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Old rockers never die, they just buy more expensive guitars.

Do check out American Alloy, a collaborative musical effort comprised of perceptualvortex and I.


Emergency A with perceptualvortex .
AquilA's Songs (5)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
10.21.06 Bounce Buffet w/ Hectorious 8.39 (14) 6198 (43) Progressive Rock 11.24.06 Active
08.27.06 Storm Surge 8.36 (11) 3055 (37) Rock (instrumental) 09.27.06 Active
06.28.06 You're So Nice 8.63 (13) 4328 (27) Open Collaborations 11.11.06 Active
06.13.06 At 4:20 Too 8.28 (8) 2845 (9) Ambient 09.02.06 Active
06.01.05 CoolThing (working title) 7.08 (9) 3465 (32) Rock & Roll 04.15.06 Active
Favorite Songs (86)
Title Artist Date Genre
Caves & Candles ktb 11.29.06 Jazz Fusion
dEvolve dchapman 11.18.06 Rock (instrumental)
Rome's Burning rtcooper 11.17.06 Folk-Rock
Escalation (w/Z293) ktb 11.13.06 Jazz Fusion
Park Rd apb 11.11.06 Pop (mainstream)
distant horizon rjamadeus 11.13.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Soulmonk's Music for Intimacy ziti 11.10.06 Rock (instrumental)
MudBug Boogie Scorpjammer 11.10.06 Blues (contemporary)
That Hot Night in July II Cori Ander 11.09.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
Wine Into Water (3rd in Woman In Bar trilogy) Joanna 11.05.06 Folk (contemporary)
Loon and the Hula Moon rtcooper 11.04.06 Folk-Rock
Dang, You're Looking Sexy II (w Hectorious, Karmatoburn, Ledebutant) perceptualvortex 11.03.06 Rock (instrumental)
Rubicon (w/ The Composer) Tiny_Man_Inside 11.02.06 Rock
Holding Pattern Z293 10.29.06 Rock (instrumental)
Stars Look Down echoroom 10.29.06 Alternative Rock
PhilaRican (Scorp/KTB/Hectorious) Hectorious 10.26.06 NUjazz
High Command grid stalker 10.25.06 Drum n Bass
Part Time Lover rtcooper 10.24.06 Blues (contemporary)
freeash aire ( remix-me ) tatin 10.24.06 Jazz (instrumental)
1001 Lacrime Parichayaka 10.21.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Broken TV Vic Holman 10.20.06 Alternative Rock
Rage Alannah 10.16.06 Progressive Rock
Dang, You're Looking Sexy (w Hectorious) perceptualvortex 10.13.06 Techno
X-Cape (KTB/Hectorious) Hectorious 10.11.06 Ambient
In The Garden (PV Mix) ledebutant 09.20.06 Dance-Club
A Final Moment futzpucker 09.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Soledad's Return tatin 09.19.06 Acoustic
Use This (Cori Ander w/ktb) ktb 09.18.06 Acoustic Rock
a good man thoddi 09.16.06 Soul
Headful Of Smiles (Massimo Ferrusi feat jiguma) Sil-VER 09.12.06 Alternative Rock
She Comes In Black - w/Moorlandt borisluxx 09.03.06 Gothic Rock
Saturnine PV (w ledebutant) perceptualvortex 09.02.06 Alternative Rock
Saturnine (electro estate mix) The Orbiting 08.25.06 Alternative Rock
Less Then Expected chakeres 08.25.06 Rock (instrumental)
Moove Cori Ander 08.25.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
On worthless ground moorlandt 08.23.06 Alternative Rock
SPINNING wBGVz eleveneyes 08.21.06 Alternative Rock
Where Isabelle Played Willywagga 08.18.06 Folk-Rock
Mercy Scott Carmichael 08.01.06 Rock
My Angel- Live Version aclarke 07.20.06 Folk-Rock
Lil' Peanut (Resolution) Hectorious 07.18.06 Alternative Rock
Forbidden Zone (w Drew Kopr) perceptualvortex 07.15.06 Rock (instrumental)
I Gave Everything(Resolution) Hectorious 07.05.06 Alternative Rock
Waiting EMP 07.03.06 Ambient
Curry's Stew (Mcboy Ziti) ziti 06.23.06 Funk
You're so nice - collab w/DirtyWinston moorlandt 06.20.06 Rock
freakshow-colab w/alanfraser annalia 06.19.06 Rock
Mind Games Z293 06.18.06 Rock (instrumental)
Speed of Light ceeb666 06.16.06 Rock (instrumental)
Running Scared (w/ Ziti) Einarus 05.27.06 Rock (instrumental)
NinetySix chakeres 05.04.06 Hard Rock
Ruins Of Earth perceptualvortex 04.15.06 Progressive Rock
Start Your Engines glennkav 03.31.06 Rock (instrumental)
Lost Youth aclarke 03.27.06 Rock
I'm Not Sure He Knows My Name ziti 03.20.06 Blues (contemporary)
Run to the Light glennkav 03.09.06 Rock (instrumental)
The Glass Dream Z293 11.26.05 Rock (instrumental)
Animal Magnetism (w Vac) perceptualvortex 11.25.05 Rock (instrumental)
The Lonely Road (Deserve This) aclarke 11.24.05 Folk (contemporary)
7 Pillars [Radioactive Mix] - collab. with SlimGirlFat Pie 11.20.05 Drum n Bass
Check PowerTrio 11.19.05 Rock (instrumental)
Daddy's Little Girl (multi collab) stevec 11.16.05 Rock
Stranded (w/ Chakeres) Einarus 11.09.05 Rock (instrumental)
Free Fall (w Vac) perceptualvortex 10.16.05 Rock (instrumental)
Ocean Bird chakeres 10.14.05 Rock & Roll
ROT (Revisited)- Featuring Ronnie Long aclarke 10.12.05 Hard Rock
The Light obbster 10.02.05 Folk-Rock
L.O.S.E.R. twentyforseven 09.19.05 Hard Rock
spine Stun Nutz 09.08.05 Experimental
remembrance(NEW MIX) ziti 08.26.05 Progressive Rock
See the Stars daphna 08.10.05 Acoustic
How I'd Love 2.0 eleveneyes 07.25.05 Alternative Rock
Grace (Ziti w/Mystified) Mystified 07.12.05 New Age
Sun Dogs perceptualvortex 07.05.05 Dance-Club
Planet Z Z293 06.20.05 Progressive Rock
Blue Sun ziti 06.17.05 Blues (traditional)
Traveling Blind eleveneyes 06.15.05 Alternative Rock
At Any Cost blamm 06.13.05 Rock & Roll
Mahogany Blue Steffan James 05.06.05 Alternative Rock
This Way Up Wifty 04.25.05 Alternative Rock
wishbone philonnie 04.21.05 Other
Solitary Confinement iG.STUDiO 04.19.05 Jazz (instrumental)
The First Time Wifty 04.18.05 Alternative Rock
The Journey Home Z293 03.21.05 Progressive Rock
Orange [Tense] packosmokes 02.21.05 Industrial
Clockwork [TENSE] packosmokes 01.04.05 Industrial
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