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(James Bostic)

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I was born Feb. 8th back in 1982. Grew up in West Virginia with my mom, dad and older sister
til da age of 7. Then we moved to Blacksburg Virginia to be closer to my dad's job. I started stuttering at about age 7. Thats why I decided I would donate 90% of all donations from da C.D. to da Stutting Foundation. Being raised
pretty much in Blacksburg I started listing to gangster rap an really getting into da lifestyle. That's when my alcohol and drug use began. At the age of 14 my parents and I moved to a small town away from all the drugs and violence. Or at least that's what they thought. Starting a new school was rough an I didn't do to well. But with da help of some pretty good teachers I got by. But when I started High School all that went out da window. I would take any kinda pill I could get my hands on. Buying or stealing them. I coasted Thru a few years of High School with a lot of help from football coach's. Who made sure I got da grades I needed to pass. Around da time I turned 16 I started being depressed all da time. No drug would make me feel good. Slit my writs at 16 and entered into a mental hospital for a few weeks. Da time in there helped me quit da drugs but did little to help my depression. I ended up going back into da hospital 4 more times after that. I dropped outta school in da 10th grade an got my G.E.D. With a great psychiatrist' help an some good medication I started getting better a few months before my 18th Birthday. Then again, my life took another twist. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia an went back to square one with my medication. Spending my days and nights in my bedroom doing nothing but listen to gangster rap an writing poems. Most of my poems were about death, suicide, an facing hell's fire. Leaving all my friends in my past an just staying to myself. Another suicide attempt came an of course back to da hospital. When I got out I started making music. It was a heavy metal/rap mix. I took all my old poems an turned them into songs. With da name Skitzoaffective I was a big hit on myspace. Had record labels wanting to sign me an all that stuff. But It didn't make me happy. All I did was cuss an sing about stupid stuff. I gave up my carree an just went back to being a loner an dropped out of sight of everyone, back to my bedroom I went. With pretty much all hope gone I met a woman online in a chat room.
We got to talking an became boyfriend/girlfriend. The young lady (Kim) went to church with her grandma and grandpa. I wasn't sure about her cause I was never the church type. I had my ear pieced three times an had 17 tattoos. But Kim found da good in me. Even tho I didn't see it. Kim's grandpa passed away then a little while later my sister died. My sis was only 34 when she passed an it made me see da world a little different. I started going an seeing Kim on da weekends an we went to church a few times but I was never moved by it. We moved in together an five months
later we got married. Now Kim's family took me in an treated me just like I was one of there's. Kim's christian grandma especially made me feel like part of da family. I didn't know why a nice christian lady would treat me so good. I wasn't anything, just a biker looking thug. But she also found
da good in me. After my wife an I had been married for just four months her dad passed away. It was a real smack to not only my wife's face but also my own. With a lot of questions about heaven an hell I wanted to go to church, just to learn. I couldn't believe I wanted to go, but I did. My wife's
great uncle is a preacher so I started going to his church. An man was I amazed. Every single person there welcomed me in with literally open arms. It only took about a month of hearing sermons an powerful messages from da pastor I got saved. An what made it special was after I took that walk to da alter, not only did my wife come to da alter but my mother-in-law did also. I got saved then my wife and mother-in-law. Three days later we all got baptized an decided to become members of da church. An for da first time in my life I was care free an depression and schizophrenia free as well.
Although my wife an her wonderful family made me feel better an helped me stop being so depressed. They couldn't take it away. But I had a new family member that could. My father in heaven. I just got saved in April of 09' but I have learned so much about Jesus an da bible. Now I have brothers an sisters in Christevery where I go. I started writing christian songs but I didn't really like da bluegrass style that everyone around where I lived liked. I always loved rap music, but I didn't think christian rap would work. Then I heard of Trip Lee. An his vocals an strong christian lyrics blew me away. I knew it could be done an already had been done. So I got Trip's C.D. an went to work. After listen to it I thought my lyrics where just as good. With a very low budget I went to work on recording. Now with a C.D. done an ready to make number two I knew I had to get my music out there for people to hear. Myspace is a great place to get my songs heard an spread da word of Jesus. I'm not here to make money or to sell C.D.'s an shirts. I just want people to get saved an become a child of God while having fun. You ain't got to do music how everyone else does it. God made me an I'm not changing for any man. Christian Rap is here an its gonna stay. Also stay in touch with me, cause your not just fans an another friend to get me higher in most popular artist lists, your a member of da family My family. God Bless you an help spread da word of Christ.
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