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Grip On The Bottleneck (MJRF)

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wow, ya gotta love the Wayback Machine at http://web.archive.org - I was able to capture a view of one of my earliest postings of this song when my artist name was hrluper as well as a couple of other versions. This is by far the most polished version I have of this song, and it is a mufti-collaboration produced for the MacJams Reunion Festival that Neil Porter ( jiguma ) put together in 2009

The text below is straight off my music page from that festival. Enjoy!


This is the first song I ever wrote from scratch, back in 1973 when I was in "High" school :) Of course, back then I had only a nylon string acoustic guitar and some measure of paranoid delusions.

It's also the first song of mine posted on MacJams, my brother fleshed it out and posted it on his page in my first year here in 2005. Thanks John. John has been my #1 fan and ultimate support for at least 3 - 4 decades. I thought it very appropriate to post it for this MJ reunion festival event.

For this remix, I used many of the original tracks John sent to me and my own rhythm guitar tracks. Then I asked some of my other friends here at MacJams to help remake some parts.

I would like to extend a special 'Thank You' to Steve Anderson (musichead) who volunteered early to do a bass part for me. His schedule was very full, and he was not able to get a bass track ready in time for me to post this within this time frame. Thank you, Steve.

This is the line-up on collaborators in this mix, and I extend my deep respect and gratitude to each of you for this contribution. Neil, unbelievable you could eke some time to accommodate me thanks! If the mix is a problem, then I have only myself to be held accountable.

John Luper ( FEEL): Lead & Slide guitars, backup vocals.
John Parker ( blamm ): Main Vocals
Mike Dancy ( mike_d ): Drum track ( Drums On Demand )
Neil Porter ( jiguma ): Bass track
Harold: Rhythm guitar & mix
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Grip on the Bottleneck (Tryin’ On)

Lately I haven’t known what’s been goin’ on
I wondered if it was me goin’ wrong
They assured me you see,
That after all, it’s me
That’s gone wrong

But I just keep tryin’ on
I’ve been a fool for so long
I’ve been tryin’ so hard

People talk about people
Who talk about people all the time
Why can’t they put
Their minds to tendin’
To themselves

But they just keep tryin’ on
They’ve been fools for so long
They’ve been tryin’ so hard

Look at all the friends I had made
Their friendship seemed to fade away
Why couldn’t I trade
Them for another day,
‘nother day…

But we just keep tryin’ on
We’ve been fools for so long
We’ve been tryin’ so hard – to get by

Harold R. Luper 1973
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FEEL said 1107 days ago (September 13th, 2014)
Mix sounds really good with the phones
I forgot about this version. I remember mostly the one that you sang on. I have to admit though that Parker really nailed this. Fantastic the way he emotes. Everybody was right on track with the mood of the song and what a cool early collab. Thanks for pulling this out of the archive.

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alackbass said 1107 days ago (September 13th, 2014)
Grip On The Bottleneck (MJRF)
Great 70s vibe (when rock music was real!) Love the bluesy feel and gritty guitars. Tight mix! Keep them coming Harold!
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J.A.Stewart said 1106 days ago (September 13th, 2014)
The Basement Tapes
Harold and The Rolling Rocks. ;)

Authentic Underground Rock Sound and definitely reminiscent of a cool '60s vibe and sound. Very cool you could find and post this Harold. Me likes it. ;)

--- Joe
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gadzooks said 1106 days ago (September 13th, 2014)
Grip On The Bottleneck
Yeah ... great feel and cool melody . I like it!
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bud said 1106 days ago (September 13th, 2014)
So glad you put this up
what a great track. The mix is excellent and the easy rocking feel is excellent. Top notch performances all around. DL'd with thanks.
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Vic Holman said 1106 days ago (September 13th, 2014)
i saw stars
a most worthy re-post. woulda been a shame to having this tune sitting in silence. great cast, too!
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egobandit said 1106 days ago (September 14th, 2014)
Classic MJ this is what this sight is missing, glad you put this back up, groovy bluesy goodness awesome job by all involved!
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davisamerica said 1105 days ago (September 14th, 2014)
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PeterB7858 said 1105 days ago (September 14th, 2014)
Grip On The Bottleneck
Great to hear this slice of MJ history. World weary vocals, some great blues guitar work from both you and John, and Neil in the pocket. What more could one want. Thanks for the post, Harold. Take care, Peter.
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magnatone said 1105 days ago (September 14th, 2014)
what a total treat this is Harold - I hope you'll keep posting from your vaults - great band!
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J_Gretch said 1104 days ago (September 15th, 2014)
Grip On The Bottleneck
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Saltaireguru77 said 1104 days ago (September 16th, 2014)
Grip on the bottleneck
An oldie but a goldie! I love the backstory to this. The guitars on this sound great.
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Warren Smith said 1103 days ago (September 16th, 2014)
I like everything about it .. including the multiple layers of the back story.
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michaeljayklein said 1103 days ago (September 17th, 2014)
Play it till 2082!
Some excellent blues work from you and the guys; it certainly must be greatly rewarding to here something you wrote given such an A-Class treatment Harold. May YOU be playing till 2082 as well...take good care now, Michael
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rok41 said 1103 days ago (September 17th, 2014)
I remember this one - down home blues, done right!
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Ultrabeast said 1103 days ago (September 17th, 2014)
Great sounding guitar!
Nice vocals too.
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KCsGROOVE said 1101 days ago (September 18th, 2014)
very cool blues
oldschool vibe going on here
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Bob Rodgers said 1101 days ago (September 18th, 2014)
like this blues number, great guitars.

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awigze said 1101 days ago (September 19th, 2014)
Ya I got this.
This was one if the first songs I downloaded from this site. Little did I know then just how significant the Luper family would become in my family's life. Thanks for the music.
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mystrag said 1100 days ago (September 19th, 2014)
vintage 1973
This one maybe an oldie, but listening today, I can hear it has aged very well. Love that bluesy guitar and fine vocal performance too. Thank you for reposting.

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MotherofMeursault said 1100 days ago (September 20th, 2014)
Great Stuff!
Quite a track. Everyone involved is locked right in, and the whole thing moves forward like a steamroller. The real magic for me, though, is the strong vibe that everyone is having a great time! Thanks for this.

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September 13, 2014: My brother ( FEEL ) flattered me recently when he asked me if I had thought about re-posting my songs, saying he didn't think he has a copy of all of them and that others have asked about my songs... Anyway, I thought I would s... [see more]

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