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A Little Bit Lost ( An Ambiental Mix)



 Genre: Ambient
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This is a most recent mix. It consists of my experiments for the Fripp-sound, if I can say that on a family-oriented site. There is relief in the mix but you just might forget I've told you this!! Ha ha.

The voices within the mix are saying whatever you hear them saying. Can I say that they ar 'instrumental' to the mix?? Who knows!?

The sustained notes are Pads tickled by SLFO's (Slofo's). The rest is effects.

I'm always interested in what you think of my mixes. Feel free to think away....
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Uploaded: Sep 15, 2010 - 10:03:15 AM
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ShadowofNine said 2649 days ago (September 15th, 2010)
Ambient Master
this genre is yours to hold for me, always interesting and provocative the lower end sound is so P.F. in it's intensity reminds me of our lost brother Richard Wright, bravo on another winner...enjoyed and will keep a copy to..
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Reinholt56 said 2647 days ago (September 17th, 2010)
Hi SoN....
Funnily enough I had been in a weekends immersion of Pink Floyd and all things Floydian, so your observation may have more meaning than you can know!!! I love their music but it may move me more that I had realised.

Thanks for stopping by to listen.

Take care.

Henke said 2649 days ago (September 15th, 2010)
It is a nice mix
indeed. With recognisable Reinholtian chord changes and a chopped ending. I suppose that's what the title referrs to? Many nice sounds and sound developments over the almost 10 minutes. Enjoyed the listen!

BTW, the voices to me really are "instrumental" in as much as I can't hear a word they are saying. Hope I'm not missing a lot because of that...

Take care,
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Reinholt56 said 2647 days ago (September 17th, 2010)
Hi Henke.....
The voices in the mix weren't very important, from my point of view. I don't know what most of their words were, as they were random phrases triggered through the mix, hence they were 'played' rather than sung.

The endings of my pieces all get similar treatment, either left alone to stop quickly or they are faded out at some pace that seemed to me OK at the time I was working on the piece. I guess I'll have to take more care with that part of the editing.

Take care.


particledots said 2649 days ago (September 15th, 2010)
hey paul
very cool stuff
would like to know more about your experiments and attempts to get the fripp sound - i have been on the same endeavour




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Reinholt56 said 2647 days ago (September 17th, 2010)
Hi Bryn......
I had noticed your experiments, a couple of weeks ago, after the RF video appeared. I have never really listened to him and thought that one of my sounds in this mix sounded, from one point of view, similar, although as Shadow of Nine mentioned above, the similarity to Floyd is also there. I've PM'd you with details.

Take care.

Narad said 2648 days ago (September 16th, 2010)
A Little Bit Lost
Very interesting musical experience, not lost at all, but I did find again your beautiful musical skills and investigations here.
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Reinholt56 said 2647 days ago (September 17th, 2010)
Hi Harald.....
Thank you for your kind words. I don't know what to say apart from that I put effort into some of the sounds I create and sometimes it pays off with listeners liking those same sounds.

Take care.

peterms said 2642 days ago (September 22nd, 2010)
I like
your mixes are quite good. I am working on ambient stuff myself. It's a pleasure to hear others on MJs doing what I love too.
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Reinholt56 said 2642 days ago (September 22nd, 2010)
Hi Pete....
I'll stop by your page and have a listen. My 'quite good' is ok for me as I don't get bogged down by technicalities. I get pleasure out of doing what I do do to my uploads. I'm a professional amateur or a very amateur professional as far as mastering goes.

Good luck with your Ambient pieces.

Take care.

Ex_Silentio said 2641 days ago (September 23rd, 2010)
Think away ...
I think suspension, questioning, wondering, displacement, hesitation, slight fear. Also, I think fantastic. Love it.
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Reinholt56 said 2640 days ago (September 24th, 2010)
Hi Duane.....
These last 3 pieces are put together from a different point of view than my normal methods. Bryn's experiments with Frippatronic sounds had me intruiged and when some of my backing sounds resembled this type of music I went along with the flow, not seeking it by desing.

The sounds are NOT guitar/cello/sustain/etc. that Fripp does but a sound-like, and with that I am OK.

Your descriptive words all fit, along with my ideas. You know what I mean with my words and the sounds, so that's good.

I'm actually listening to Delius's 'On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring' as I type this. Go figure!!!!

Take care.

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