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(Cameron Kopf)

Member Since: Monday, June 07 2004 @ 05:59 PM CDT
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Location: In the Woods, Northern CA USA
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I've been meaning to update my bio for a few years now -- much has changed!

At the beginning of 2013, I decided to start drawing my Musicians Union pension. I no longer play union professional orchestra/show gigs (French horn). It is a great relief not to have to travel long distances to barely do better than break even on professional gigs. It's great to be able to stay close to home!

I can now concentrate my creative energies right here in The Woods, in the upper foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, 80 miles northeast of Sacramento.

I play horn in a local woodwind quintet and in the Nevada County Concert Band:


I had played trumpet in the band last year, but the horn section really needs my help, at least through the Spring concert in early May. Then I will probably switch to marimba -- something I've always wanted to play!

I continue to play the trumpet in my local brass quintet, Sierra Brass.

And I am still playing the harp, piano and recorder family for fun.

Over the past few years, I have been composing a LOT of music for various chamber ensembles. Hopefully I will share some of it here on Macjams.

My most recent projects have been photographing and videoing my partner James' latest art projects: Ice Mandalas. They can be created only when the weather stays below freezing for several days in a row, so we are done until next Winter! It involves putting various objects into the bottom of washtubs and covered with a few inches of water and let freeze. The discs are then removed from the tub and hung in a tree.

You can see my Mandala videos, among others, on my YouTube page:


I composed original music for these videos, using iMovie 6 and Garageband (4? I think...an older version that works on my antiquated Leopard OS Macbook).

I recently collaborated with my dear friend Francesca in our band called "Tootenpluck". Francesca is also a member of Macjams:


We recently released a short album entitled "Under a Cedar" on the Bandcamp.com site:


I play the Ravenna 26-string harp while Francesca plays a number of Native American flutes. The music is a blending of meditative/improvisation and Native American influences.

Please check out our tracks, and make a donation (of any size) if you can. Technically you can download the tracks for free, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could contribute even a few dollars to our cause, so that we can bring you more music!

PREVIOUS BIO from 2007:
After ten years on the road playing horn with the national (USA) touring company of "The Phantom of the Opera", I have recently retired from that organization and moved from Bisbee, Arizona to the Woods of Northern California.

In this peaceful, secluded piece of heaven, I am following my dreams of composing and recording my own music, as well as further developing my skills on all the instruments I play: horn, harp, piano and the recorder family.

I became a professional horn player immediately upon my graduation from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati in 1976, when I won my first orchestral position with the Nashville Symphony. It was a very stimulating environment, playing recordings, TV shows and small ensembles in addition to my regular orchestra duties.

After three years, I went down to Mexico to play with La Orquesta Sinfónica del Estado de México. This was an excellent orchestra with musicians from all over Latin America, Europe, Russia and the United States. We did many recordings, and tours throughout Mexico and the States.

After two devaluations of the peso in 1982 (four years later) I left the orchestra and moved back to the States without a job; I lived with my parents in my childhood home in Sacramento and worked in a pizza parlor. I subbed with the Sacramento Symphony, then ended up winning a national audition and remained there for nearly fifteen years, until the orchestra's unfortunate demise in 1996.

I jumped at the chance to join the Phantom touring company in 1997. The experience of playing the same music over and over again (over 3,000 shows!) presented different challenges than anything I had ever done musically before.

It was a great ten years but it's time to move on to the next phase.

So now I return to Northern California once again. Along with my many musical projects with horn, harp, piano and recorders, I will freelance on horn in various area orchestras, including the new "incarnation" in Sacramento, now called the Sacramento Philharmonic. It will be nice to play there on a part-time basis.

In my new life, I look forward to having more time to create music and share it with you all here!
Cameron's Songs (22)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
03.02.13 Trio for Horn, Violin & Piano 0.00 (0) 3697 (12) Classical 02.10.14 Active
12.27.10 Auld Lang Syne 8.63 (2) 4759 (33) Classical 11.27.13 Active
03.21.10 Please Marry Me (w/PaulaMunk) 10.00 (1) 4055 (29) Celtic 06.22.17 Active
02.11.10 Laura (MJRF2010) 7.83 (3) 4247 (56) New Age 05.04.13 Active
01.22.10 Life Goes On 9.32 (7) 5181 (117) Ambient 02.10.10 Active
02.25.09 EPONYM 9.38 (4) 5017 (36) Experimental 03.01.09 Active
10.24.07 Suite: Darker Side of Nowhere 9.20 (11) 4838 (50) Pop Orchestral 01.24.10 Active
10.06.07 III. Episodes 9.17 (6) 5546 (30) Classical 11.08.10 Active
09.19.07 II. Cadenza 8.90 (5) 3648 (23) Classical 02.07.10 Active
09.11.07 I. Let The Night Begin 9.33 (10) 4650 (35) Classical 11.08.10 Active
07.02.07 Leaving Bisbee Blues 9.10 (12) 5461 (46) Blues (contemporary) 07.06.10 Active
03.21.07 Endings & Beginnings 8.94 (12) 5851 (40) Classical 04.08.09 Active
07.10.06 Bubbling Brook 8.67 (16) 10176 (36) New Age 02.26.09 Active
06.28.06 Happy B-Day Caroline  (---) 9063 (19) Comedy-Satire-Parody 06.29.15 Active
01.10.06 Ode to a Previous Day 8.64 (37) 7241 (86) Classical 03.17.12 Active
08.17.05 Baby Roosters on Parade 8.34 (29) 7876 (77) Classical 03.06.10 Active
06.20.05 La Noche 7.96 (28) 6852 (66) Classical 03.09.10 Active
02.16.05 Hegira 8.34 (50) 12864 (76) New Age 10.26.07 Active
09.10.04 Path of Tears 8.35 (54) 9867 (96) Classical 08.06.10 Active
07.04.04 Lisha 7.24 (35) 8673 (33) Jazz (instrumental) 02.17.08 Active
06.16.04 Whimsical 7.45 (15) 4293 (20) Other 02.24.10 Active
06.11.04 Susan 7.31 (25) 4934 (20) New Age 06.02.08 Active
Favorite Songs (341)
Title Artist Date Genre
Heart Song magnatone 11.21.13 Piano
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
6am to Midnight Parichayaka 07.09.11 Electronic
The Royal Twins VicDiesel 07.04.11 Renaissance
Blind Love (piano solo) magnatone 06.15.11 Piano
Piper on the ramparts at dawn VicDiesel 06.03.11 Renaissance
A Farewell magnatone 11.30.10 Piano
Keep on Truckin' composerclark 11.08.10 Piano
To Autumn (Improvisation No. 6 for Mike & Erica) UnderThePianoMan 11.06.10 Piano
Fall Rising magnatone 11.03.10 Pop Orchestral
String Quartet 1st & 2nd mouvement cchaplin 10.28.10 Classical
iPad Riff Revisited… composerclark 10.12.10 Classical
Three Sixty Degrees WharmtonRise 07.05.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Joanna Sampler (updated) Joanna 06.29.10 Sampler
Perihelion kassia 06.09.10 New Age
Glacier Ride (Piano Solo) magnatone 05.05.10 Piano
Sleep, oh sweet sleep VicDiesel 04.02.10 Renaissance
3am Parichayaka 03.31.10 New Age
Beach Walk kassia 03.19.10 New Age
A Forest Trail Einarus 03.10.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Picture of Your Face - by Olivia dancedivine 03.07.10 Acoustic
Confluence magnatone 03.05.10 Pop Classical
Seafood Gumbo w/ AngelaHope TobinMueller 02.25.10 Jazz (vocal)
Long Lost WharmtonRise 02.21.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Day In Her Life (dadai vox remix) Dadai.2 02.21.10 Acoustic
Baboons and Loons Alannah 02.21.10 Alternative Rock
Eastern Promise WharmtonRise 02.20.10 Film Scoring
Core by ktb "John Libby" featuring Gaylen75 Gaylen75 02.12.10 Pop (Alternative)
Winter's Breath (MJRF 2010) Mystified 02.12.10 Ambient
Procession of the Saints MidiOrleans 02.08.10 Jazz (instrumental)
March of the Mushrooms Dharma_Logos 02.08.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010) Mcboy 02.07.10 Acoustic
Milonga Bolacera billykirsch 02.06.10 Tango
Merton's Prayer (work-in-progress with Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 02.05.10 Folk-Rock
ƸC†OPL∆SM - Fog (Remix) ectoplasm 02.05.10 Experimental
Notes 'n Thoughts (MJRF2010) BirdmanWayne94 02.04.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Downtown Desolation WharmtonRise 02.04.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
i'm a reunion maid MJRF 2010 caroline 02.04.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Dont Go Now (Beat of Beats) Music by DJ_Veit featuring Gaylen75 Gaylen75 02.04.10 Electropop
Nightmare Overture curtithird 02.03.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Evolution Symphony Dharma_Logos 02.03.10 Classical
McZorro-Live ziti 02.02.10 Latin
Hurt Me (MJRF2010) Gaylen75 02.02.10 Alternative Rock
I'm a Dreamer( MJRF2010) Moviz 02.02.10 Rock & Roll
The Empiric And The Theocrat [MJRF 2010] Alimar 02.02.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Memory ( MJRF2010) Feat Alimar+Peter Greenstone SlimGirlFat 02.02.10 Ambient
Once Again Bethan_Mathis 02.03.10 Folk (contemporary)
Gaze v.F+F (MJRF2010) packosmokes 02.01.10 Electropop
Desert Dance II (MJRF2010) Doug Somers 02.01.10 Middle Eastern
San Carlo Bay (MJRF2010) scaustrita 02.01.10 Latin
Away In Black (MJRF2010) Vic Holman 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
The Thin Man Dreams (MJRF2010) jiguma 01.31.10 Acoustic Rock
all smokey - live ziti 01.31.10 Smooth Jazz
all smokey - live ziti 01.31.10 Smooth Jazz
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Never So Lonely (Rebsie vocal) Dadai.2 01.29.10 Acoustic
Riverside Romance Gaylen75 01.28.10 Alternative Rock
Table Five (Collab. w/Sisters, Ziti, Jiguma, Awigze, Kevmikwa) davisamerica2 01.28.10 Ballad
SkyWind SmokeyVW 01.26.10 Other
McDowells axljfoley 01.26.10 Hip Hop-Rap
A cycle revealed egobandit 01.24.10 Alternative Rock
Ukulele Dreams... Dadai.2 01.24.10 Acoustic
Timeless/w Skean Moviz 01.24.10 Pop (Alternative)
A sense of summer thoddi 01.24.10 Latin Jazz
When I Say Y'All michaelkoppenheffer 01.23.10 Acoustic
That Sexy Smile Gaylen75 01.23.10 Alternative Rock
One for the Road [Final] Alimar 01.23.10 Children's Music
Farewell Fair Weather Friend w/Alannah and Awigze scofugate 01.23.10 Smooth Jazz
bliss v2 mybravedesign 01.22.10 Electropop
Colors of the Water Einarus 01.22.10 Classical
Curtisong curtithird 01.20.10 Classical
Carbis Bay ThroughRivers 01.18.10 Acoustic
Spirit Haunting ( A day in the Life of a conscious Ghost ) PrototypeEightyOne 01.06.10 Experimental
O Holy Night magnatone 12.22.09 Piano
Ding dong (merrily we're high) BrunchandChewy 12.22.09 Holiday
Queen B VicDiesel 12.19.09 Ambient
un attimo di... Parichayaka 12.13.09 Piano
Orange Scream w/z293 ktb 12.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
Coventry Carol No. 4 UnderThePianoMan 12.07.09 Holiday
Yuletide Joy 2009 (Ensemble) Alimar 12.07.09 Holiday
Epic Tranquility AndeeScott 11.25.09 Ambient
Pipe Spring at Dusk VicDiesel 11.07.09 Native American
Please Marry Me PaulaMunk 10.26.09 Open Collaborations
Halloween Wandering/PickQuickRecords sheilad 10.23.09 Other
Nostalgia UnderThePianoMan 09.30.09 Piano
(3)Bagpipes & Candle Light (Paula) RadioChuck 09.18.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
f12 Parichayaka 09.15.09 Downtempo
The flute also dances VicDiesel 07.04.09 Native American
I`m Gone I.G.M. 05.19.09 Jazz (vocal)
Feed Me (w/Char) bud 05.14.09 Alternative Rock
Voices of flute players past VicDiesel 03.08.09 Native American
major penta 0x02 ic42 02.28.09 Experimental
Why [DemoGail60] rabittwhole 02.26.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Story(Drama) Feter 02.26.09 Classical
(I've Been) Watching You w rtcooper jiguma 02.24.09 Rock
Tenor Sax/Guitar Evening Mix Dadai.2 02.22.09 Smooth Jazz
Albinoni Concerto 4 mov.1 MidiOrleans 02.22.09 Baroque
major penta 0x01 ic42 02.19.09 Experimental
Dual Tapestry (w/kassia) magnatone 02.17.09 Piano
Who Got Jazz Infomercial Joanna 02.15.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Sunshine Lady Patriotpizzaman 02.14.09 Acoustic Rock
sequence 0x03 (mjrf) ic42 02.13.09 Ambient
We play online (MJ RS er.. MJRF!) ;o) BrunchandChewy 02.09.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
notes of christmas past ic42 01.10.09 Ambient
De Osynliga Sistrarna Suite cchaplin 09.30.08 Classical
charming - a lullaby for the inner child (with char singing) ic42 09.25.08 Ballad
charming - a lullaby for the inner child (with char singing) ic42 09.25.08 Ballad
Cumulus Parichayaka 09.18.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Canyon Rise magnatone 08.08.08 Pop Orchestral
Tears of Kokopelmana dreadmon 07.10.08 Native American
menopausal health - GOOC caroline 07.08.08 Country-Western
A Road Less Traveled thetiler 07.04.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
I Have Wandered (MJ GOOC) jiguma 06.30.08 Bluegrass
Rosie's glow (feat. Caroline) apb 06.24.08 Pop (Alternative)
Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto - 2nd Movement Harmonesque 06.12.08 Classical
Guards of the Cannon VicDiesel 06.09.08 Renaissance
Small Hours Focus12 06.03.08 Ambient
Elevated Passage magnatone 05.28.08 Pop Orchestral
Bring Back Fluff w/MIRx caroline 05.12.08 Punk-Grunge
Dirt Roads VicDiesel 05.03.08 Native American
punk junk by cinderella snot .... caroline 05.02.08 Spoken Word-Poetry
Dream Dance composerclark 04.09.08 Classical
Glacier Ride magnatone 03.09.08 Pop Classical
I'm so lonely baby Outtaorbit 02.17.08 Blues (contemporary)
THE PAINTING Barretok 02.17.08 Rock
Abide With Me (traditional) Mystified 02.17.08 A Cappella
Choir Stomp magnatone 02.11.08 Other
Today droop 02.10.08 Pop (mainstream)
First Light magnatone 02.10.08 Classical
The Chase magnatone 02.09.08 Classical
The Queen's Minuet VicDiesel 02.09.08 Baroque
Grandpa Calling/ Simple Gifts magnatone 02.08.08 Other
Do For Love jiguma 02.07.08 Alternative Rock
So Easy To Read michael2 01.15.08 Alternative Rock
Shades of Blue (Mcboy collab) Mystified 01.09.08 Acoustic
You Ain't Sweet Enough droop 01.07.08 Other
Flesh is Weak (with Rebsie) DWL 12.28.07 Pop Orchestral
Om Sommaren Cori Ander 11.09.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Happy Pappy guitapick 10.30.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Adagio in e minor for string quartet djdrshaman 08.07.07 Classical
Puski duski apb 07.10.07 Children's Music
Evil Clowns (Remix) Keith O. Edwards 07.02.07 Swing
5 Short Piano Pieces composerclark 06.30.07 Classical
Summer Evening Song Moviz 06.30.07 Spoken Word-Poetry
Choro da Saudade thetiler 06.29.07 Classical
India Traveler glennkav 06.10.07 Rock (instrumental)
Autumn's Allemande VicDiesel 05.22.07 Renaissance
Fredo's chanson VicDiesel 05.07.07 Renaissance
Dusty Rode apb 03.31.07 Pop (Alternative)
I Wonder How You Are iG.STUDiO 03.18.07 Jazz (vocal)
Last Call iG.STUDiO 03.18.07 Jazz (instrumental)
I'm Dreaming Again Nolan 02.28.07 Acoustic
Late-Winter Waltz Mystified 02.14.07 New Age
Heroes Parichayaka 02.13.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
a-rovin' caroline 02.08.07 Folk (traditional)
Love In Cyberspace Joanna 02.07.07 Pop (mainstream)
North Rim VicDiesel 02.04.07 Native American
The Misty Mall of Avalon composerclark 02.03.07 Classical
rightabout now caroline 01.29.07 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Ambient Guitar Chill Parichayaka 01.28.07 Ambient
E Oru O kristyjo 01.28.07 Ethnic-International
Back Pedal VicDiesel 01.24.07 Twentieth Century
Larissa (w/ John Hulaton) VicDiesel 01.15.07 Film Scoring
Orchestral Variations on a recurring unvaried rhythmic theme in 15/8 decaying. cchaplin 01.14.07 Classical
Solar Winds kristyjo 01.12.07 Ambient
Aftermath composerclark 01.09.07 Classical
Through it all w/Mimi/Mcboy&Thoddi Macaudion 01.06.07 Art Rock
Waiting for the Other dchapman 01.03.07 Rock (instrumental)
Gentle Machine echoroom 12.28.06 Downtempo
Fat Man Dance OneManBand 12.26.06 Swing
What Happened to Outpost Five? perceptualvortex 12.23.06 Psychedelic
Marche Militarie No1 Cori Ander 12.17.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
Marcello Sonata in D minor Op. 2 No. 2, Allegro for recorder and basso continuo jonnyboy 12.16.06 Classical
thgin tnelis (Bibanova collab) Mystified 12.14.06 Ambient
A health to the seeds (with Rebsie) Komrade K 12.07.06 Folk (contemporary)
dEvolve dchapman 11.18.06 Rock (instrumental)
Brahms Jazz Piano Trio John Stebbe 11.18.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Ma Follia VicDiesel 10.08.06 Classical
Get Off My Land Peasant by The Bawdies caroline 09.15.06 Folk (contemporary)
Balken Fizz (ktb & edhara) ktb 07.10.06 NUjazz
Steppin' Out (piano trio) composerclark 07.08.06 Classical
Jade sea prelude 1 haribo 06.24.06 Classical
Fiddler Off the Roof w/Komrade K & Caroline Epileptic Gibbon 05.23.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
3 Pieces for Orchestra, #1 composerclark 05.13.06 Classical
Old Friends composerclark 04.30.06 Classical
Where there's a will (there's a way) apb 04.29.06 Folk-Rock
Journey Within Parichayaka 04.07.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour caroline 04.06.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Goodbye Tom Atwood 02.20.06 New Age
Interboro iG.STUDiO 02.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
My Funny Valentine (w/Caroline) alfalpha 02.13.06 Open Collaborations
Fathomless ("Soundtrack draft" completed Parichayaka 01.28.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
My Wild Irish Rose piano jazz John Stebbe 01.15.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Jazz Me Blues Cori Ander 01.15.06 Swing
Art of Happiness Parichayaka 01.12.06 Ambient
Up To You jiguma 01.09.06 Acoustic Rock
Last Dance composerclark 01.08.06 Classical
Galaxy Band : Part V Einarus 01.08.06 Progressive Rock
Shufflerbones(ziti,dkopr,pvortex) ziti 01.07.06 Funk
Four Days in January Tom Atwood 01.06.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
La Muerte Me Está Mirando composerclark 01.04.06 Classical
funky kazoo w/the bawdies caroline 11.07.05 Other
Caroline's House of Shiny Lights (w/The Bawdies) caroline 11.05.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Emmet Peter Greenstone 11.05.05 Acoustic
Unforgettable Night Philos60 11.01.05 Acoustic
t'every caroline 09.28.05 Folk (contemporary)
hardware despair caroline 09.17.05 Folk (contemporary)
A Dance In The Meadow/Song of This World thetiler 09.17.05 Folk (contemporary)
Rehlehna Mystified 09.17.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
ODear The 3 Divas 09.15.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Am I Being Unfair daphna 09.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
Every Choice w/stevel bronco 09.13.05 Folk-Rock
I Wish I Was A Mockingbird Ed Hannifin 09.13.05 Folk-Rock
The Years (collab w/Katchoolik) Peter Greenstone 09.12.05 Ballad
Anybody else can play that I.G.M. 09.11.05 Acoustic
The Letter MowMeDown 09.09.05 Bluegrass
Chelsea & Westminster [with Rebsie] mandolinquent 09.08.05 Folk (contemporary)
God Breathes gudkarma 09.08.05 New Age
Memories gudkarma 09.06.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
Sally O'Brien (The Life of) Tom Atwood 09.05.05 Acoustic
Supermarket Nolan 08.31.05 Alternative Rock
Falling (Legacy) Pie 08.29.05 Rock
Praise to the Lord the Almighty thetiler 08.28.05 Acoustic
remembrance(NEW MIX) ziti 08.26.05 Progressive Rock
First Embrace REMIX ziti 08.26.05 Ballad
Sound Experiment 1 allsaints 08.25.05 Other
450 Miles Samba iG.STUDiO 08.25.05 Jazz (instrumental)
A Mighty Fortress thetiler 08.25.05 Classical
Lady of the Lake (w/ Mystified) TobinMueller 08.24.05 Classical
How Many Times dchapman 08.23.05 Pop (mainstream)
Polska Från Medelpad Cori Ander 08.22.05 Folk (traditional)
Hymn (from America) Tom Atwood 08.22.05 Classical
Alone God Sufficeth(Tom Atwood collab) Mystified 08.17.05 Classical
Amazing Grace (nylon) Cori Ander 08.17.05 Fingerstyle Guitar
Old Dog MowMeDown 08.15.05 Bluegrass
Ghosts Of The Fallen obbster 08.15.05 Progressive Rock
Le Troisième Demi Komrade K 08.15.05 Ethnic-International
Roundup® the World Tom Atwood 08.14.05 Folk (contemporary)
Revolution's Son (v2, w/ dchapman, twon, Alimar, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 08.15.05 Progressive Rock
Wayfaring Stranger ziti & mystified ziti 08.13.05 Open Collaborations
SlimGirlThat MacJammersUnited 08.08.05 Open Collaborations
You & I WorldJazzProject 08.06.05 Jazz (instrumental)
America Tom Atwood 07.27.05 Classical
I Cannot Feel The Vibe BoiAfrica 07.21.05 Folk-Rock
Stars On My Ceiling Peter Greenstone 07.21.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Cori Ander's Rag Tom Atwood 07.20.05 Folk (contemporary)
Coriander Rag Cori Ander 07.19.05 Folk (contemporary)
On the Edge (Mcboy collab) Mystified 07.19.05 Alternative Rock
In the Garden (Remix) ledebutant 07.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
Grace (Ziti w/Mystified) Mystified 07.12.05 New Age
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? collab. JOAN caroline 07.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
Breakout (katchoolik+rschletty+dadai) Postludes Trio 07.03.05 Folk-Rock
What's Wrong with This World Tom Atwood 07.01.05 Folk (contemporary)
Revolution's Son (w/ twonicus) TobinMueller 07.01.05 Progressive Rock
Take Me As I Am (Collab SGF) Drew Kopr 06.30.05 Dance-Club
You MiMi 06.30.05 Pop (mainstream)
shop n save (factory version) JOAN 06.28.05 Alternative Rock
MacJammer's Tribute Mr. S 06.28.05 Hip Hop-Rap
No Matter the Weather Peter Greenstone 06.23.05 Alternative Rock
oK2b3 btransue 06.23.05 Funk
They Met Out West thetiler 06.22.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Under A Western Sky TobinMueller 06.22.05 New Age
Mr BIG JOAN 06.21.05 Alternative Rock
you need relax kaimano 06.21.05 Jazz (instrumental)
And from that silence.... Mystified 06.21.05 Classical
One Bad Dude - The Hangin thetiler 06.18.05 Classical
Lost Angels (collab w STDs) snowdragon 06.18.05 Folk-Rock
Blue Sun ziti 06.17.05 Blues (traditional)
Traveling Blind eleveneyes 06.15.05 Alternative Rock
Blues for the Greens caroline 06.15.05 Blues (traditional)
Contemplation Mystified 06.15.05 Classical
Rock The Baby With Voodoo (w/Tobin) Suzanne 06.14.05 Ethnic-International
Bluesy Grieg Cori Ander 06.14.05 Fingerstyle Guitar
It Ain't Fair (collab with Bronco) Joanna 06.13.05 Blues (traditional)
Tyler O'Toole (remix of One Bad Dude) Joanna 06.10.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
Ophelia's Song pan 06.06.05 Dance-Club
*Safety Word* (Collab.W/Pgreenstone) Sil-VER 06.05.05 Dance-Club
Funeral Shoes ScooterDMan 06.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
Setting Sun krismacqueen 06.03.05 Alternative Rock
One Bad Dude thetiler 06.02.05 Folk (contemporary)
Visualisation mwick 06.02.05 Dance-Club
Dagadella ziti 06.01.05 Blues (traditional)
Entering a Wonderland thetiler 06.01.05 New Age
Improvisation for Nino #1 btransue 06.01.05 Classical
Theme-Third Draft basil81 05.30.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Rebsie's SOS mandolinquent 05.28.05 Folk (contemporary)
Trepidation in Jewelry ziti 05.19.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Shenandoah Mystified 05.15.05 New Age
My Home Long Ago (Dadai & rschletty) Postludes Trio 03.31.05 Celtic
Ode To GarageBand SlimGirlFat 03.14.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
*Cyber Love* Sil-VER 03.08.05 Dance-Club
The Ballad Of A Breakup Leebo 03.07.05 Other
Tenor Madness (The Voices In My Head) - (Mcboy/iG.GTUDiO) iG.STUDiO 03.06.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Redwing Tom Atwood 02.28.05 New Age
My Way Home (revisited) Mystified 02.26.05 Folk (contemporary)
Racing Against Time axxe 02.25.05 Hard Rock
BioHeaven legato 02.22.05 New Age
The Waitress (version 2) TobinMueller 02.21.05 Acoustic
December Suite (complete) Tom Atwood 02.20.05 Classical
Deverso Overture BranDaMan 02.17.05 Classical
Virtual Love MiMi 02.17.05 Experimental
On and On (3) Mystified 02.13.05 Folk (contemporary)
Goes on without you jschultz76 02.11.05 Alternative Rock
My Wish MiMi 02.07.05 Ambient
Morning Whispers TobinMueller 01.27.05 Piano
Photographer's Lament Tom Atwood 01.21.05 Folk (contemporary)
Take Your Life Sil-VER 01.17.05 Dance-Club
Forever in Time Normal 01.17.05 Ambient
Smooth As Silk (Collaboration w/iGStudio & McBoy) Joanna 01.17.05 Jazz (vocal)
Voice of Suburbia legato 01.16.05 New Age
Memory (Featuring Alimar) SlimGirlFat 01.05.05 Ambient
Gaze packosmokes 01.03.05 Dance-Club
Taishi Main Theme iDocta 12.21.04 Cinematic Soundtrack
Noogle thetiler 12.16.04 New Age
i thinki fishymeat 12.12.04 Other
Hero's Dust thetiler 12.10.04 Classical
Smooth as Silk Joanna 11.23.04 Jazz (vocal)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 fosod 11.08.04 Alternative Rock
Old Del 10.21.04 Spoken Word-Poetry
good bye for now... legato 10.12.04 New Age
Salt In Your Eyes Nolan 09.19.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
This is... (demo) packosmokes 09.16.04 Industrial
Sharing a Dream (collab) packosmokes 08.29.04 Pop (mainstream)
There's Always Yesterday Nolan 08.25.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Procession for Paula and Jason giovanni 04.13.06 Classical
Wings dchapman 08.16.04 Hard Rock
Forest Play [Alimar-JuedM Collab] juedm 08.15.04 Open Collaborations
if not now, why? brb 08.12.04 Alternative Rock
Farmer Dude fosod 08.12.04 Experimental
If I Could Live Long Enough (w/ IVANJS) TobinMueller 08.07.04 Folk (contemporary)
In a Moment packosmokes 08.06.04 Ambient
Unwashed Mcboy 08.04.04 Rock & Roll
Windowshade TobinMueller 07.27.04 Funk
Long Walk In A Desert iG.STUDiO 07.25.04 Jazz (instrumental)
zebra sauer 07.22.04 Alternative Rock
Beautiful Machine v2 [Tense] packosmokes 07.19.04 Industrial
Saturday Play mcsweb 07.19.04 Jazz (instrumental)
One Two Blues Ringo 06.27.04 Blues (traditional)
Dreams II (w/ Emily Rohm) TobinMueller 06.25.04 Showtunes
Glass (collaboration) packosmokes 06.22.04 Spoken Word-Poetry
Crazy Story TobinMueller 06.09.04 Alternative Rock
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Music Background Bachelor of Music degree (French Horn performance) from University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, 1976 3rd horn, Nashville Symphony Orchestra 1976-79 2nd horn, Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico (Toluca, Mex.) 1979-82 2nd horn, Sacramento Symphony Orchestra 1983-87 3rd/Assistant Principal horn, Sacramento Symphony Orchestra 1987-96 4th horn, San Jose Symphony Orchestra, 1995-96 3rd horn, San Jose Symphony Orchestra, 1996-97 2nd horn, Phantom of the Opera Orchestra, 1997-2007
Music Skills (in descending order of expertise): horn, harp, piano, recorders
Music Hardware m-audio keystation 88 MOTU Traveler MXL 990 microphones ZOOM H2 digital recorder
Music Software GarageBand 4 Sibelius 6