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 Genre: Rock

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This brief “punk-a-delic”(!) anthem laments the denial and death of TRANSCENDENCE (via pseudo-scientific materialism & analytical philosophy) in Western academia and the wider culture, along with its inevitable and nearly ubiquitous toxic moral and socio-political effects.

A Paleo-Libertarian/Neoplatonist perspective.


“Humanity, in reality, is poised midway between the divine and the beasts, and inclines now to the one order, now to the other.

Some individuals grow like to the divine, others to the beasts. The greater number stand neutral.

But those who are corrupted to the point of approximating irrational animals and wild beasts pull the neutral folk about and inflict harm on them.

The victims are no doubt better than their oppressors, but are at the mercy of their inferiors in the field in which they themselves are inferior; where, that is, they cannot be classed among the good since they have not trained themselves in self defense.”
(Plotinus, ENNEAD III:2, 8c)


I have disabled the comments for this tune.

Those familiar with the sordid and (sadly) ongoing history of uncivil political debate in the MJ Forums will understand why.

Nevertheless, anyone who so wishes may feel free to contact me via the Notes function. :-)

Be well friends!
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Analytical philosophy,
---the bullshit “turn”...irrationality!
Self-refuting ideology!
Deconstructive imbecility!

Reductionism weaves its toxic spell.
Renders us deaf to the tolling bell.
Cannot hear it sounding our death-knell!
Where we'll end up people who can really tell?

Funny-mentalist religion prevails;
over-reaction to the nihilist's “tales.”
Seekers of truth have to duck and hide, or
confront the tiger and wind up inside!

Self-beheaded aristocracy!
They chain us tightly, then tell us we're free.
The lemming masses learn to take their cues,
transfixed and helpless
before the nightly “news...”

Occam's razor or a guillotine?
It's the strangest thing I've ever seen!
“Intelligentsia” denying the mind...
Gray lump of “matter”
is all they can find!

Now we're livin' in the U.S.S.A...
Pol Pot and Stalin laughin' in their graves!
Our TENURED SOCIOPATHS have won the day.
Reduced the populace to ignorant slaves...

Left-wing and Right-wing
---it's all the same.
This false dichotomy is utterly lame!
Ground down by totalitarian heels...
(with no higher powers to which we can appeal?)

They'll insult you if you disagree.
Reply in kind, and they'll call it “hate speech!”
I've had enough of this hypocrisy;
this drooling P.C. mediocrity!

Sing “Halleluliah” as we circle the drain,
---while all around collapses under the strain!
Most oblivious and feeling no pain;
with nothing left to gain!

“Who'll stop the rain?”

It's so INSANE!!!
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