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To Dream of Stars (An Imaginary Journey Mix)



 Genre: Ambient
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To break out. To become free. Release the Chains. Journey. Mystery Tour. The Cosmos. Imagination. Change the tablets. Turning Point. Peace. Quiet. Toke.

This is a fairly long journey, fifteen or so minutes, but I guarantee there are no choir boys practising their scales or some insistant shmuck butting in or hijacking anything, for a good cause, self serving cause or any other virtual cause.

Look at the night sky, on a cloudless night, and see this soundscape as a HDR print of the Milky Way. Obviously with your headphones on and listening.
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Uploaded: Sep 02, 2011 - 11:33:31 AM
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HP Pavilion Elite HPE computer
Energy XT2, Reaper, Goldwave, Omnisphere, Sylenth1 and a few VST effects
aRcTip said 2297 days ago (September 2nd, 2011)
To Dream of Stars
Nice and smooth! Those movements feel really good. Love the sounds and a great mix as usual.
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Reinholt56 said 2297 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
Hi aRcTip....
This piece was waiting to come out of my mind. It's been growing there for a while but I just couldn't grasp the component to put together.

I had envisioned oboe or cor anglais and a classical setting but that would take more time so it will be for the future.

Take care.

PatriciaGirl said 2297 days ago (September 2nd, 2011)
Reminds me of...
In Ghost in the Shell when the Motoko Kusanagi (the major) goes diving down to the depths of the ocean to find her thoughts. Suddenly she activates the buoyancy floater and slowly ascends to the surface, multitudes of rising bubbles with only her thoughts. Spectacular spectrum's of colors brilliant mix Paul. Love the length of this piece.
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Reinholt56 said 2297 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
Hi Patty.....
I'm only familiar with the 'Ghost in the Shell' after your comment. I had never heard of it before but I can see what you mean and how the piece would fit with the storyline.

This mix, as I replied to aRcTip, has been growing for a while but just wouldn't make it's appearance until now.

Take care.

TreeFalls said 2297 days ago (September 2nd, 2011)
puts me
in the right frame of mind. hypnotic and layered goodness.
Reinholt56 said 2297 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
Hi Steve......
I'm happy this music put you in a good frame of mind. I always hope my space ambient music would do this for the listener.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care.

ShadowofNine said 2297 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
To Dream of Stars
Not many do this genre justice like you do, always relaxing and enjoyable
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Reinholt56 said 2297 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
Hi SoN.....
Your words are very kind. I thank you for them. It gives me the heart to keep on going with the flow, wherever it takes me.

Take care.

Doug Somers said 2296 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
Star dreams
Another wondrous journey Paul. I'm amongst the stars already. It's one thing to see them. It's another to be there.

Thanks for the ticket!
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Reinholt56 said 2294 days ago (September 6th, 2011)
Hi Doug....
This is a bit of a change from my black, depressed mood of late. I hope I'm reverting to sunnier days. Time (and Amitriptyline) will tell.

I'm always heartened when someone enjoys a journey that my music evoked for them.

Take care.

sammydix said 2296 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
dude! when is your CD gonna be released? so sonic. might have to place you in there beside my Eno collection.
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Reinholt56 said 2294 days ago (September 6th, 2011)
Hi Sammy.......
Thanks for your kind words. Eno is a sometimes hero of mine. I have many of his albums and collect any new releases of his original albums as they are released.

There is a free net album available of my Ambient soundscapes from a couple of years ago. The d/l link is in my artist information page, at the bottom. These tracks are not quite my latest style but they are available and free. New albums are in the pipeline but due to other factors may take a good while to complete and make available.

Take care.

PatriciaGirl said 2296 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
to what I was thinking about up above:
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Reinholt56 said 2294 days ago (September 6th, 2011)
Hi Patty.......
I have followed the youtube trail and can definitely see where you're coming from. This mix would sit behind the above filmclip very well. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. One which I will definitely follow in the future.

Take care.

Henke said 2294 days ago (September 5th, 2011)
Cool journey
Used it as background while working this time, but I am sure it would work equally well for meditating or just cooling down after a stressful day at work. A great mix. Thanks.


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Reinholt56 said 2294 days ago (September 6th, 2011)
Hi Henke......
I thought that you would like this mix. Your name came to mind as I uploaded this. It is different and less 'black, heavy and oppressive' than my last few soundscapes have been. Hopefully this is an ongoing trend for me. time, again, will tell.

Meditation backdrop or work backdrop. Either, either, or.

Take care.

magnatone said 2287 days ago (September 13th, 2011)
To Dream of Stars
Hi Paul - i'm adding this to my "let go of the day and get ready for sleep" playlist. what a wonderful journey - you really do ambient with such skill!
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Reinholt56 said 2287 days ago (September 13th, 2011)
Hi Karen.....
This soundscape has me drifting off, more than most of my other mixes. I know what you mean about the 'letting go of the day' moments. I could do with a few more from time to time.

I'm happy that you found something somewhat soothing about the musical idea. I hope the soundscape wraps you up and protects you in a musical aura of soft blue, purple and green clouds iridescent with the stuff of your dreams.

Take care.

ramonaji said 2285 days ago (September 14th, 2011)
really powerful
took me on a trip it did!
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Reinholt56 said 2278 days ago (September 21st, 2011)
Hi Ramona.....
I thought that I'd already replied to your comment but it seems not. Sorry for the delay.

It's always good to read your thoughts about one of my soundscapes. Hope the weather was good on your trip, wherever you were taken.

Take care.

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