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(Boats for Sailing)

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The original Sunset post is available on this page.
(I hear a piece all at once, and capture it, before I loose it.)
This first sketch will, before your eyes and ears, be transformed several times... you can be part of the ride if you want...

The "plans" and insight into revisions will be provided in episode form. As improvements are posted you can discuss what you are hearing and become part of the process...
Performance notes and files will be provided on requests.

Lots of people are intimidated by the idea of working with another musician, 'cos we are afraid to risk. If you have to follow as a shadow participant I understand that notion and will try to give enough info so you can follow along...

This site will also post your version(s) of the boat if you choose to throw down.
I hope this will be fun and entertaining... Kinda crazy idea but here goes...

Post 2 focuses on the percussion and basic chords so you can jam on the structure as I did on post one...(hear all those clams?) Post three will get things started with a study of the chord voices... lets have some fun.

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Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
11.25.09 Sunset first pass  (---) 1898 (0) Latin Jazz N/A Active
11.02.09 Rhythm Thing Sunset  (---) 2298 (4) Latin Jazz 11.04.09 Active
10.29.09 Vamp and walk down  (---) 2354 (5) Latin Jazz 11.02.09 Active
10.29.09 Sunset 2  (---) 1983 (14) Latin Jazz 10.29.09 Active
10.28.09 Sunset  (---) 1712 (6) Latin Jazz 11.08.09 Active
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