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Bob Overman
(Bob Overman)

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Ronnie Rico has been playing for appreciative audiences around Southern California for several decades. His close up and personal style of acoustic pop-rock and melodic ballads, combined with his smooth, captive vocals, always gives his fans a reason to want to come back for more. Ronnie’s live performances feature many popular covers, but he has also demonstrated his talent to write some inspiring and creative original songs as well. His fans we’re always asking him when was he going to do a CD of his own material.

About two years ago, Ronnie teamed up with producer/songwriter Bob Overman. Bob helped compose and record Ronnie’s original songs and create the music on their debut album, It’s Gonna Be Alright.

Ronnie and Bob were also connected with many talented musicians that were more than happy to contribute as well. Two guitar players in particular add fills and solos that really provide some extra punch to many of the songs. Guitarist Ken Gill, who has played in many prominent bands, and continues to do so today, adds his licks on Did I Ask for That, For the Rest of My Life, I Need you More, and Something’s Come Over Me. Kim Verstraten, the former lead guitar player for the Eddie Money Band, contributes a harder edge on songs like What’s Become of Us, You Got Me Thinking, Something’s Come Over Me, and Dance the NIght Away. Matt Cappadocia provides some uplifting keyboards on Did I Ask For That, What’s Become of Us, and I Never Knew Love, and Ryan Rios laid out some nice “ear candy” with his tenor sax solos on I Never Knew Love, For the Rest of My Life and Did I Ask For That.

On Its Gonna Be Alright, you can hear the sounds of the individual band members standout, as if they are moving to the front of the stage, but the one constant that is present throughout, is the compelling lead vocals of Ronnie. And Bob Overman adds, “I had the privilege of recording a variety of talented musicians that helped shape the sound we wanted on each song. But I always made sure that they didn’t overshadow what people really listen to when they hear a song - the lead vocalist. Ronnie wrote these songs from the heart, and it was important that his vocals were always at the top of the mix.”

The variety of styles and instrumentation on It’s Gonna Be Alright provides something for everyone and brings back the type of music that is missing in much of today’s music - melody, harmony, and lyrics.

For more information on Ronnie Rico and to hear samples from It’s Gonna Be Alright, please visit - http://www.myspace.com/ronnierico
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11.28.08 Something's Come Over Me 10.00 (1) 2142 (2) Rock 11.28.08 Active
11.17.08 It's Gonna Be Alright 9.38 (2) 1910 (3) Acoustic Rock 11.18.08 Active
11.06.08 Dance the Night Away 10.00 (2) 2103 (3) Rock 11.08.08 Active
10.31.08 Did I Ask For That 10.00 (1) 1831 (4) Rock 11.02.08 Active
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