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Out There



 Genre: Ambient
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This is a mix with the idea of a trip amongst the stars as the theme.

It's a fifteen minute plus mix and hopefully it will transport you to somewhere in the Metaverse, to float amongst the wonders there to see. This mix is an idea for a forthcoming Net Album.
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Uploaded: Mar 22, 2012 - 10:55:50 AM
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2012 - 10:55:50 AM Last Played: Nov 15, 2016 - 06:38:28 PM
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HP Pavilion Elite HPE computer
Energy XT2, Reaper, Goldwave, Zebra 2 synth plugin
michaeljayklein said 2095 days ago (March 22nd, 2012)
I'm back...
This was really a pleasure to experience--I don't want to be at work today so I may listen to this for the next 5.5 hours!! Thanks again!
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Reinholt56 said 2095 days ago (March 22nd, 2012)
Hi Michael......
I'm so happy you enjoyed the experience. Five and a half hours listening to this would make me 'know' I was somewhere else and not just imagining it.

Hope you last through the day and arrive home safe.

Take care.

davajonah said 2095 days ago (March 22nd, 2012)
Ah yes
Paul - this is great Space Ambient. I love all the subtle changes throughout this piece, the little changes in atmosphere you've managed to create. It is a vast soundscape, very appropriate for what you are telling. Really nice indeed. Your creative vein continues it seems!
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Reinholt56 said 2094 days ago (March 23rd, 2012)
Hi Dave....
Thanks for the nice thoughts. I recently logged into my U-he account and saw that I had purchased preset sets that I didn't have installed, so I downloaded them and this piece came out of playing with the new sounds. I've 3 or 4 sets of sounds to go through so there will be other mixes completed now that I have other great sounds.

When I can stop the world I can create, and I'm learning how to do that now......

Take care.

Henke said 2095 days ago (March 22nd, 2012)
This is "where you belong" (musically). Pro stuff. Really.

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Reinholt56 said 2094 days ago (March 23rd, 2012)
Hi Henke......
My father always said I belonged on another planet!! I tend to agree with him.

I'm putting together some longer tracks (30 to 60 minutes) for web releases sometime in the near future. They will all be basically variations of this, to give the idea of different constellations or types of universe or other celestial phenomena, based on the sounds used in each track.

Take care.

aRcTip said 2094 days ago (March 23rd, 2012)
Out There
I'm listening to this at work, it's very pleasant. I get a feeling of, um... ungraspable evolving beauty - sort of. Hard to describe, but it's definitely out there!
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Reinholt56 said 2094 days ago (March 23rd, 2012)
Hi aRcTip.....
Officially we aren't allowed to listen to music at work but I'm in before 6 am so no one is around except me and the company cat, so I do listen to quiet music.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Take care.

CIASM_ZENABI_ said 2094 days ago (March 23rd, 2012)
out there
pretty profound sound and feel.
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Reinholt56 said 2094 days ago (March 23rd, 2012)
Hi Graham.....
Thanks for stopping by to listen. It's always good to have you on board when the Interstellar Starflight takes off.

Glad you enjoyed the trip.

Take care.

paul f. page said 2094 days ago (March 23rd, 2012)
Surprise surprise...
...a trip amongst the stars.
You do this better than anyone I have ever heard, Paul. I was fairly recently at the Grand Canyon and could see the Milky Way about as clearly as I ever have. Your music captures the awe and solemnity of the heavens, and you've created a soundscape here that captures the breadth of the night sky with a calm serenity and a sense of expansiveness. The smooth transitions from chord to chord and some of those amazingly rich bass tones have me feeling like I am traveling right along with Dave and Hal out into the far reaches of the universe. Wonderful creation that only you could fashion in such a majestic and serene manner.

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Reinholt56 said 2093 days ago (March 24th, 2012)
Hi Paul......
I envy you the trip to the Grand Canyon. It must have been wonderful, and to have witnessed the Mikly Way in such a setting would complete the whole experience.

I love the time lapse movies of the Mikly Way and the night landscapes that you can see on the Internet. Especially the ones with the wonderful Ambient music to compliment them.

I'm glad that the effect of the piece stood up to the time you were listening.

Take care.

Doug Somers said 2085 days ago (April 1st, 2012)
deep deep deep space
Nobody does vast space like you do Paul. I'm not sure how you do it but you are expert at conveying space beyond what I can imagine that I can see. I think you are able to fill in the knowing of space by other sensory means and that is very cool indeed. With this one I also get the feeling that my visual imaginings are from a much broader spectrum than just visible light. That's a first!

Thanks Paul, and my apologies for being late to hear some of your recent work. Other suff on the go and all that.

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Reinholt56 said 2081 days ago (April 5th, 2012)
Hi Doug....
I strive, in these 'out there' soundscapes, to give breadth and depth to the mixes. This is achieved by stereo positioning/panning and reverb. The theme is usually three tracks with one as the 'bed' and the other two as 'sparklies' or Ambient melodic elements. These are the hardest parts for me to arrange. These 'sparklies' are supposed to flitter and flow over the main chord structure, giving both relief and possibility to an idea. That idea being different for every listener.

Your thoughts are always welcome.

Take care.

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I'm currently busy with getting my life back on some sort of track and hope to get into the music making business again in the near future, with a planned third net album 'Karma of Love' that will be an Immersive Ambient set of tracks. This should be... [see more]

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Ambient music is a loosely defined musical genre that incorporates elements of a number of different styles - including jazz, electronic music, new age, rock and roll, modern classical music, reggae, traditional, world and even noise.

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