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GarageBand Shipments Update
User Brian Peat writes: At least one user on the Apple Support GarageBand Discussions has gotten his copy of GarageBand a day early. You can read about it here. Ed's Note: reports of shipment progres... [read more]
Help With Hosting Your Songs on Mac.com
Making your MP3 or AAC (or M4A) format songs available on the Internet by storing them in your .Mac account can be less than intuitive. By default, certain folders in your .Mac account will automatic... [read more]
GarageBand: Best of Show
IDG, promoters of Mac World San Fransisco 2004 have announced their picks for this year's Best of Show. Topping the list is Apple's new iLife app, GarageBand. We expected nothing less from such a sp... [read more]
MacJams Announces Loop It or Lose It Challenge
Many members of the MacJams community have participated in member Brian Koppi's "Loop It or Lose It" challenges, which challenge artists to create compositions based on a specific set of common loops... [read more]
BandmateLoops.com sponsors LIOLI with FREE loops for MacJams
MacJammer Chikoppi has announced that BandmateLoops.com is proudly hosting this round of LIOLI (Loop It or Lose It). The contest package is a small set of Funk Guitar loops from our Electric Funk Gui... [read more]

"I Love My Mac" Songwriter Releases New Songs on iTMS
MacJams Alumnus Daphne Kalfon has recently alerted us that she has some great new work available for listening and purchase on the iTunes Music Store. Many will remember the storm of popularity that ... [read more]
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