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Drifting (The Extended Mix)



 Genre: Ambient
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This mix is a longer version of one called, strangely, Drifting, not to be mixed up with the one called Drifting (An Ambient Halloween Mix), which is different.

I found this old track, from 2010, on a memory stick but I'd forgotten it was there. Things like that happen these days. It's called CRAFT Syndrome (Can't Remember A Flaming Thing). Anyway. It's here now. All 11:26 of it. Drift away!!
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Uploaded: Jun 22, 2011 - 01:32:13 AM
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ramonaji said 2370 days ago (June 22nd, 2011)
nicely done
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Reinholt56 said 2367 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Hi Ramona....
Yeah. It's true to say 'Trippy' about this although I prefer proper Triphop to this Ambient soundscape. I thought it was just a tune to relax a bit to but with an 'edge'.

Take care.

davisamerica said 2369 days ago (June 22nd, 2011)
I'm drifting
but i am not liking it ...there is something ominous out there. Paul this is impressive .... but "Drifting"..??? really??? lol...just kidding. Cool track.
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Reinholt56 said 2369 days ago (June 23rd, 2011)
Hi Jack....
It's drifting, but not as we know it......The ominousness is integral to the atmosphere created....

Thanks for the thoughts. Made me listen to the piece yet again to see what I hear this time, if you know what I mean.

Take care.

Henke said 2369 days ago (June 22nd, 2011)
CRAFT is my second name
Only I had forgotten about it... Thanks for reminding me ;-)

Awsome space mix. Those chord changes are still there but they are more subtle than in some of your other mixes. Works well and with the overall big and hallow soundscape you sure succeeded this time :-)

Take care,
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Reinholt56 said 2369 days ago (June 23rd, 2011)
Hi Henke.....
Your comments about my pieces are a great pointer as to what works and what doesn't work. I thank you for listening to these mixes of mine and then spending the time to tell me about what you heard and your impressions.

I think this CRAFT Syndrome is more common than we both think. When we remember to think that is. Ha ha....

Take care.

PatriciaGirl said 2369 days ago (June 22nd, 2011)
Thank you!
I'm glad you rediscovered this piece. The time length was perfect for me. As for the soundscape, I was able to drift away actually. Thank you for that!

My interpretation: A complex strike of the key and the time variant filter that released a very timely rich and angelical textures. Each different strike was like a flip of a switch, that sparked my imagination. My only thought (imo) is that I would of loved an introduction to a second underlying sound, filter or otherwise different effect that is sustained…Sometimes I need hand rails to help me guide through my journey.

Well done Paul! Thanks for sharing this one. patty:)

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Reinholt56 said 2367 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Hi Patty.....
You are most kind. I mess around with so many pieces and abandon or forget them and then come across them. I may revisit the piece if I can find the original working folder on my laptop or computer. I've changed/added things to my musical arsenal since I originally did this mix.

Your description is excellent. I must listen to this again whilst I have your words in my mind and see where it takes me to or the journey I have on the way.

Take care.

Doug Somers said 2369 days ago (June 22nd, 2011)
Drifting indeed
I feel like I'm exploring the unfathomably huge engine room of a craft that is designed for interstellar travel. There are pipes and ladders and platforms and lights that seem to reach off into the dim cavernous space in every direction. No matter where I turn there is no end in sight. There is apprehension but it's not something I can put my finger on quite - maybe it's about finding out where I am and how to get out. But I start to realise that there is no getting out. There is only this drifting.

Much enjoyed Paul, and dloaded.
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Reinholt56 said 2367 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Hi Doug....
Your description is one that I can relate to very well. I read, all the time, about huge interstellar craft and how people on board them have to cope with the intricacies of something 3-/5-kilometers in length. The engineroom/s and 'boiler rooms' must be cathedral-like and the engines themselves must be the size of small asteroids.

Take care.

RAVENS said 2369 days ago (June 22nd, 2011)
I needed to be taken to another place tonight, so thank you for doing that. I love your work, you have such a unique style. Fabulous!

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Reinholt56 said 2367 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Hi Dani....
It's always a pleasure to have you along for a ride on one of my imagination tours. You don't have any particular destination, just a journey. The sky is the limit, or not, the journey is the length of a piece of string or a big as a cosmic circle. You make your own arrangements once on board and see/hear/feel/experience whatever comes to mind along the way.

Take care.

aRcTip said 2369 days ago (June 23rd, 2011)
What a nice sounding soundscape. I've played this a couple of times while working and it puts my mind at ease. Great work.
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Reinholt56 said 2367 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Hi aRcTip....
You're always welcome to catch a lift on one of the Reinholt56 MagicalMystical Trips and if you can do some work whilst moving along then alls to the better.

Take care.

Narad said 2369 days ago (June 23rd, 2011)
Excellentissime soundtrack ! Bravo ! :)
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Reinholt56 said 2367 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Hi Harald.....
Thank you kind sir for your very thoughtful words. They mean a lot comgin from your good self. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Take care.

Ex_Silentio said 2369 days ago (June 23rd, 2011)
Rendezvous with Reinholt
I immediately had visions of the Rama, then noticed that Doug had a similar impression. Drifting to me would be a state of non-expectation. Here, I feel like I'm exploring and scrutinizing, on the alert, anticipating ... something. A large space, with weird, unidentifiable sounds coming out of the distant shadows. The 11 minutes drifted by. Very craftily executed.
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Reinholt56 said 2367 days ago (June 24th, 2011)
Hi Duane....
That's my middle name, crafty...I always try and add background sparklies to add to the dimensions of the mix I'm presenting. It's only fair to have something to fall back to if the more up front part of the piece is not up to it.

Arthur C Clark is a long-time hero of mine. I've read many of his books including the Rama series. Very, very good stuff.

Here's to the next mix.

Take care.

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