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(Bexi Jay)

Member Since: Tuesday, July 24 2007 @ 10:56 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://https://soundcloud.com/iambexi
Location: Near London, Kent United Kingdom
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Bex Jay (born January 1983) in Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia) is a singer/songwriter/composer/arranger based in Kent, United Kingdom.
Bexi was singing ever since she was 2 years old. Her father was an awarded opera singer and mother was a nursery teacher and pianist.

At the age of 15, she gathered a girl-band "SKy" and this was her first experience of working within a team. Inspired by the 90's pop-bands, they performed in small venues and even recorded a few songs.

When she turned 17, it was time to get into university, so she had to put music on hold temporary. Although singing and songwriting was something that she wanted to pursue as her priority.

During university years, she got into a local rock-band "Fatality". They performed in rock-clubs and festivals. At the same time Bex had a few gigs with the girl-band " Seattle".

Bex wanted to continue singing and she got chosen to sing in a band that played at the weddings and parties. She felt that singing experience was fantastic but wasn't enough, she wanted to progress and express herself in songwriting.

She started to colloborate with other local artists.

She did top-writing for 2 songs with a talented artist Azat Raimberdiev, one of which was a song " Bring it on" that was very popular for months and was a number 1 for a week on a local radio and second song "Make it real" got radio play.

Another song she has written was translated into russian (original in english) by a talented singer Irina Tchelovskaya and was number 1 for 2 weeks on a local radio.

In 2006 she got an opporuity to move to United Kingdom to study English Language. During the time of her stay she met her " now husband".

In 2010 they welcomed their son.

Bex took time off temporary to raise a family and now is ready to get back into work. During her time at home she kept writing songs/collaborated with other musicians and kept learning to arrange and produce music.
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Music Background I was studing piano for 4 years,and still didnt finish the course! I was singing in various bands and then solo.At the moment I am trying to find musicians to colloborate with,or gather a band!
Music Skills I play piano by ear and trying to learn guitar as well:-))))
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