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My Solitude



 Genre: New Age

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We all need those times away from it all..Thats what this tune is about..My meditation on my life so far, and time to think about tomorrow..

© ShadowofNine
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Uploaded: Feb 18, 2013 - 11:30:16 AM
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Moviz said 1707 days ago (February 18th, 2013)
Love that
synth sound... so lonely and thoughtful..... beautiful melody and chords..... the darkness of the bass synth in back gives the impression of there being dark times in the background and the cor anglais is lovely..... wow, my ears almost popped with that panning synth....quite an effect.....a very reflective sounding piece Dave and quite lovely, regards M
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Henke said 1707 days ago (February 18th, 2013)
I always envy people who can keep this kind of calm in a tune, seemingly without very much happening - but things do happen, subtle changes that inspires and are soothing at the same time and make the mind of the the listener... ache - in a wonderful way.

Great thanks for sharing this meditation.

Take care,
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PeterB7858 said 1706 days ago (February 18th, 2013)
My Solitude
A calming, reflective piece on the surface, Dave, but there is just a slight undercurrent of unease there to? You have created some very interesting synth sounds. Enjoyed. Regards, Peter.
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Philip18 said 1706 days ago (February 18th, 2013)
My solitude
Melodically calm and relaxing, but the fluttering effect and the lower strings also bring in a hint of tension. Later in the piece this dissipates and there is just the calmness. Beautifully done.
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Vic Holman said 1706 days ago (February 18th, 2013)
"i've been there now it's time to go there" that is something that crosses my mind quite a bit recently. this piece really puts me into that frame of mind of transition. lovely piece dave.
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J_Gretch said 1706 days ago (February 19th, 2013)
My Solitude
This sounds so vast and wide open through headphones.The string or ,maybe woodwind sounds? at 2:00 were a welcome respite.You have created a moving piece here.
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alackbass said 1705 days ago (February 19th, 2013)
My Solitude
That pulsating backwards effect is awesome. Beautiful sparse melody. The strings fill it out wonderfully.
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richard13 said 1704 days ago (February 21st, 2013)
Melancholy, meditative, serene, lovely, thoughtful: I think I like it. A lot! You make very fine music Dave: thanks for sharing. I know I'll enjoy this again (many times) when it comes up on my iPod.
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magnatone said 1704 days ago (February 21st, 2013)
My Solitude
these effects make it sound like the song is breathing - very cool, and especially beautiful work dave. i love the sparse piano melody, and when the deep tones come in around 1:15 .... ooh! gorgeous, and thank you sir!
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johnwhitehead said 1703 days ago (February 21st, 2013)
Very atmospheric track. Feels spacious and ambient but not too new-agey. Love the segue at 2:07. You are working with a very cool palette of sounds. Another nice surprise at 4:00. Panning a little much here? Nice soft landing. Very cool track.
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Alannah said 1702 days ago (February 22nd, 2013)
Me Likey Boo Boo .....
... How goes? Reflective .... it's good to take stock now and again ... and remember life is a one way street ... it only moves forward ... forward is a progressive motion ... it means change ... we just go with it .....
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VicDiesel said 1702 days ago (February 23rd, 2013)
A truly lovely track. The high bell-like sounds at the end were not necessary for me. In fact, they kinda break the mood.
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gadzooks said 1700 days ago (February 25th, 2013)
My Solitude
Very nice........
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Garni said 1699 days ago (February 25th, 2013)
My Solitude
Ive been doing that a lot of late, keeping away from society and soaking up what life has dished out to me over the years, its nice to hear a piece of music that reflects in how I have been feeling. So dave I firstly thank you for that as well as uploading a beautiful and haunting masterpiece. I adore this! Top of the class you go my friend :)

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paul f. page said 1696 days ago (March 1st, 2013)
Dreamy sound
is absolutely the right choice for a plug-in that is trying to convey reflection and expectation. Great choice of instrument and also the careful and measured tempo you establish at the top serves your intent so well. This is the kind of piece that could really melt hearts perhaps with the addition of strings (something you are trying to accomplish with the backing choral sounds). I'd let that woodwind (Eng. hrn?) grow out of the whole thing. You introduce it, but then it is gone before establishing itself...Oh, now it's back again, but way too faint in the mix. I sure do feel relaxed after hearing this peaceful number.
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egobandit said 1693 days ago (March 4th, 2013)
Think about tomorrow
As unclear as it may be tomorrow is coming, some crazy reverb overdrive backward sounding keys you gotta love it, it is reflective and brings out the inner thoughts enjoyed:)!
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