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Hi everyone. Bernard here on the line, live from Montreal.

While I'm relatively new to home-recording, I've been playing acoustic guitar for over 40 years, mainly on my good old classical Ovation, although I now have a Breedlove AD/20 SM and a Sigma tuned in DADGAD while I also went electric a couple years back, getting a Godin Jazz Multiac and a GR33 guitar-synth. Then at some point, I sold some gear to buy a Mac and what I needed to make a workable small home studio.

Talking of work - and music - when I'm not lost in learning how to use Logic and all the rest or in playing guitar and composing, I'm assisting a musical therapist on a regular basis since some years while in the summer I do renovation and some decorative arts - mosaic, faux-finish, etc - and put money aside so I can take it easy in winter and concentrate on music. I play with friends every now and then. Then there's the odd gig. In the long run, I'd love to publish some music and also play live more - I have a lot of solo guitar pieces going in all kind of directions and enjoy making arrangements too with the guitar-synth and softwares. I'll post some of that here by and by, for the joy of sharing, rough as it may be.

As for my music's style, good question. From very early on, I started to fool around with the chords I'd learn and search for my own color. Let's say it incorporates elements of classical, folk and jazz music, with a pinch of. . .

My all time favorites ? Well, Bach, James Taylor, Bobby Mcferrin, Al Jarreau. Keith Jarrett and Lyle Mays. Pat Metheny and Nando Lauria. The Yellow Jackets. Michael Brecker and Ian Garbarek. David Darling and Lama Gyurme. To name but a few.

In any case, great to be here
and looking forward
to join the

Boundless's Songs (28)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
12.31.09 Weather or Not - Jim Bouchard's Collab 9.17 (3) 4705 (32) Jazz Fusion 11.01.10 Active
11.30.09 Piece of Peace - private collab 9.17 (3) 3550 (42) Inspirational (contemporary) 01.19.10 Active
11.04.09 Here to Hear - collab 9.65 (5) 3916 (84) Jazz (instrumental) 09.23.10 Active
07.29.09 The Journey 9.46 (6) 4174 (96) Jazz (instrumental) 01.15.10 Active
06.29.09 Ember Remembered - Drakonis Open Collab 9.44 (4) 4648 (49) Jazz Fusion 09.07.09 Active
06.15.09 Suite in E 69 - the Zoom series 9.63 (6) 3441 (37) Jazz (instrumental) 02.05.13 Active
06.07.09 Gently 9.81 (4) 3013 (38) Folk (contemporary) 08.15.09 Active
05.29.09 Under Reflection - by VicDiesel - Collab 9.00 (3) 3144 (26) Downtempo 11.27.09 Active
05.27.09 Dimensia Blues - by Filmscorz - Collab 9.17 (3) 2560 (18) Blues (contemporary) 06.02.09 Active
05.23.09 Chutney - the India Jam series 9.17 (3) 2863 (14) Ethnic-International 07.25.09 Active
05.20.09 Remember - by Ramonaji - Collab 8.75 (2) 2252 (12) House 05.31.09 Active
05.20.09 Whales & Camels - the Loop Station series 8.88 (2) 2340 (2) Jazz (instrumental) 05.20.09 Active
05.13.09 Whales - the Zoom series 8.50 (1) 3020 (10) Jazz (instrumental) 05.20.09 Active
05.09.09 Open Sea 8.75 (2) 2564 (16) Piano 07.20.09 Active
05.07.09 Suite in A - the Zoom series 9.50 (2) 2825 (18) Jazz (instrumental) 06.13.09 Active
05.04.09 It Could Be You - by Fullcircle - Collab 9.25 (2) 2154 (15) Progressive Rock 01.19.10 Active
05.02.09 Mother - by Mtransue - Collab 9.81 (4) 2806 (16) Rock (instrumental) 05.31.09 Active
05.01.09 Masala - the India Jam series 8.75 (2) 3134 (20) Ethnic-International 07.04.09 Active
04.26.09 More Is Less - by Awigze - Collab 9.50 (2) 3073 (21) Jazz (instrumental) 05.01.09 Active
04.25.09 Live at the Park - Interlude 9.00 (2) 2354 (14) Latin Jazz 07.25.09 Active
04.24.09 Guitarama 7.75 (1) 2710 (21) Fingerstyle Guitar 07.10.09 Active
04.23.09 Innerself - by Filmscorz - Collab 9.13 (2) 2390 (15) Jazz (instrumental) 06.09.09 Active
04.22.09 I Try Very Hard Not To Care - by Ramonaji - Collab 8.75 (2) 2430 (10) Funk 06.11.09 Active
04.21.09 Giggle Gigue - the Loop Station series 9.25 (4) 3133 (16) Ambient 06.02.09 Active
04.21.09 Dawn 8.75 (2) 2677 (11) Fingerstyle Guitar 07.02.09 Active
04.20.09 Carnaval 9.25 (2) 3129 (24) Latin Jazz 01.17.10 Active
04.20.09 Bamboos 8.63 (2) 2743 (12) Jazz (instrumental) 07.02.09 Active
04.19.09 Evening Song 9.67 (3) 3030 (20) Fingerstyle Guitar 07.20.09 Active
Favorite Songs (281)
Title Artist Date Genre
Comes The Dawn paul f. page 03.14.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mists (MJRF2010) Scott Carmichael 02.06.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Bach in the Saddle Ibstrat 01.25.10 Classical
Time (Endless Flow) With Daniel Staniforth ShadowofNine 01.04.10 Art Rock
Chasseurs - remix by Paul F. Page richard13 12.31.09 Pop Orchestral
How do y'udu? VicDiesel 12.31.09 Ethnic-International
A Heart of Stone Made Flesh awigze 12.30.09 Jazz Fusion
Ivory Trader scottphillips 12.14.09 Jazz Fusion
Anna Finds Her Shoes scottphillips 12.13.09 Latin Jazz
Anna Finds Her Shoes scottphillips 12.13.09 Latin Jazz
Go Figure scottphillips 12.13.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Go Figure scottphillips 12.13.09 Jazz (instrumental)
un attimo di... Parichayaka 12.13.09 Piano
The Phoenix magnatone 12.11.09 Pop Classical
Sphenoid 2 mtransue 12.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
Get Your Mango On kassia 12.06.09 Pop Orchestral
Turkey Spoons Jim Bouchard 12.06.09 Bluegrass
Turkey Spoons Jim Bouchard 12.06.09 Bluegrass
Turkey Spoons Jim Bouchard 12.06.09 Bluegrass
Old & New 2010 thetiler 12.05.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman ShadowofNine 11.30.09 Rock (instrumental)
Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman ShadowofNine 11.30.09 Rock (instrumental)
Seek Deep Skean 11.30.09 Ambient
Ultra VicDiesel 11.29.09 Drum n Bass
Malphunktion AcetyleneJukebox 11.21.09 Funk
Deep Majesty kassia 11.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lost At Sea MannequinRaces 11.17.09 Experimental
No Time ThroughRivers 11.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Cokkes-de-panzas falcef 11.16.09 Electropop
HOW WOULD I KNOW SISTERS 11.16.09 Easy Listening
Of Leaf and Stream Vaisvil 11.16.09 New Age
Of Leaf and Stream Vaisvil 11.16.09 New Age
Gonna Miss You - a cappella Lardo 11.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Gonna Miss You - a cappella Lardo 11.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Trains and Plains scofugate 11.15.09 Jazz Fusion
Window hackneybloke 11.15.09 Acoustic
Larger Than Life - ReMaster Alimar 11.15.09 Progressive Rock
Those Sounds Attim 11.13.09 Acoustic
Girl with a broken wing McAndy 11.13.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Sirens [Featuring Steve Stone] Collaboration - Version 2 Alimar 11.12.09 Progressive Rock
Sirens [Featuring Steve Stone] Collaboration - Version 2 Alimar 11.12.09 Progressive Rock
Sur le sable (w Jiguma) blaky smith 11.12.09 Acoustic
Sur le sable (w Jiguma) blaky smith 11.12.09 Acoustic
j&d McAndy 11.12.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Drylands Road hackneybloke 11.12.09 Acoustic
Lullaby for the Inner Child drakonis 11.11.09 Ballad
and one... bud 11.10.09 Ambient
and one... bud 11.10.09 Ambient
few view iwonder 11.09.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Star Showers (Improvisation for Dianne No. 4) UnderThePianoMan 11.08.09 Piano
Pavlov's Dog davajonah 11.08.09 Ambient
Pipe Spring at Dusk VicDiesel 11.07.09 Native American
Shaolin Munk Funk (w/ musichead & awigze) maxruehl 11.07.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Yours and Mine Bob6stringer 11.07.09 Acoustic Rock
Dancing on the Head of a Pin richard13 11.07.09 Dance-Club
So I been told egobandit 11.06.09 Alternative Rock
The Road To Cannae mtransue 11.06.09 Folk (contemporary)
Watching You Sleep jazzman1 11.05.09 New Age
Always Good to see You fathom 11.05.09 Classical
Always Good to see You fathom 11.05.09 Classical
Blues in Bm Ibstrat 11.04.09 Solo Instrument
Blues in Bm Ibstrat 11.04.09 Solo Instrument
The System Finds a Way to Stay the Same michaelkoppenheffer 11.02.09 Folk (contemporary)
Settle SmokeyVW 11.02.09 Other
Settle SmokeyVW 11.02.09 Other
Weather or Not w/awigze Jim Bouchard 11.01.09 Jazz Fusion
Mendel's Ratio davajonah 11.01.09 Ambient
Mendel's Ratio davajonah 11.01.09 Ambient
Insonnia-trumpet falcef 11.01.09 Jazz (instrumental)
The Nightmare on Dream Street Reinholt56 11.01.09 Ambient
Lazy Days Z293 10.31.09 Rock (instrumental)
Outside the Corral guitapick 10.30.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Expanding Toys (Halloween Remix) bud 10.29.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Conqueror Worm Halloween 2009 PaulaMunk 10.28.09 Spoken Word-Poetry
Pygmy Bone johnwhitehead 10.28.09 Acoustic
Improvisation No. 3 for Lori & Silas UnderThePianoMan 10.27.09 Piano
Victory carlajpatterson 10.26.09 Classical
i wonder iwonder 10.25.09 Classical
Wingiggle (Inspired by Dadai's Daughter Laura) WIP - Phase Two Alimar 10.24.09 Children's Music
She never unfurled Rayelise 10.19.09 Piano
Walking seeking & depressed Skean 10.17.09 Trance
Enchanted Garden richard13 10.16.09 Electropop
The Lunatics Salvation Outtaorbit 10.13.09 Alternative Rock
leaves iwonder 10.20.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Tiger Flame (Halloween Challenge) paddler 10.12.09 Ballad
Just Bumps in the Road scaustrita 10.09.09 Latin Jazz
GOTTA GO richardhowardjones 09.29.09 Acoustic Rock
Le RĂªve De Solange iG.STUDiO 09.28.09 Jazz (instrumental)
We got to Jive in Blues by (Feter) awigze 09.24.09 Blues (traditional)
Stepping Down ziti 09.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
Stepping Down ziti 09.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
Keep it Real Ibstrat 09.21.09 Solo Instrument
Sorry (Bracelet of Hope Version) blindsidedpoets 09.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Seaside Samba Scorpjammer 09.15.09 Latin
f12 Parichayaka 09.15.09 Downtempo
f12 Parichayaka 09.15.09 Downtempo
Sweet September gail60 09.13.09 Piano
Don't tell me what I can't w/KTB and Ingve thoddi 09.13.09 Soul
Don't tell me what I can't w/KTB and Ingve thoddi 09.13.09 Soul
Sweet Grace Roxylee 09.10.09 Acoustic
Tandernaken (Henry VIIIth) VicDiesel 09.08.09 Renaissance
Tandernaken (Henry VIIIth) VicDiesel 09.08.09 Renaissance
Footprints in the Sand WharmtonRise 09.07.09 Film Scoring
World of Wonders kassia 08.24.09 Experimental
World of Wonders kassia 08.24.09 Experimental
Just a Dream Ibstrat 08.15.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Coming Into The Light johnwhitehead 08.12.09 Acoustic
Indian Ocean WharmtonRise 08.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Love Took Over My Sight ramonaji 08.03.09 Pop (Alternative)
A Right to the Blues johnwhitehead 08.02.09 Acoustic
Short Circuit (Sample) Hectorious 08.02.09 NUjazz
lanarama/Ktb/Thoddi/Ramona tokai 08.02.09 Art Rock
FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVE SISTERS 08.02.09 Pop (mainstream)
The Sailing of the Prydwen elfdaughter 08.01.09 Classical
The Irish Frost Steele_obsidion 08.01.09 Celtic
Planet Orchestra ShadowofNine 07.31.09 Pop Orchestral
Sco'nuff (ibstrat) Macaudion 07.31.09 Jazz Fusion
Intimate Moments jazzman1 07.27.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
chi/Ktb tokai 07.27.09 Art Rock
Fall From Grace Z293 07.27.09 Rock (instrumental)
Henry's Dream davajonah 07.27.09 Experimental
Lights, Camera, Action, Money! ramonaji 07.25.09 Pop (Alternative)
Not to Jazz ShadowofNine 07.25.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Aw Country-Air Ibstrat 07.24.09 Country-Western
The world is crazy Skean 07.24.09 Experimental
The Solution (2009) Extended Orchestration Alimar 07.24.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
My Hope Alannah 07.24.09 Ballad
Into The Tunnel kassia 07.22.09 Experimental
Houses Made of Glass w/ Char awigze 07.22.09 Experimental
Distant Shores paddler 07.18.09 Soul
Schizophrenia DonStevens 07.17.09 Blues (contemporary)
Este Momento Estella 07.17.09 Folk (traditional)
Este Momento Estella 07.17.09 Folk (traditional)
Do You Want to FEEL? ramonaji 07.16.09 Electropop
Railroad Jazz John Stebbe 07.16.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Fire Sky Chimalus 07.15.09 Progressive Rock
Fire Sky Chimalus 07.15.09 Progressive Rock
No Goodbyes ramonaji 07.12.09 NUjazz
Sisyphus guitapick 07.11.09 Classical
Love Triangle ramonaji 07.05.09 Electropop
Aural Nonchalance Reinholt56 07.04.09 Ambient
Mountain Gates dhragon 07.04.09 Other
The flute also dances VicDiesel 07.04.09 Native American
Self-Portrait in 3 Colors AcetyleneJukebox 07.03.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Carriage Girl Mckenzie 07.03.09 Acoustic
Everybody Feels Moviz 07.03.09 Ballad
Mexico A Go-Go T_Being_esq 07.03.09 Trance
I Can't Imagine michael2 07.03.09 Indie Rock
UltraBeaten (w/ sonnyjim) racerat 07.03.09 Experimental
the du (collab with ktb) Clambake 07.02.09 Jazz (instrumental)
hellotrack6[sax/harmony] rabittwhole 07.02.09 Other
Take Flight Ibstrat 07.02.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Violet Wine paddler 07.02.09 Ambient
Bellissimo (Cinematic Version, Downloadable) Alimar 07.02.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Into the Sky DonStevens 07.01.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Rock Baby ShadowofNine 06.29.09 Rock
Walking Jim Bouchard 06.27.09 Ambient
A World Of Our Making daibhre 06.25.09 Folk (contemporary)
X-Lrg Impersonal Foot Wear Macaudion 06.24.09 Film Scoring
If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love chestnut 06.24.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Just Trouble ramonaji 06.24.09 Blues (traditional)
Peace Within gail60 06.23.09 Piano
Ember-A Heart of Stone Turns to Flesh (The Drakonis Collab) awigze 06.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Origin jfaaz 06.22.09 Other
I'll Take a Pill if it Will Make Me Forget You ramonaji 06.21.09 Electropop
My Love is Your Harmony onesweetworld 06.19.09 A Cappella
Bellissimo Alimar 06.19.09 Classical
Drift a drift btransue 06.17.09 Ambient
The Vampire's Kiss Alannah 06.17.09 Other
AndeeScott (aka Phunker) - Falling Slowly Cover (Vocals by Kristin Brooke) AndeeScott 06.16.09 Pop Classical
Rest not Parichayaka 06.16.09 Downtempo
Windchime Experiment michael2 06.16.09 Open Collaborations
Nasty Little Things [ramonaji/awigze mix] davisamerica 06.15.09 Trip Hop
Fragment haribo 06.15.09 Pop Classical
warm inspiration Giusepppe 06.14.09 Ambient
MagnaFlight magnatone 06.12.09 Pop Orchestral
THE NEXT TRAIN richardhowardjones 06.11.09 Acoustic
Jonk's Express 2 sloparts 06.10.09 Open Collaborations
We Grew Up Together guitapick 06.09.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
A Little Alleluia kassia 06.06.09 Classical
Biota Reinholt56 06.04.09 Ambient
Interlude Stravagant Giusepppe 06.01.09 Acoustic
Under reflection, take 3 VicDiesel 05.30.09 Downtempo
Latin Life Giusepppe 05.30.09 Latin
Oriental Work Giusepppe 05.29.09 Electropop
Floating Giusepppe 05.29.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
River at Night (Jonk/Tokai) ktb 05.25.09 Ambient
In Short, a Sonata for a Piano and Cello in D SlideOfHand 05.27.09 Classical
I`m Gone I.G.M. 05.19.09 Jazz (vocal)
Do We Really Get Wings? (TFP) awigze 05.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Tropical Island 2 thetiler 05.14.09 Pop Classical
Autumn Rain Charlie D 05.13.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Tropical Island thetiler 05.13.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Bach for More Ibstrat 05.11.09 Classical
The Luthier mtransue 05.04.09 Rock (instrumental)
Recording With Betsy and Company thetiler 05.04.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Rain DonStevens 05.04.09 New Age
Driving Dawn av01der 05.02.09 Downtempo
WOLFSBURG musicmarket 05.01.09 Acoustic Rock
This Is My Father's World John Stebbe 04.28.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Sleep gail60 04.27.09 Piano
Mother mtransue 04.26.09 Rock (instrumental)
I Remember Tickle Fights KyasheMusic 04.26.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Prelude (Dedicated to the Father of the Classical Guitar) Andre Segovia thetiler 04.24.09 Classical
Rainy Days FrankAxtell 04.24.09 Jazz Fusion
Cuban Mojo w/KTB thoddi 04.23.09 Latin Jazz
Little Buddha davisamerica 04.23.09 Experimental
Ali Baba ShadowofNine 04.22.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Good Morning Scott Carmichael 04.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Best Days Charlie D 04.22.09 Acoustic
Free (Live to Tape) blindsidedpoets 04.20.09 Acoustic
Heart Cries gail60 04.20.09 Piano
Theme: First Watch Studio_E 04.20.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Daddy's little girl twangers 04.18.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Smokey's *Lunar Eclipse* Revival TERRAPLANE 04.17.09 Jazz (vocal)
Smiling Faces FrankAxtell 04.17.09 Jazz Fusion
For a Fallen Hero (extended) richard13 04.15.09 Ambient
Speak To Me Gently kassia 04.14.09 Piano
Kryptonite AcetyleneJukebox 04.11.09 Jazz (instrumental)
tStnW2w/Ih Macaudion 04.06.09 Jazz Fusion
The Night I.G.M. 04.05.09 Acoustic
Someday Soon Charlie D 04.01.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Ice Maiden's Gavotte (remix) richard13 03.25.09 Pop Orchestral
Bluebell Forrest thetiler 03.22.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Ravaged Heart (Live to Tape) blindsidedpoets 03.20.09 Acoustic
The Sea Captain Relic67 03.17.09 Folk (traditional)
For Isabella andreasvanharen 02.27.09 Classical
A Story(Drama) Feter 02.26.09 Classical
9to5 I.G.M. 02.22.09 Folk (traditional)
The Lament Acoustic Guitar Concerto thetiler 02.21.09 Classical
Short tune SJB 02.17.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
It's Been a Long Time ramonaji 02.12.09 Ethnic-International
Ueber Land (MJRF) musicmarket 02.10.09 Acoustic
Insomnia Exposed caymanjazz 02.07.09 Experimental
Forge A New Life (MJRF) TobinMueller 02.06.09 Art Rock
Start Now Estella 02.03.09 Acoustic
Then the Rain (MJRF) guitapick 02.03.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
I Sail On (v2) (MJRF) TobinMueller 02.03.09 Piano
A Return To Hope (w/LunaTrick) kassia 01.23.09 New Age
African Nights caymanjazz 01.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Pondering Question edpdx 01.08.09 Film Scoring
Homeland Scott Carmichael 12.13.08 Acoustic
No Guitar Man Macaudion 12.02.08 Open Collaborations
Sunday Morning edpdx 11.25.08 Ambient
More is Less awigze 11.22.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Acoustica mtransue 11.21.08 Acoustic Rock
Tribute Ibstrat 11.19.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Tailor Made (final mix) guitapick 11.17.08 Jazz (vocal)
The Sleeping Dragon Awakens Garni 11.19.08 Ethnic-International
A Snowy Morning KyasheMusic 11.03.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Intergalactic Transmission FrankAxtell 10.23.08 Jazz Fusion
Musik (live) musicmarket 10.14.08 Acoustic
Crystal Land Scott Carmichael 10.11.08 Folk-Rock
Cumulus Parichayaka 09.18.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Finding No Path TobinMueller 08.27.08 Jazz (instrumental)
A Road Less Traveled thetiler 07.04.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Ember (kassiafied) kassia 05.03.08 New Age
Song for Karen Ibstrat 04.28.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Insecure Alannah 04.15.08 Jazz Fusion
Never Walk Alone onesweetworld 04.05.08 Ballad
Train to Rishikesh SJB 03.11.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Alman/Ballad/Jig Ibstrat 01.14.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
By The Fire Ibstrat 12.17.07 Ballad
Boulder CO Ibstrat 10.31.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Smokey's Embers (col w Drakonis) SmokeyVW 10.20.07 Classical
Glimpses Scott Carmichael 10.05.07 Folk-Rock
Charlene (hectorious/edhara collab) edhara 09.24.07 NUjazz
Sanctuary Parichayaka 08.29.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Saturnine (unplugged) Macaudion 08.16.07 Folk (contemporary)
Mist Comes Up The Valley Ibstrat 08.10.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Walk Strong Scott Carmichael 07.23.07 Acoustic
who you see Scott Carmichael 07.11.07 Jazz (vocal)
The Birdwatcher Ibstrat 07.06.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Then the Rain guitapick 05.04.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Then the Rain guitapick 05.04.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
An Open Rd Home Scott Carmichael 03.18.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Havin' Fun (scottydude/ktb/edhara collab) edhara 02.19.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Nocturnal Rainforest edhara 05.28.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Find Him Scott Carmichael 03.18.06 Folk-Rock
Ember-Rekindled drakonis 09.05.05 Open Collaborations
frivolity edhara 04.23.06 Jazz (instrumental)
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Music Background Self-taught.
Music Skills Guitar - various kinds. Enjoy as much playing rhythmic chord patterns as finger-picking or soloing. I compose mainly. Some piano and keys. Some flute. And a little of everything through my guitar-synth.
Music Hardware An ancient classical Ovation. A Breedlove AD/20 SM and an old Sigma (tuned in DADGAD) both with K&K pickups. A AMT S3G Studio internal clip-on microphone. A Godin Jazz Multiac and a Roland GR33 guitar-synth. An old Yamaha keyboard. A Studio Projects B1 condenser mic. A FMR RNP preamp. A D-Tar Solstice mixer/blender. . .
Music Software Logic Studio. Kontakt. Absynth. Zebra. String Studio. Guitar Rig. Amplitube. Miroslav Philharmonik CE. Sonalksis, PSP, Ozone, T-Racks. . .
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