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Avataria (A Pandorean Dream)



 Genre: Ambient
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I must admit that I enjoyed the film 'Avatar'. I have watched it many, many times, and I'm fascinated by it all.

This track is my interpretation of someone spending the night on the edge of the forest in a heavily fortified underground bunker, with all doors locked, lights on and all guns loaded!! The person would still have bad dreams.
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Uploaded: Sep 23, 2011 - 11:06:23 AM
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Narad said 2276 days ago (September 23rd, 2011)
A very scary and compelling version of "Avatar", fantastic film which I liked too. Your universe is often haunted by its separate spirit.
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Reinholt56 said 2275 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
Hi Harald.....
You've isolated the factor that dominates my soundscapes. Separate spirit. Though only in the creative process.

The bad dreams come unaided, unfortunately.

Take care.

magnatone said 2276 days ago (September 23rd, 2011)
man - i'm going to have nightmares for days! very convincingly and well done!
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Reinholt56 said 2275 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
Hi Karen....
Ooops. I didn't think about how this would affect listeners. I should have put a public warning in the description!! The piece just cried 'Pandora's Dream' or some such image.

Glad you were 'into it' though.

Take care.

davajonah said 2276 days ago (September 23rd, 2011)
I was not so keen on the 3D version of the film but have since seen the 2D one, which was far more enjoyable, despite the corny battle scenes.

Great space in this music, yet at the same time it creates a haunting claustrophobia. Your music certainly captures the scene you have described. Short by your own standards, but nevertheless, very good.
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Reinholt56 said 2275 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
Hi Dave.....
I haven't done the 3D thing as yet so have only seen the DVD and BlueRay version. I was hooked from the very first seconds, with Jake coming around in the cryochamber and the water globules floating around.

The length of this piece just came as I put this together. The various parts just did what they did and it was done. There isn't a twenty-plus minute version lurking on my hard disk. That is for sure.

Take care.

PeterB7858 said 2276 days ago (September 23rd, 2011)
Bad dreams a plenty...
Hi Henry. You have managed to capture the atmosphere you were looking for wonderfully well. Bad dreams a plenty... Take care, Peter.
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Reinholt56 said 2275 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
Hi Peter......
If I captured the image described then that is good. If you enjoyed the journey then that makes my day.

Take care.

Bowman said 2275 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
Love this.
Sends chills up and down and all around my spine.
At times it reminds me of the great SciFi classic and one of my favorites, Forbidden Planet.
Masterful Paul.
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Reinholt56 said 2274 days ago (September 25th, 2011)
Hi Charlie....
Yes. The old sci-fi classics that I watched years ago. The Lost in Space series that used to be on around Sunday lunch time.

Some of the sounds of this mix just reminded me so much of Avatar sounds that I had to put the story together. It was crying out for me to do this.

Take care.

Doug Somers said 2275 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
I guess it's not too surprising that we both quite like this movie. The spare mix you use here is set against the wide variety of sounds that make their appearance throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed your craftsmanship!

I think that life at its basic level spurns exploitation and so this kind of dream can arise from the knowing of the individual in the bunker as a manifestation of what we might call conscience, even if they don't recognise it as such.

Take care,
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Reinholt56 said 2274 days ago (September 25th, 2011)
Hi Doug.....
The movie is one of my favourites. The soundtrack is on my ipod. I listen to the music every once in a while.

These sounds had to be mixed in the way the were. The thought and opinion of man is what has made us both doomed and successful. Not going with the flow invites disaster. Conscience keeps us from the brink.

Take care.

ShadowofNine said 2269 days ago (September 30th, 2011)
Intense and scary just the thought makes me sweat...I don't like being alone..you accomplished your goal...
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Reinholt56 said 2269 days ago (September 30th, 2011)
Hopefully you didn't lose any sleep after you'd listened to this piece?!

Thanks for stopping by to listen.

Take care.

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