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(Sergio Daniel Barroso)

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Late one night in August 1969 in Trelew - Argentina, Sergio Daniel Barroso "Danny" arrives in this world at 3:45 in the morning tired by the effort to get born like he just finish a gig, playing all night long.
Where his mother, Mary, she was a teacher. His father, Javier, was a candy's salesman, nurse and a guitarist just for fun. As a baby, his family moved to Buenos Aires, in a suburban housing in the Congreso neighbourhood in Capital Federal.
Danny discovered the sound of music at the age of four from his dad, a love that has stayed with him to the present days. Danny tried to play guitar by that time but he never had his parents support in this matter.
Danny's parents had divorced and, like many single parents, his mother was struggling to make ends meet. While still in a military high school, Danny couldn't take professionals classes in music but instead that he played the snare drums in the V Brigada Aerea Military Band (Airforce) and he joined the first Rock band in town, (San Luis - Argentina). It was difficult to be at the military service in 1987 and High School at the same time, that year he was not allowed to graduate with his high school class as a result of no study and too many absences.
Danny started playing the Bass guitar he bought working in a Pharmacy at the age of eighteen in his first band called Imagen doing vocals and the songwriting for the band. He grew up listening to Folklore, Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Funk.
After a twenty year gap which is a long time, Danny turned back to music where he then commenced to play the drums.

In 2007 he began working as a Band Leader on Cruise Ships around the world with the variety of styles and musicians on Cruise Lines like Princess, Oceania, P&O and other minor Lines companies, pleasing thousand of passengers whilst sailing away listening to Dannys band - Blue Ocean Quartet playing through the ocean.

He start travelling around the world in 2001 when he moved to the United States. After a while he got his first drum set and started playing drums around several places in Miami USA where he lived for the last 10 years. In this period he travelled around the whorl working to such places as Alaska, Canada, Bermuda, Europe, the Mediterranean, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, France, North Africa, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands.

At the age of 41 he decided to move to Newcastle - Australia with his girlfriend. With her support and love he gets back to composing and playing the bass guitar in a new band and dreaming about a new life style but always surrounded by good music and anticipation of what the new goals may achieve.
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