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Location: Portland, Oregon United States
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Bridge Creek is an acoustic folk/rock band from Portland, Oregon, formed in February 2007. With three strong vocalists and songwriters, they knew there was great potential to create a unique and original sound. Lisa Parrish (lead singer, rhythm guitar, co-songwriter) grew up listening to country music. She has been creating a unique blend of country, folk, and rock for years that is evident in her 2005 debut album "Alive". Her sweet yet powerful vocals coupled with her memorable songwriting style has built her a solid fan base and local radio play. Alan Crouch (bass, vocals, co-songwriter) has been contributing to the local Portland music scene for the last 15 years from the blues-edged rock of Bombay to the rootsy americana of NorthPoint. His bass playing has a focus on simple bluesy roots rhythms and songwriting content spanning freedom, joy, pain, redemption, escape, helping the disenfranchised, and fighting for what you believe in. David Weatherby (lead guitar, vocals, co-songwriter) brings a dynamic improvisational skill and prioritization of eclectic ensemble orchestration over speed and technical wizardry (but don't let that fool you, this guy can really let it rip with a tasteful mix of blues, jazz, and bluegrass influences). His rich, deep singing voice and impeccable ear for pitch and rhythm are a foundation of the Bridge Creek sound. Dean Thurston (percussionist) brings decades of rhythmic experience to the table. Comfortable with diverse musical styles, he is ready to choose the right instrument and the right rhythmic feel to support the spirit of the song. You'll usually spot him behind a hybrid percussion set-up - partial drum set augmented by a variety of hand drums and other miscellaneous percussion instruments. Bridge Creek are planning to play out regularly throughout 2007 at the local Portland acoustic venues (Women Who Rock series, Green Room, White Eagle, Duff's Garage, Bitter End Pub). The band is writing material this Spring, with eyes on a recording project later in 2008. Cheers, Lisa/David/Alan/Dean -- Bridge Creek
BridgeCreek's Songs (5)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.18.09 Muddy Water 10.00 (1) 3724 (18) Blues (contemporary) 11.28.10 Active
05.25.08 Drive Me Wild 9.13 (4) 3926 (17) Acoustic Rock 05.19.09 Active
02.21.08 Treat Me Right 9.50 (4) 3658 (17) Blues (contemporary) 03.04.08 Active
02.02.08 Lonely 8.65 (5) 3449 (29) Country-Western 05.06.08 Active
01.13.08 Any Other Way 9.44 (4) 2355 (12) Rock 02.01.08 Active
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Music Background Local Portland Oregon musicians for the past few decades :)
Music Skills Lisa: songwriting, vocals, rhythm guitar David: songwriting, vocals, lead guitar Alan: songwriting, vocals, bass Dean: percussion
Music Hardware Alesis IO26
Music Software Cakewalk Sonar, Audacity
Keywords Portland, Oregon, BridgeCreek, Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Country, Blues