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(Mike McLaren)

Member Since: Thursday, July 02 2009 @ 02:06 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.bloozthunder.blogspot.com
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Mike will drop you down at the midnight crossroads, and will leave you with nothin’ but your thumb to hitch a ride from the Devil. Three chords, couple o’ words, lots of moanin’, groanin’, slidin’... and everythin’ will be all right.

McLaren thumps out driving rhythms to his three-chord, 12-bar blues with a voice that rolls like thunder. He rants, he raves, he preaches, he weeps, he croons, and he moans... and when he finally wipes the sweat from beneath his black porkpie hat, everybody in the joint knows the meaning of livin' the blues.

He's been there, done that—just an old fella gettin’ older, bangin’ on his guitars, banjo, and dobro anywhere folks will let him.
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