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(Amber Newberry)

Member Since: Saturday, March 04 2006 @ 02:38 PM CST
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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/loleetah
Location: Waltham, Massachusettes U.S.A.
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Much of my music consists of my own vocals and/or keyboarding. Once in a while you will come across a song made solely of loops or both. My earlier music has more of a classical/ambient sound and my newer stuff has been leaning toward more of an industrial/electronic sound. I always enjoy feedback so if you have any tips or advice, I would be glad to hear it.
Any possible collaberations are welcome. I prefer to do vocals but sometimes I can add something here and there musically depending on the style of music the piece is. If anyone is looking for a vocalist for a track or two, I would be happy to give it a try. I do have a more serious musical project on the side, so if you send me a collab. please be patient! Having a job that is outside the musical world can make it difficult to find the time to make music.
Lately I am trying to get as much feedback as possible, so any constructive criticism is welcome.
I have been making music since I was very young, from banging on kitchen pots and pans to creating full cd's of my own crazy stuff. Hope you enjoy what you hear on my page.
I also have a site with myspace at the following url:
and if you are curious about me, non-musically:

I also want to take a moment to say thanks for all the wonderful critiquing of my music. This site has been one of the better one's I've been on for honest feedback. So, thanks everyone for the kind words and honest criticism! I can only reach my full potential if I know what people want to hear!

My Influences, because I feel they need to be mentioned are: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Epica, Sarah Brightman, Enya, Evanescence.
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03.09.06 Ethereal Interlude 8.33 (3) 2834 (9) New Age 09.26.06 Active
03.08.06 Portrait 8.25 (4) 3769 (11) New Age 04.19.10 Active
03.05.06 Echo's 7.58 (3) 2539 (3) Open Collaborations 03.07.06 Active
03.05.06 Lass From The Low Country (Ghostly Version) 7.50 (3) 9721 (4) A Cappella 03.18.06 Active
03.05.06 Autumn Lullaby 7.56 (4) 3330 (8) Ambient 04.01.06 Active
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03.04.06 Danny Boy 8.13 (2) 3779 (5) A Cappella 07.28.10 Active
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03.04.06 Daydream 8.10 (5) 3756 (17) New Age 03.21.06 Active
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Under Electric Light jmogielnicki@wes 03.04.06 Pop (mainstream)
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Music Background Most of my music is "homegrown." I never took lessons, unless you count what I picked up in high school choir classes. It just seemed to come naturally. I've been playing the keys for almost 12 years, by ear. And, no, I can't read music, so don't send me written music! Music is my passion, though. And that is really all the background anyone needs to be a musician, a love for sound itself.
Music Skills Keys, synth, vocal
Music Hardware Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-205 and myself of course, the voice is an important instrument
Music Software garageband
Keywords classical, new age, ambient, accapella, electronica, electronic rock