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Transitional Realities



 Genre: Ambient
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This is my last, for now, FrippishFloydBudd-like mix. This is two of the same track mixed with loads of effects to try and make parts sound like discarnate voices. A spooky mix, for want of a more subtle description. I think it is granny-proof but who knows??

Let me know your thoughts on this. I'm always interested.
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Uploaded: Sep 22, 2010 - 01:51:15 PM
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drakonis said 2642 days ago (September 22nd, 2010)
FrippishFloydish... Franke-ish too
Sounds like you've squeezed a little Tangerine over this too :-) I like how you have that little almost vox-like attack, followed by wispy trails of synths sparkling away behind. And am I having deja vu with that chord sequence, sounds cosmically reminiscent of something :-) Nice choices of voices.
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Reinholt56 said 2640 days ago (September 24th, 2010)
Hi Mr D.....
Having probably 20 or more of their albums I'm not surprised that something creeps in now and again....The chord sequence..Hmmmm. Didn't notice that. Highly likely. I'll listen again, from the chord sequence point of view. I use chord progressions like half empty pots of paint, to dip into as and when (not as door stops)!!

The arranging of voices is one of the composition processes that I enjoy the most. It also takes more time than the music itself. I do at least three or four 'drafts' and then follow one to an upload, most of the time but have been known to mix up to 13 drafts and then still abandon the piece. Occasionally one mix works. Then I can relax for a couple of minutes before something else triggers my imagination.

Take care.

jdholliday said 2642 days ago (September 22nd, 2010)
hey I played this
for my granny and she loved it and so do I!
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Reinholt56 said 2640 days ago (September 24th, 2010)
Hi JD.....
Many thanks for your kind comments. They made me smile in a big way.

The trick was to try to be scary but not too 'behind the couch scary'. I'm glad it worked.

Take care.


davisamerica said 2642 days ago (September 22nd, 2010)
fripptastic paul
so you have been pushing in a new direction from what i am used to? being a frustrated crazed vocalist i love to imagine what could be done on tracks. this one would lend its self to some vocals i think. having said that i must add..it is perfect as is. really cool track paul.
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Reinholt56 said 2640 days ago (September 24th, 2010)
Do you want to add any vocals?? The piece is yours to do with as you please. If you want to do anything and need anything from me, let me know.

I can hear it from the point of view of a soundbed. I hadn't listened from this point of view but know where you're coming from.

Take care.


davajonah said 2641 days ago (September 23rd, 2010)
I no longer have a granny to play this to! But she may have liked it. I certainly do. Much busier than your usual forays Paul, I like all the trailing synths you have used. Very subtle, very cool.
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Reinholt56 said 2640 days ago (September 24th, 2010)
Hi Dave......
The trailing 'bits' are really artefacts and sparklies. Not intentional. All of this came about as an accident. I'll send you the notes I did for Bryn if you want them. Send me a note with your email and I'll send it as soon as....

The synth for this was Sylenth1 with a PAD preset. Nothing else. The rest came out of the MIDI sequence and the synths interpretation and timing adding the rest.

I'm the same as far as grannies go. Ah well....

Take care.

Ex_Silentio said 2641 days ago (September 23rd, 2010)
Reinholt reality
I get the Fripp reference. I can hear some of that, but not Floyd so much. But when it comes down to it, this is pure Reinholt. Got the patented Reinholt changes -- the Reinholt transitional reality. I will simply echo Drak in saying that the wispy trails are very nice.
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Reinholt56 said 2640 days ago (September 24th, 2010)
Hi Duane.....
The Froyd reference is from the sounds being similar to Dave Gilmore's recordings at the Royal Albert Hall and Dave Gilmore in Concert DVD's. He uses some sort of sustain pedal for a brilliant effect.

The wispy trails are almost pure luck, as they were an effect-of not a cause. Not planned but appearing through some other function or lack of function of the soft synth itself. I left them in as thought they didn't take away from the main sound, only seemed to add to it.

Take care.

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