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Towards A Distant Horizon



 Genre: Ambient
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I've been re-reading Dune, by Frank Herbert, along with Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. I had originally read Dune in the 70's and the re-reading has meant that I have been able to see the novels in a whole new light.

This soundscape came about because of the 'new light' and because I wanted to capture some of the thoughts and feeling evoked by the subject matter.

The piece is somewhat over thirteen minutes in length.
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Uploaded: Jul 16, 2011 - 07:10:59 AM
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rok41 said 2346 days ago (July 16th, 2011)
Is such a great piece of work (the movie not so much)...I love the fact that you are producing music that is stirred by your reaction to a reading passage. This is a long piece, and patience is not my thing, but as always I find myself glued to your songs, and it just brings a sense of peace to me, 13 minutes in and I love it, thanks!
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Reinholt56 said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
Hi Chris...
Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words. I love to be inspired by what I see, do and hear and the Dune book, after thirty years time has elapsed since my first reading, was fresher that before. Some parts had me weeping and many sentences captivated me with the relevance in todays world. It has been many years since a book had that sort of effect on me.

I'm happy that you found peace in my soundscape.

Take care.

awigze said 2345 days ago (July 16th, 2011)
And beautiful. Ideas flow into another. A work of love is what I see and hear.
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Reinholt56 said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
Hi Andy....
You capture, in your words, what I try to put into (and portray) in all my works. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. This piece seems to have worked. I know that the book has effected me with what is contained within the covers.

Take care.

davajonah said 2345 days ago (July 16th, 2011)
Desert planet. Never a drop of rain on Arrakis. A book I loved. [and the first few sequels too, though it did get a little silly after the third one] I'm also a big fan of the film, though there are flaws. They can be forgiven when you consider the wonderful Baron Harkonnen on Geidi Prime and the visit of the Guild navigator to the Emperor Shaddam on Kaitan scenes. I especially like the soundtrack! Eno's prophesy theme is something else.

You are a brave man to attempt a "soundtrack" for Dune, if you like, but you've done a wonderful job here. I like this a lot.
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Reinholt56 said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
Hi Dave....
I too thought the film flawed, mainly as far as length of film to length of book. What to keep and what to discard. The music did not effect me much and I've just had to go Google the details. I will be listening to whatever I can from the film over the next few days to learn.

I wasn't thinking about a 'soundtrack' for Dune but rather a way of portraying the predictive visions and the fact that there are always unknowns, even in plans down to the finest detail, for there are always things outside the planner's control. Towards a Distant Horizon encapsulates what is hidden by the circumference of the planet. It is always out of sight.

Take care.

aRcTip said 2345 days ago (July 16th, 2011)
Towards A Distant Horizon
I like it. This is really beautiful, Paul.

I have to go and pick up the book because of this (I have just seen the film).
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Reinholt56 said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
Hi aRcTip....
I'm glad you liked this mix. I thought that there were just enough 'normal' sounds in the mix to upload it. It wasn't too abstract to create an image in the minds eye.

Good reading with the book. I'm sure you'll love it. Especially some of the prose that is relevant in our place and time as we live from day to day.

Take care.

Llarion said 2345 days ago (July 16th, 2011)
I always turn the lights off...
...and close my eyes when I listen to your stuff. It's so visceral and emotionally complete... I've not experienced the Dune universe, but now I think I'll need to after listening to this!
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Reinholt56 said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
Hi Phil...
I myself always listen with closed eyes, after the mixing stages. Then the soundscape can do its work on my inner senses and I know what the mix should be called.

I would read the book/s first. I recently bought the Dune trilogy: Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. All the other books in the 'series' I've yet to read.

Take care.

PatriciaGirl said 2345 days ago (July 16th, 2011)
A treasure.

Greater than treasure, Usul. We have thousands of such caches. Only a few of us know them all. When we have enough... we shall change the face of Arrakis.

Frank Herbert is one of my favorite sci-fi writers I love to read, listen and watch. Dune is my favorite, the others are okay like the children of Dune. Just finished watching that one. Anyways, Paul your work is awesome, such a large platform to create with. My imagination soars with this one. The guide rails (description with sound) you provided in this piece is a great addition within the Dune universe.

Enjoyed this one very much, thanks again-patty:)

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Reinholt56 said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
Hi Patty.....
The part of Dune that deeply effected me was where Paul slew the first Fremen but didn't want to kill him. There are many parts where I was surprised at the effect Frank Herbert's words had on me.

Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot to me.

Take care.

michaeljayklein said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
This was brilliant...
thanks for posting it!
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Reinholt56 said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
Hi Michael......
Thanks for stopping by to listen. I'm off now to listen to your latest upload again. I listened to it last night but I want to hear it again.

Take care.

Skean said 2345 days ago (July 17th, 2011)
Thirteen minutes in length
Fits well to my after dinner relaxing, I've not reading the book, but I always gets a nice trip from your stuff, Paul.

Take care
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Reinholt56 said 2344 days ago (July 18th, 2011)
Hi Kenta....
Thanks for listening to this soundscape. It is just one of my Dune-themed soundscapes that I am working on at the moment.

If you get chance you might enjoy reading Dune, the original novel. It has great relevance to the world troubles of today.

Take care.

RAVENS said 2344 days ago (July 18th, 2011)
I love your work, you always seem to top yourself with every new piece. Fascinating, as I knew it would be!

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Reinholt56 said 2344 days ago (July 18th, 2011)
Hi Dani....
I used to be nervous when anyone said that they loved my work. How could I reproduce the stuff that others liked?? I just do all my mixes now with fingers crossed. It makes it difficult to play the keyboard but does bring me some luck.

Thanks for stopping by to listen.

Take care.

sammydix said 2343 days ago (July 18th, 2011)
I listen to music like this when i write (prose) because it's lyric-less and soothing. for me, it's "inspirational" for generating ideas. this is up there with some of the best i've heard along wit tokai. gotta go check out some of the others now....
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Reinholt56 said 2341 days ago (July 21st, 2011)
Hi Sammy.....
Good of you to let me in on some of your creative techniques. I too find inspiration in certain themes. Thank you for the kind words.

Take care.

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