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(Kent Byron)

Member Since: Friday, July 16 2010 @ 07:50 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.kentbyron.com/
Location: Petersham, MA United States
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Music Background It's all on my bio sheet at: http://www.kentbyron.com/Bio/KentByronBio.html Basically I payed for my college tuition and toured around the US and the world with my drumming. Can't say I reached my goals of competing with guys like Erskine and Dave Weckl, but I gave it everything I had when I was younger. Now, I want to keep creating. I want to meet similar minds and hearts.
Music Skills Drums, percussion, recording and singing with goals to become a competent songwriter using piano and bass.
Music Hardware MOTU interfaces, Korg O1W/FD, Alesis D4, KAT TrapKat MIDI drumkit, E-mu ESI-32 Sampler, E-mu ESI-4000 sampler, Roland VS-1680, Yamaha Birch Nouveau recording drums, Djembe, various percussion, a real piano, Fender Squire P/J combination bass
Music Software Garageband and MOTU Digital Performer 6.02, MOTU Machfive2, MOTU MX4 software synth
Keywords Jazz, Bebop, Funk, Big Band, Zappa, electronica, latin, latin jazz, salsa, reggae, ska, country, blues, experimental music, drums, percussion, drumset, drum set, progressive anything, fusion