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(Songs I did back in the day with these guys & other bands I was in)

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These are songs from a rock-metal-funk band I started many years ago called Aphrodisiac. We were very talented, could draw a crowd, had a little buzz about us, and were beginning to get noticed by the right people. Naturally it all went to hell. Why? The same reason your band broke-up: most of the members were very lazy, extremely hard-headed, and of course selfish and short-sighted. All of which is why I now choose to work alone just writing songs in my spare bedroom. Nevertheless, here are some good songs and bad recordings from my wasted youth.

Aphrodisiac was and will forever be:
Demetrius Hill, Bass and vocals
Sam Dixon, Rhythm guitar and lead vocals
Shawn Tarver, Lead guitar
Terry Maiden, Percussion (hired, fired and rehired)
Marvin ???, Drums. A poor replacement for Terry.

All of these Aphrodisiac songs were originally recorded live as a band in the studio (one or two takes only), on state of the art (at that time) video tape. Remember those? And these mp3s were made from some pretty old cassette tapes, made from DATs, made from those VHS tapes. So don't expect pristine recordings. Enjoy the mud.

Visit my other page "Slashh!", for what I've been up to musically since these good ole days: http://www.macjams.com/artist/Slashh!
Aphrodisiac's Songs (6)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.18.14 Black Friday  (---) 1671 (7) Rock 05.26.19 Active
09.02.11 Demetrius  (---) 2278 (13) Rock 07.24.14 Active
08.27.10 Redeeming Hand  (---) 3204 (9) Hard Rock 09.20.10 Active
08.05.10 Save Someone  (---) 2600 (9) Hard Rock 09.20.10 Active
09.03.09 Combat Addiction  (---) 2662 (12) Hard Rock 09.16.10 Active
08.27.09 Gloomy Daze  (---) 3059 (18) Heavy Metal 08.14.13 Active
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