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(Twelve Parsecs)

Member Since: Wednesday, June 11 2008 @ 06:56 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/twelveparsecs
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
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Song Votes: 17
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I am trying to discover my musical identity. Music is my life. I aspire to inspire, and hope be inspired in this great online community called MacJams.
12parsecs's Songs (10)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
11.05.13 No disassemble! 0.00 (0) 2192 (20) Alternative Rock 11.12.13 Active
11.30.12 Too Long 0.00 (0) 1446 (5) Electropop 06.14.13 Active
03.27.11 Tambourine Orchestra (v2.0) feat. Ridd Sorensen 10.00 (1) 4800 (18) Indie Rock 05.16.11 Active
04.08.09 Through 9.00 (5) 4394 (53) Indie Rock 12.27.10 Active
02.20.09 The Song That Never Was (Imogen Heap Remix) 9.75 (2) 4747 (13) Pop (Alternative) 09.21.09 Active
11.18.08 I need my %20 9.25 (5) 3778 (16) Indie Rock 04.22.10 Active
08.26.08 Song 3 9.30 (5) 3871 (24) Techno 09.23.10 Active
07.11.08 Tambourine Orchestra (feat: rsorensen!) 9.37 (13) 5366 (74) Indie Rock 02.17.10 Active
07.11.08 Foot Chase in Moscow 9.09 (8) 3543 (30) Cinematic Soundtrack 07.26.08 Active
06.17.08 loud Louder LOUDER quiet 9.10 (5) 4690 (47) Indie Rock 09.23.10 Active
Favorite Songs (137)
Title Artist Date Genre
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
On Hold rsorensen 03.27.11 Indie Rock
Secrets and Skeletons Vic Holman 03.26.11 Alternative Rock
You're a Minority (INSTRUMENTAL) gummysquirreltriplet 07.29.10 Indie Rock
Okey Dokey Smokes (Undone) with 12Parsecs PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.19.09 Indie Rock
If I Had Two rsorensen 07.10.09 Indie Rock
Trust rsorensen 07.05.09 Indie Rock
Skydiving rsorensen 04.08.09 Open Collaborations
Golden (Tomorrow Will Shine) kassia 04.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
What If? (Re-Mix) lavalamp 04.04.09 Ballad
Chase The Sun anomalous 03.29.09 Alternative Rock
Close The Door michael2 03.21.09 Indie Rock
Downgraded rsorensen 03.07.09 Experimental
I'm Not Really Here (Invisible Man) rsorensen 02.12.09 Alternative Rock
Psychophant rsorensen 02.08.09 Alternative Rock
Walk Left/Stand Right rsorensen 02.04.09 Alternative Rock
Then the Rain (MJRF) guitapick 02.03.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Mary Jane (MJRF) rsorensen 02.01.09 Acoustic
False Prophet rsorensen 01.26.09 Alternative Rock
Sincerely Molly rsorensen 01.18.09 Acoustic
Sunny Side of the Street Ibstrat 01.15.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Love At War Mckenzie 01.13.09 Ballad
Into Heaven J-Roe 01.12.09 Acoustic
Sorry rsorensen 01.01.09 Alternative Rock
Afraid of Love (w/estellie) rsorensen 12.16.08 Indie Rock
Ethanol (Acoustic) rsorensen 11.25.08 Alternative Rock
Happy (w/michael2) rsorensen 11.18.08 Indie Rock
The Sky Electric (w/ LunaTrick) EZamor 11.17.08 Electropop
Tailor Made (final mix) guitapick 11.17.08 Jazz (vocal)
Stella Too (w/Jim Bouchard) michael2 11.17.08 Ballad
Stella Too w/Michael2 Vic Holman 11.16.08 Pop (Alternative)
Clouds (New Edition w/12parsecs) rsorensen 11.12.08 Indie Rock
Clouds rsorensen 11.04.08 Alternative Rock
Losing Colour Mckenzie 10.28.08 Acoustic
Uncorruptible rsorensen 10.27.08 Alternative Rock
Backslidin' Blues in B rsorensen 10.13.08 Blues (contemporary)
October Mckenzie 10.13.08 Acoustic
Dream rsorensen 09.11.08 Indie Rock
I'll Be Sad (When You're Dead) michael2 09.10.08 Indie Rock
hyperboreal (the hamlet machines cover) rsorensen 09.01.08 Alternative Rock
Binary Luminescence (by Pachydermus) ageofthedeathtree 08.29.08 Art Rock
Rampage feat. JPfresh WiFiWalrus 08.29.08 Hip Hop-Rap
I Am Your Venus MyFakeIdentity 08.28.08 Pop (mainstream)
Just Wanna Be In Love Armatron 08.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Finding No Path TobinMueller 08.27.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Unrecovered Memories SmokeyVW 08.27.08 Film Scoring
Living With You quarkhead 08.27.08 Other
Song 3 12parsecs 08.26.08 Techno
Arise(w/Roxylee) Feter 08.25.08 Acoustic
Prelude and Jam Ibstrat 08.25.08 Swing
Wasted on You (w/ rsorensen) Lennon714 08.20.08 Indie Rock
Five Dollar Hat theglareofday 08.19.08 Alternative Rock
Carry Me Home Mckenzie 08.19.08 Acoustic Rock
These Odds rsorensen 08.15.08 Indie Rock
the aspen grove Mystified 08.13.08 New Age
Overthruster 72 springclock 08.11.08 Alternative Rock
Give Me Your Confidence(w/Roxylee) Feter 08.09.08 Acoustic
Canyon Rise magnatone 08.08.08 Pop Orchestral
Amanda (w/michael2) rsorensen 08.08.08 Indie Rock
Calling Captain Obvious freefalleffect 08.07.08 Other
Seizure Salad Aweful Noise 08.05.08 Drum n Bass
Makes You Wonder jiguma 08.04.08 Acoustic Rock
Baah Weep Grana Weep Ninnie Bong spitlogic 08.03.08 Other
Filling The Time lavalamp 08.03.08 Alternative Rock
Breath Taking lengold 08.03.08 Alternative Rock
When aliens come down from Mars TheWhizzies 08.02.08 Electropop
Electro Friend (Telephone Booth) Final Mix? five_extra_arms 08.02.08 Indie Rock
Rejection! TheMeaningOfLife 08.02.08 Indie Rock
Atonement yrp 08.01.08 Experimental
Twist My Bionic Arm TheMeaningOfLife 08.01.08 Indie Rock
April stacey 08.01.08 Folk (contemporary)
Gizmo TheMeaningOfLife 08.01.08 Indie Rock
Inertial Frames Of Reference SmokeyVW 07.29.08 Film Scoring
Figs bbarner 07.29.08 Jazz Fusion
Intro To Friendship thekurtisproject 07.29.08 Acoustic Rock
MURDER 101 (Die for You) feat. rsorensen!! ronnielong 07.29.08 Heavy Metal
Downwinders springclock 07.28.08 Alternative Rock
Tokyo One (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 07.28.08 Indie Rock
Grass Under My Feet Vic Holman 07.27.08 Indie Rock
This is the Place Remark80 07.26.08 Acoustic Rock
The Twilight Symphony Kori Arashi 07.26.08 Heavy Metal
FlapMan FlapJack 07.25.08 Electropop
The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse FrankAxtell 07.25.08 Progressive Rock
Nobody Knows (w/michael2) rsorensen 07.25.08 Indie Rock
To Take Effect springclock 07.24.08 Pop (Alternative)
Piano's Play michael2 07.23.08 Alternative Rock
Lovers We Ain't Anymore Mckenzie 07.21.08 Acoustic Rock
I'm a Superfriend (acoustic version) rsorensen 07.19.08 Indie Rock
Interstellar Convergence FrankAxtell 07.18.08 Progressive Rock
I'm a Superfriend (She's the One) rsorensen 07.17.08 Indie Rock
Ceci n'est pas une Fender Mokus 07.15.08 Alternative Rock
Electric Lute Land(EKNM) Ibstrat 07.12.08 Classical
Tambourine Orchestra (feat: rsorensen!) 12parsecs 07.11.08 Indie Rock
I'm Getting There AdrianGarzaMusic 07.11.08 Rock
Tears of Kokopelmana dreadmon 07.10.08 Native American
Winter (Demo) obbster 07.09.08 Acoustic Rock
Lovely (Full Band) Nick_Flash 07.09.08 Alternative Rock
Fall Away with Me - Acoustic/Piano krismacqueen 07.08.08 Acoustic
suburbanite crossing over a frozen Tiber Mokus 07.07.08 Alternative Rock
So Stupid (remix) rsorensen 07.06.08 Indie Rock
You iHoser 07.06.08 Rock
Consent (from Trafficking in Reality) Tom Atwood 07.05.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
One Day Behind Vic Holman 07.05.08 Rock
Happy Thoughts thekurtisproject 07.05.08 Acoustic Rock
Mexican taste Tadashi Togawa 07.05.08 Jazz Fusion
Stella Too michael2 07.04.08 Acoustic
Autumn Again Thank You springclock 07.03.08 Alternative Rock
I'm Not Perfect Mckenzie 06.29.08 Acoustic Rock
How Did You? (MJ Coffehouse) michael2 06.28.08 Acoustic
these things*coffee buckhorn 06.27.08 Acoustic
Lovely (MJ Coffee House) Nick_Flash 06.26.08 Acoustic
Wheel Within A Wheel springclock 06.26.08 Alternative Rock
Have You Had Enough? michael2 06.25.08 Pop (Alternative)
Murphy's Law dolby 06.25.08 Acoustic Rock
Wasted on You Lennon714 06.25.08 Indie Rock
Cat's Walk ziti 06.24.08 Rock (instrumental)
Supa Star (mix 1work in progress) HipHopMoses 06.24.08 Funk
Summer Stream peacepiano 06.23.08 Piano
900-lb Gorilla in the Room rsorensen 06.22.08 Alternative Rock
Robot somebuddy 06.23.08 Alternative Rock
Lake Lagunitas thetiler 06.18.08 New Age
Progulation #1 (w/perceptualvortex and ibstrat, with ziti remaster) Ed Hannifin 06.17.08 Progressive Rock
Lead With Your Heart (with Fran Dagostino Band feat. Futzpucker) aclarke 06.16.08 Rock
If I Only Had a Brain rsorensen 06.10.08 Indie Rock
Do You Remember Dragonas 06.04.08 Rock
Song for the Liar Joseph Strauss Lennon714 05.25.08 Alternative Rock
Smile For Me Now MyFakeIdentity 05.22.08 Psychedelic
Driving (with my girlfriend) michael2 05.15.08 Indie Rock
Kaleidoscope 2008 [Public Beta V1] Pie 05.15.08 Rock
Dinner Bell guitapick 05.07.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Song for Karen Ibstrat 04.28.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Sunshine(Colab with Da Pickle) Dj French Toast 04.09.08 Hip Hop-Rap
In My Head Again rsorensen 02.26.08 Alternative Rock
Silence kallocain 02.11.08 Alternative Rock
Heroes apb 01.19.08 Pop (Alternative)
Gone rsorensen 12.07.07 Alternative Rock
Mellon Sound B.J.C. 04.10.07 Rock (instrumental)
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Music Background I've been playing guitar and bass since I was 14. (20 years ago... yikes!) No formal training. I've recently started playing drums, keyboards and even *gulp* singing. Cover your ears! :-\
Music Skills Guitar, bass, recently drums and keys.
Music Hardware Fender Big Apple Strat, Custom Strat, Fender Acoustic, Fender Jazz Bass, Roland V-Drums, Banjo, E-Bow, borrowed MicroKorg
Music Software Cubase 4
Keywords Space Rock, Shoegaze, Melancholy, Optimistic