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Mix and Match (An Abstract Ambient Mix)



 Genre: Ambient
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This mix is one of the few that I did a video to but there are copyright restrictions to me uploading it onto Youtube. Must look into that. Anyway the soundscape is ALL mine so no restrictions there.

It's a little bit Experimental and also a tiny bit melodic, but please don't hold that against me. I've been watching movies such as Limitless and Battle: Los Angeles and reading SciFi books till the cows come home as well as playing with my Fuji X100, hence not much music from me. Sort of holiday mode........
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Uploaded: Aug 14, 2011 - 04:27:43 AM
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HP Pavilion Elite HPE computer
Energy XT2, Reaper 2, Goldwave, 2 x Scapes Wizard and one instance TAL NoiseMaker
Bowman said 2316 days ago (August 14th, 2011)
and otherworldly and I don't think we should plan on having tea and crumpets with these guys any time soon.
Good one Paul.
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Reinholt56 said 2314 days ago (August 16th, 2011)
Hi Charlie....
Yeah. The welcome is not going to be there. They seem to be always portraid as the bad guys/things.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care.

Henke said 2316 days ago (August 14th, 2011)
Sweet ambient mix
With just the right amount of "edge" to the sweetness. And nah, I'd say this is pretty ambient, even if the genre is somewhat mistreated, and not only by me ;-)

Should be interesting to see the movie, if you manage to get it on air eventually.

Thanks and take care,
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Reinholt56 said 2314 days ago (August 16th, 2011)
Hi Henke....
I didn't know if I should say this was Ambient or Electronic, so I went with Ambient. Maybe I picked wrong.

The movie is all computr generated graphics but the site says that the images can't be made public. I'll check this out further and see exactly what they mean.

Take care.

particledots said 2315 days ago (August 14th, 2011)
so whats with this
you tube licensing deal...i have experienced 'warnings' too when posting videos with original material
i think it has something to do with music that has similar titles...
anyway....all that aside...this is a wonderfully atmospheric piece....certainly very deserving of a visual accompaniment
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Reinholt56 said 2314 days ago (August 16th, 2011)
Hi Bryn.....
I believe that the Soundspectrum website says, somewhere, that the produced videos can't be shown publically so I'm trying to find out what that is all about and how it affeects non-profit viewing. I'll let you know.

I seem to be going towards Abstract Ambient Electronica but who knows what my next mix will sound like. We'll see/hear.

Take care.

davajonah said 2315 days ago (August 15th, 2011)
Bloody nuisance. I too would be interested in seeing visuals to accompany this soundscape. Very interesting and eerie atmosphere you've created here. And you've been playing with a Fuji X100 too! Fine piece of kit, by all accounts. Sadly, out of my price range!
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Reinholt56 said 2314 days ago (August 16th, 2011)
Hi Dave......
The sounds are a tad too weird, even for me. That's why I had to put in some semblance of melody. I don't really like where my musical ideas are taking me but we'll see what comes out of the wash next.

The Fuji X100 is amazing!!! I've not learned how to make decent tunes with it yet but some of the sounds it has are brilliant. The images aren't too bad either.

Take care.

aRcTip said 2315 days ago (August 15th, 2011)
Mix and Match
Interesting soundscape. Sort of sharp, metallic-sounding to me. I like the background "space". I thought Fuji X100 was a soft synth at first, now I know better.
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Reinholt56 said 2314 days ago (August 16th, 2011)
Hi aRcTip....
The soundscape was too strange, even for me, so I put in the melodic element. This seemed to make it a good deal more easy to listen too.

The camera is a brilliant piece of kit.

Take care.

Ex_Silentio said 2315 days ago (August 15th, 2011)
Intense, even without low frequencies. Horror movie. Supernatural fear. Now I'm curious about the video. I hope that works out. I've seen those movies, also. Try "Inception." That will blow your mind.
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Reinholt56 said 2314 days ago (August 16th, 2011)
Hi Duane....
I have seen 'Inception' and it is another great movie. I especially enjoyed the philosophical aspects of the 'Why' to the story line.

The mix is just another detour from proper Ambient. My dad would say 'Why don't you play proper music instead of that crap'!! We'll see.

Take care.

PatriciaGirl said 2314 days ago (August 16th, 2011)
Mix and Match
A very sonorous and compelling journey this one is. It's great to read that your inspiration for these pieces stems from your rediscovery of the SciFi genre. To me that is inspirational in itself.

Minds eye: This piece has tension like anticipation of the terror that is unfolding. Unknown species going about their strange routines as an unsuspecting human peeks over a piece of machinery uncovering a diabolical plan :)

Well done! Thanks for sharing.
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Reinholt56 said 2311 days ago (August 19th, 2011)
Hi Patty......
Thanks for stopping by. Always good to read your thoughtful comments. Yes, the SciFi bug has well and truly bit again. Music takes third place behind reading and photography for now.

Take care.

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