universe will meet itself as it expands. There's an idea for a mix.

I sometimes can't judge how the mood of a piece comes across. I couldn't hear too many melodic sparklies, so judged the piece dark. I'm happy that both you and others found the mood lighter.

Take care.

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Name: Paul J Slinn
Location: Sheffield UK
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I'm currently busy with getting my life back on some sort of track and hope to get into the music making business again in the near future, with a planned third net album 'Karma of Love' that will be an Immersive Ambient set of tracks. This should be... [see more]

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Ambient music is a loosely defined musical genre that incorporates elements of a number of different styles - including jazz, electronic music, new age, rock and roll, modern classical music, reggae, traditional, world and even noise.

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