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Ce qui est cette boîte de bollox



 Genre: Ambient

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....ahh well....after my little flurry with Mrs Sue Rose and her Piano Ackordeen,and then that spilling over into faking a piano Ackordeen on Zydecorocking All Over the World....well you can probably guess what comes next in this house of madness that is my life mid August.........yes a piano Ackordeen ...of some cosiderable vintage I would say....A Weltmeister Stella 60 Bass buttons doo hickey and this I bought from Bulgaria because the good ones in UK cost a stupid fortune and the chinese ones that are affordable are supposed to be pants....so anyway this what I can do so far and believe me these things are hard to play.....like rubbing your tummy ,patting your head and spinning a plate on a pole all at the same time whilst trying to recall if you locked the back door or not...it's a bit pants this but it is silly too....oh and if you are sensitive to swearing stop after the music (?) does.....Oh and sall the squeaks rattles and clatters are the various parts og the instrument wheezing away...and clattering and squeaking ...this gal has got character !!
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Rude word right at the end BE WARNED
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Cubase and a microphone............
Kicbal said 2022 days ago (September 16th, 2011)
I don't know what you are saying at the beginning, but it is amusing to hear and fits as an intro to the song. I like the one take live sound. There is a kind of manic feel to the song that gives it's rough performance a certain charm. Fun stuff. Yes indeed, lots of character.
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Jarvoid said 2020 days ago (September 18th, 2011)
In fact
this was the first time I had tried this sort of Tango type sound....it was jusr a bit of a laugh for myself and i happened to be recording to try and find the "comfort" zone in the levelsd for this instrument ...it is loud and a bit raucous....thanks for enduring the cacophony iwill hopefully check back in with a bit of a better sound in the future..


michaeljayklein said 2021 days ago (September 17th, 2011)
So you French sounds like Chinese, but your music sounds good! My mother-in-law gifted me with an accordion she played for many years--I never got used to the fingering--unlike the piano, the right hand goes down instead of up...very disconcerting for me (and I know what you are talking about above--I never got past three notes so you're doing far better than I could!) Thanks for this flavorful Creole creation Chris--I liked the rude word very much! Michael
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Jarvoid said 2020 days ago (September 18th, 2011)
is whatI said when I first got it out of the packaging and held it before my rapidly becoming dismayed eyes.."what is this box of bollocks?" "...what have I done now !!?" and lizzy just looked on quietly.thanks for sticking with it .....i will improve ....I hafta ,there is no down from here !!

Narad said 2021 days ago (September 17th, 2011)
Ce qui est cette boîte de bollox
Ah vous parlez aussi français et allemand.
You're the Weltmeister ! :)
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Jarvoid said 2020 days ago (September 18th, 2011)
Ein bischen deutsch et un peu de francais
but like my accordion playing neither very well.It seems a bit of an
unfair swop...I get to listen to your superb compositions and you get ...well...a box of bollocks really


neilh79 said 2021 days ago (September 17th, 2011)
Ce qui est cette boite de bollox
Is Franch a new language?!! Anyway............... Considering you have been playing this thing about a month its coming a long nicely, some blooming good sounds coming out of it even if a little stop start at the moment (but thats only natural surely!). Once you get this thing to flow it will be really good. Great effort look forward to more of this stuff!
Jarvoid said 2020 days ago (September 18th, 2011)
I was going to say
france and it got turned into French halfwqay through....a bit random,like my playing of most instruments....I bet you never met anybody before who could play so many instruments so badly !!


J_Gretch said 2021 days ago (September 17th, 2011)
Ce qui est cette boîte de bollox
Entertaining as always Chris.The minds eye can see you sitting in the room of your artwork...Started my day off with a smile.
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Jarvoid said 2020 days ago (September 18th, 2011)
A smile..a laugh..
that is all one can hop[e for ...and if it gets one then it worked.

Thanks for tolerating this bufoonery .I promise to get better.

Corporal Beef said 2021 days ago (September 17th, 2011)
Ce qui
Nothing sounds quite as demented as a wheezing piano ackordeen. I love this piece, but it reminds me of a day at work...you never quite know what's going to happen next. Thanks for posting.
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Jarvoid said 2020 days ago (September 18th, 2011)
Strangely enough
that is what it felt like bellowing away at the pumpy thing and franticly stabbing at buttons and pressing of the black and white thingies......totally demented.....glad you had fun ...I think I did.

Cheers matey

Reinholt56 said 2020 days ago (September 18th, 2011)
Hi Chris....
I enjoyed this work of art. It reminded me of France I'm almost certain.

The illustration took some working out but I got there in the end. I thought it was a ginger tom on its ass holding a dumbbell in its left hand but it's not.

I need to listen to this piece again.

Take care.

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Jarvoid said 2020 days ago (September 18th, 2011)
The illustration is
better when it is bigger but I can see what you saw....the illustration is called "0w you say,Ratarsed" ratarsed being an englishism for pissed as a newt ...sorry wrecked...I mean drunk (we have a lot of words for being drunk ,funny that). You do not have to listen again,not if you value your ears and your sanity ...but if you feel that you must ...take precautions....better still,take some medication !

Thanks for dropping in....oh look time for Ackordeen prackyacktiss....

gadzooks said 2016 days ago (September 21st, 2011)
Ce qui est cette boîte de bollox
Ha Ha ... love that authentic French intro! Like a good vintage wine this ackordeen ... it really does have a lovely sound ... as if it has a life of it's own. Very entertaining and the ending ... french... rude english and a touch of german? ... I'm confused. Lots of fun! Keep playing that wonderful instrument!
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gadzooks said 2016 days ago (September 21st, 2011)
And I like the illustration!
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Jarvoid said 2014 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
I inntend to keep on
and hope to post something a little better soon,thanks for putting up with this load of old toot...really .


stratcat said 2016 days ago (September 22nd, 2011)
feel like I'm in a small pub in France during WW11, listening to some accordian having a drink. Cool!
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Jarvoid said 2014 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
Good grief
Now that is an image that I will accept as a compliment.......this was just a test piece and is rough as dogs bollox.....but with a bit of hard work there may be a future in the old box yet !

ckrohm said 2011 days ago (September 27th, 2011)
The title...
... made me click this song.
It's certainly not the greatest play on this instrument let alone the "musicianship".

For whatever reason though it puts a smile on my face and it's entertaining now.
However: Don't get anywhere near me playing like this when I am sitting outdoors at a café in Paris or Vienna. :-)
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Jarvoid said 2011 days ago (September 27th, 2011)
Gimme a break !
....though not too big a one .......hopefully next time this wheezebox has an outing it will be marginally more tuneful....I only had it month when I recorded this impromptu improv .....as to busking in Paris or Vienna ...hey I would get euros just to F*** Off ! Lookout for Amboss Polka oder In munchen steht ein hofbrauhaus...

nice to see you

Hickling_Stan said 2000 days ago (October 8th, 2011)
So there's this Mansfield Frog and he's been on the vino and then he gets it in his head to have a go at an accordian...bloody hell Chris I have got to admire you for having a go. I have enough trouble coordinating a Knife and Fork!
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