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(Eric Smith)

Member Since: Friday, June 27 2008 @ 07:24 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.ericsmithillustrator.co.uk
Location: Leatherhead, Surrey UK
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Played guitar in covers bands for as long as I could cope with, however I'm not playing much at the moment, I do like to fiddle about with Garage band when I find time though. I'm a frustrated blues/feel player really into the usual bods from Freddie king, Paul Kossoff, Hendrix, Peter Green, Roben Ford......
Looking for inspiration after not touching my guitar for ages and thought I'd post some of my noodling on this site!
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07.01.08 Tother 8.92 (3) 2838 (5) Blues (contemporary) 07.20.09 Active
07.01.08 Chug 9.13 (4) 2180 (3) Blues (contemporary) 07.02.08 Active
07.01.08 WitterG 9.31 (9) 3310 (19) Blues (traditional) 07.25.08 Active
06.30.08 Nueblue 9.25 (4) 1897 (2) Blues (contemporary) 06.30.08 Active
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Music Background University of the spare room, and a few covers bands doing the usual pub R'n'B stuff.
Music Skills Not many
Music Hardware relic strat copy thing, refinished bodged up les paul with massive neck, baja tele, 62 selmer truvoice amp.
Music Software Garage band